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IE 9 Warning: Do NOT Upgrade your Browser Yet!

IE 9 UPDATE PROBLEM Warning on Saturday, April 9, 2011

I’m posting this in Firefox because the new update to IE 9 is so screwed up I can’t post in WordPress with IE!

Hey, it’s Mike Liebner here from Blogging Underground and I have an important news flash for you about the newest lame version update for Internet Explorer that is causing all kinds of odd sporadic problems and one big one with WordPress blogs.

Sorry for the scary warning headline – but you have got to be aware of this if you use Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser! If you automatically install Windows updates it may be too late! It’s possible this may be fixed by the time you read this – so be aware that the current version MIGHT or MIGHT NOT work properly or there may be a fix or workaround.

Yesterday morning, on my first day back after a short vacation, I turned on my desktop PC after being away for a few days and it had a message flash saying there was an important update for Windows 7. I usually pay more attention and look to see what exactly they’re saying needs updating, but this time I just clicked INSTALL UPDATES and went to make my morning coffee and juice.

Usually I can trust that Windows 7 updates are going to work just fine, so I haven’t postponed updating for the most part when they have something new for my desktop pc – but this time I am getting burned and I know that you guys are going to get burned too, so that’s why I am warning you NOT to do the IE Update to Version 9 yet until they get it right (they better!).

So what exactly happened? OK – let me explain.

Apparently Windows upgraded my Internet Explorer to a new version 9.0.8112.16421

I guess I had version 8. I never really paid attention. (continued – read more of this article…)