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Blind Date is Turning into Blurred Date

Blind Date – hiding cleavage???

Warning – viewing CLEAVAGE may be harmful!

OK, time to rant… I didn’t intend to get rude and crude on this here blog but it’s time for a rant because the conservative wimps are censoring tv!!! Conservative as in family values ie fear of sex.

Is it just me or has anyone noticed on TV in general and specifically the syndicated tv show Blind Date that they are blurring the cleavage or putting animations so you don’t see too much jug. I’m not talking about them just covering up those obscene nipples… I mean – I freaked when I saw them consistently blur a large chested Asian babe with a majorly pumped up rack… I thought they were funnin’ with us at first but sure enough they continued to hide her jumbo jugs and blurred them every opportunity… what is up with that?

And on another Blind Date episode a mid sized gal was showing some cleavage and sure enough they blurred it…

Has the side of a woman’s chest become taboo or obscene???

Now don’t even say it – her nipples were nowhere even close to the side of those air bags… TV is getting all screwed up! Why can’t we even see the side of the chest… bad enough they won’t let us see nipples… but blurring the side of a woman’s chest???

Americans are obsessed with being obsessed… in Europe they don’t do that PIXELATION or BLURRING type censorship, do they???

…and have you ever seen a show on TV where they blur the BUTT CRACK… what a laugh… they also don’t want us to see a butt crack on network tv… what is happening to this world… you can see all the butt cracks you want at the video arcade or Bloomingdales but not on network tv…

It’s time to revolt my fellow Americans! Censorship is getting out of control! HWatever happened to art for arts sake???

Howard Stern is right… the FCC and Bush are taking over and sliding some sleazy big brother type stuff right past us… tv producers are so intimidated that they are blurring what would not even be rated PG… give me a friggin break!

Since when did we need protection from seeing cleavage or butt cracks???

They aren’t pixelating OPRAH’S CLEAVAGE are they??? But Blind Date – OOOH that’s prurient when they show a clothed woman….

Am I the only one bent on this??? Let me know! I really am curious!

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  1. By all means no, on the BBC(UK) a few nights ago there was a show on a tribe of Africans, and no blurring was used at all, becuase the Africans didn’t have any problem with there own “chests” being shown and even their young duaghters chests being shown…why should they? I am 100% behind you, why is , from a biological point of view, the reason for life being seen as taboo!

    Comment by Callum — August 2, 2006 @ 10:20 am

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