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Social Stores and Viral Traffic on Facebook

This is the fastest way to get a money making amazon store up in time for Black Friday and the Christmas rush!

I just found really cool web based software that makes it easy to add an amazon store on your Facebook fan pages.

> Social Store App – Viral social store builder

Anyone that has a Facebook page can now easily monetize it by matching products for the page and quickly creating a store with the tab automatically set up for you.

It couldn’t be easier (around 4 minutes) and as you may know because the store is “on Facebook” if you decide to run fb ads for it you’ll get much cheaper clicks!

This is perfect to cash in on the Christmas rush – especially if you already have fan pages up. But don’t worry – it’s also easy to create brand new fan pages on Facebook for any topic or niche you want and create a matching store.

> Social Store App – Viral social store builder

Sound expensive? It’s not. How about $17.???

Watch the Social Store App videos to see for yourself how easy it is!

Also – in case you missed it, (continued – read more of this article…)

ASM re-opened! Amazing Selling Machine Bonus 2014

ASM re-opened but it closed on 4-25-14

Amazing Selling Machine is a one of a kind training course that has been changing peoples lives by helping them become power sellers on Amazon.com

It’s a little known secret, but Amazon allows us to sell our own branded products to their vast audience and they will even do the shipping and handle eveything.

Amazing Selling Machine helps you pick the right products and get to the top of amazon so you can do some massive volume like the big shots! The best thing is you do NOT need an actual ‘store” or need to have your own original manufacturered products! You can start with just 1 or 2 products you get from a wholesaler and put your own labels on!

Amazing Selling Machine shows you exactly how to get started and do everything needed to make a full time living by partnering with Amazon! (continued – read more of this article…)

Free Spy Software to Find Bestsellin​g Amazon Products!

Amazing Selling Machine has re-opened – make sure you get my big bonus!

Free online software spying tool shows the bestselling products on amazon and reveals how much profit is being made each day!

This free spying software is so cool! Have you seen it yet?

> Get Your Free Amazon Spying Software HERE

Here is a tip to grab your free software that helps find the products that are making the most money!


It’s an amazing tool to gain insight as to what products are making people money right now. It has so many applications for all types of people to gain benefit from it! Get it now!

You’ll have a lot of fun playing around with this free online spy tool and hopefully even find you something that can possibly even change your life!

Check it out! You’ll be glad you did!

Also – if you haven’t yet seen the 4 part video series from Amazing Selling Machine you can see the videos here.

New for 2014! Check out the best Amazing Selling Machine Bonus

Best wishes for your online success!

The Amazing Selling Machine “builders kit” and my big bonus!

Amazing Selling Machine re-opens today Oct. 3, 2013 at 1 PM EST – be sure to grab my big bonus*

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner letting you know about a limited time opportunity to learn how easy it is to make money by selling real products on Amazon.

Amazing Selling Machine is a one of a kind training course that has been changing people’s lives by helping them become power sellers on Amazon.com

It’s not well known, but Amazon wants regular people like us to sell products to their vast audience, and they go out of their way to help us sell as much as possible!

If you know how to work the right way, Amazon will do almost everything, including the shipping of our product, customer service stuff like collecting money, handling refunds and tracking shipping, and just about everything else, making this the easiest “hands free” business for just about every type of person.

Thanks to my friends Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark, I have learned how they themselves are selling simple little products they put their names on and are making insane amounts of money. If you watch the 3 videos they just released you will see how they do it consistently month after month for years now. It’s a system that works and is honest and ethical in every way!

The best thing is that they have created training showing the exact way they select a product and market it so it gets to the top of Amazon and is found by a huge buying audience.

That’s why Amazon is so unique and special. They have millions of motivated buyers who are searching for things and looking to buy and when we have a product on top and highly visible – that translates into huge profits!

The only thing is you need to know HOW to do it the best way so we are ahead of the competitors and that’s where Jason and Matt come in and share what they have learned

Amazing Selling Machine helps us pick the right products and get to the top of Amazon so we can do some massive volume like the big shots!

