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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here and I just wanted to remind you that RSS6 is a great place to get some juicy free backlinks to pump some fresh life into your websites.

All you have to do is submit your RSS Feed and RSS6 will post links to all of the pages linked in your feed.

Right now RSS6 has a massive 23,662 RSS Feeds indexed and is going strong.

In fact Google crawls this site constantly.

Every time I create a new site, blog, blog post or have something new and exciting to promote, I always go to RSS6 first to make sure Google finds out about it fast.

Usually brand new sites and blog posts are indexed by the next day.

So – why not stop by and drop your feed onto RSS6. After all it’s free!

>>> RSS6.COM

Best wishes for your online success!

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WordPress Video on Widget for RSS

Are you using the widget on your WordPress blog that allows you to show external RSS feed content?

I just created a new how to video on the WordPress RSS widget which I posted at my WP SEO News blog.

The video is quick and down and dirty – no frills – just a guided tour of adding widgets on your blogs. WordPress widgets have improved a lot.

I try to use the RSS feed widget on all my blogs as it allows me to add fresh dynamic content. Best of all if you pick the right blog feeds the words you add to your pages are relevant to the content of your blog.

The result when porperly done is your rss feed content will add losts of good extra related words so you get more top rankings and free search engine traffic!

Watch the video to see how easy it is to add RSS content to your blog!

What are best places to submit RSS Feeds?

I need your help! Where do you submit your RSS feeds? What are the best sites to get some good link juice?

I’ll tell you one website – the very best site to submit your RSS feeds – but PLEASE comment below and tell me some more websites to submit the RSS Feeds from my blogs so I get some good SEO benefits!

I am preparing to do a new training video on how to use RSS Feeds for backlinks and the best places to submit them to get some good link juice AND/OR traffic.

Those 2 don’t always go together! LINK JUICE and TRAFFIC! In fact some directories use sneaky redirect links or nofollow so they don’t pass any benefit to the backlinks. Other directories bury your links and the pages they are on will never get found! Or the links suddenly will disappear!  Some directories don’t even get their pages indexed by Google or only get crawled once every 4 years… Those weak RSS Feed directories suck and are a waste of time to submit feeds to!

 I want to know the ones that SUCK so we know which ones not to waste time on – but more importantly I want to know the ones that you think are REALLY good for SEO!

I’m looking for the best ones! I want to know the RSS and Blog Directories where you can submit your RSS FEED URL and it gets listed the best way possible for SEO purposes and ideally will list the posts on pages on the site with real links that send juice and traffic!

It’s harder than you may think! Most of those RSS Feed directories people submit to will do sneaky stuff that isn’t really good for getting link juice or even traffic. Why bother submitting?

That’s why I created my own RSS Feed Directory site called RSS 6http://www.rss6.com/ – which does things the right way so that bloggers with feeds get the ultimate SEO benefit!

Check out RSS6 – there is a video tour there – it shows you how I made the site to pass maximum SEO benefits to the feeds submitted!

It took effort to make RSS 6 a good site for linking – but it was worth it!

Everytime I add a post to a blog – I will submit that blog RSS feed to www.rss6.com and man – I am telling you – it really helps to be linked on RSS 6 and you notice it fast! Combine that big immediate boost from RSS 6 with a few posts in the Blogging Underground network of announcement blogs and you can bring a new site from complete obscurity to the top of Google in record time!

> Video: Post Articles in My Blogs

Well – I know my RSS feed site works – but are there others?

Are there any other good sites to submit RSS Feeds to that will actually produces a noticeable immediate SEO benefit?

Please tell me! Share your find!

I created my RSS site and shared it with you guys so you could get fast free links!

It’s time for you to return the favor!

Tell us OTHER good sites to submit RSS FEEDS to and get good free links that really pass juice to our pages!

Your comments are appreciated! (continued – read more of this article…)

Add Your Blog Feeds to My New RSS Directory

Need backlinks? Add your RSS FEED and get linked instantly!

I just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of my new feed directory site RSS 6 which I made for you guys to get links FAST for your blogs.

Simply set up a new free account and then login to add your RSS FEEDS.

The site is very unique as it was made from the ground up to be “marketing friendly”! It will link your most recent post on the front page of RSS6 plus it will create a PAGE for your feed with the keyword you choose as the TITLE of your page on Rss6.

The page will also list your other posts on the page for your feed and unlike other directories – the links are actual HTML links  toyour pages. No redirects or cgi mumbo jumbo – just pure links so the pages get noticed fast!

Also – unlike most directories – we actually keep an archive of your posts – they are permanent in that they will alway sremain in our index of post URLS from your feeds – however – a big distinction is that the pages do not automatically update to show your newest feeds. (continued – read more of this article…)

Power of RSS & Dynamic Content

Need dynamic content on your web pages?

How about using RSS feeds to put some great words on your web pages???

The Article Underground article announcements blogs are perfect for getting feed data that will put excellent words on your pages!!!

> LINK to Power of RSS Video

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