The best thing is you do not need an actual ‘store” and can start with just 1 product! Amazing Selling Machine shows you exactly how to get started and do everything needed to make a full time living by partnering with Amazon!

When you know how to get to the top, you can make some serious money, as are Amazing Selling Machine students.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus from Mike Liebner

* If you buy Amazing Selling Machine from MY LINK so that I get credit – I will include a bonus of (2) ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIPS to Blogging Underground (valued at $299.00 each = $598. Value).
Keep one membership for yourself and give 1 to a loved one, a friend or a colleague!

With the Amazing Selling Machine training, combined with my big bonus of TWO 1 Year Blogging Underground memberships you will be unstoppable and easily get the kind of visibility that will help you sell more products and make more profits by partnering with Amazon!

Learn more about Amazing Selling Machine – watch the videos to see what Matt and Jason are doing to make over 100k profit per month from selling their products on Amazon!

Just make sure you buy from my link so you can get my bonus!

Here is the link

>>> Amazing Selling Machine

Check it out! I’m sure you will be as impressed as I am by this incredible opportunity!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Amazon ranking software for marketers

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here with a heads up on something new and easy that I would like to share with you that can get money in your pocket much faster than spending time trying to impress Google.

> Amazon Ranking Software

It’s an new amazing software progran for Amazon ranking that helps uncover profitable niches, much like how we do to build sites to get traffic from Google.

Now, it’s no secret that Amazon is a growing giant and is a traffic monster that is pulling in some serious money selling stuff. What you may not know is that Amazon goes out of its way to HELP marketers like us, as compared to Google which seems to be fighting us.

Amazon presents us with some huge opportunities right now! If you know how to rank on amazon it can be very lucrative!

Plus people with our kind of experience doing the SEO thing to get top rankings on Google already have a huge advantage that can make Amazon a huge money making opportunity for marketers!

I’m really impressed by how many opportunities there are on Amazon right now compared to what we need to do to win on Google!

It makes me feel like the old days of easily wiping out the competition and dominating niches are back!

If you’re looking for something new and different that can help you get money flowing your way fast, I suggest considering the opportunities that Amazon can offer internet marketers like us.

It’s amazing – watch the video to see this new amazon ranking software for yourself!

Amazon Ranking Software

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Amazing Selling Machine

April 17, 2014 – Amazing Selling Machine has re-opened – make sure you get my big bonus!

Amazing Selling Machine is closing soon so if you are interested in investing in this one of a kind 8 week training course with automation tools and learn how to dominate as an Amazon Seller – please check it out before it closes tonight!

I would like to thank all of you who have already invested in Amazing Selling Machine and taken advantage of my Blogging Underground bonus offer.

If you’re like me, I bet you can’t wait for the live training to begin! I am personally already very satisfied with everything the product offers and am thrilled to have a membership and be a part of this opportunity!

I’m sure if you take a close look at everything they’re offering and reveal in the videos you’ll feel the same way!

OK, so I know the buzz on this 1 week launch has been huge and far reaching, but I am sincere when I say that this is one of the most exciting marketing training products and business opportunities I have ever seen!

It’s the best investment you can make right now if you are looking for a solid business opportunity.

I know Jason and he is really doing the huge numbers he is talking about from selling a few products on Amazon. The system he is using really does work and is something that when followed properly can be repeated.

Follow the best.

I have learned that if you want to be successful at something – find someone who is already doing it well and learn from them. It’s the fastest and best way to become an expert and succeed.

That’s why this training is so valuable and worth so much. That’s why so many people are investing in it.

I’ll be paying close attention to what Matt and Jason are teaching and following the steps they suggest because they’re already selling massive numbers on Amazon (with just a few products) and have the system down.

What is the training about and what is the business opportunity?

Selling real products on Amazon is a valid business.

We can make a lot of money by promoting our own products, or those we buy from wholesalers and selling them in volume on Amazon.

Best of all this whole process can be nearly 100% autopilot! Find a product and make it successful.

Once you find something that works move on and find another. It’s a repeatable process.

That’s why people are so thrilled about this. It’s one of those set it and forget it types of businesses.

It’s legitimate and not about tricking anyone. You simply find something good to sell that will make a profit and then you put it on Amazon and expose it to the huge numbers of people they provide!

If you do everything right and you’re on top of Amazon you can hit some really large numbers!

But it gets even better, because once we send the product to Amazon to ship for us – we let them do ALL of the work for us – we just focus on promoting the product pages!

Using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) almost EVERYTHING is done for you!

That’s why so many people are gushing about this opportunity!

It is NOT like ebay.

The key point that I believe a lot of people are missing is that the system that Matt and Jason are teaching with Amazing Selling Machine is not about selling a random product here and there.

It’s about picking one good product and getting the sales volume super high – and then getting a second product to dominate on Amazon and so on.

Jason is only selling a few products (I think he is up to 4) and he is currently pulling in $100,000. this month in profits (he revealed his last 30 days when he showed his account in the video)!

What is incredible is that is just 4 months after starting and applying what he has learned from Matt.

If Jason can do it – so can I. And so can you!

Matt has already learned what works and has been consistently selling huge numbers on Amazon for years. And that’s the key. It’s been working and will continue to work.

It’s not a question of whether it can be done. They are doing it. Their students are doing it. People I know are doing it.

And that’s why I am going to do it as well. Based on what they are offering in their training I believe we can do it too bu following what they have learned is working.

Now I will warn you – this is not about going to the drug store or swap meet and buying a handful of individual things to sell. It’s not about selling eBooks or kindles.

If you want to make thousands of dollars in profit each month you need to find a product you can consistently buy and send to Amazon to sell in volume.

The secret to this system is in the efficiency you create. And you do that by finding 1 thing that works really well. Not by selling so many little odds and ends you can’t even keep track.

So, if you think you can follow the training with the goal of finding a really good product and dominating Amazon and the search engines so that thing sells like crazy – this is for you!

You must look at Amazon Selling Machine before the training closes tonight at Midnight

Now if you decide to buy – please consider that my bonus of a 1 Year Membership to Blogging Underground with 9,600 PLR Articles is going to help you do what is being taught in the training much easier and better!

Part of the secret to Matt and Jason’s system is that they know how to get top rankings and free search traffic to the Amazon .com product pages. And the hundreds of blogs in the Blogging Underground blog network are going to help you post articles to promote the products and create the buzz you need to get to the top as an Amazon Bestseller! So this bonus is the best you can get along with Amazing Selling Machine!

More info on the Blogging Underground bonus

My Amazing Selling Machine link

It closes tonight so make sure you watch all the videos and learn all you can so you know whether this is right for you!

List of Free Videos


Video 2 – WHAT TO SELL?

Video 3 – HOW TO SCALE

Video 4 – BUILD IT (this one is being released for the launch)

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Amazon Sellers Tips – Free Videos

4-17-14 > Amazing Selling Machine has re-opened – make sure you get my big bonus!

If you have considered starting up as an Amazon Seller, I highly suggest you watch ALL of the free videos from Amazing Selling Machine.

List of Free Videos


Video 2 – WHAT TO SELL?

Video 3 – HOW TO SCALE

Video 4 – BUILD IT (this one is being released for the launch)

* Important – please note that each of the above LINKS has it’s own UNIQUE PDF which you can download free! The PDF’s are loaded with excellent info so make sure you download them!

The Amazing Selling Machine membership launches on Tuesday, and I am not sure how long they will leave up the free videos – so make sure you watch them as soon as you can!

The buzz around Amazing Selling Machines is huge and with good reason! It’s a valid opportunity from people I trust! The best opportunity I have seen in a long time!

If you decide to join the membership and you get it from one of my affiliate links – you’ll get the best bonus out there – a 1 year membership of Blogging Underground worth $299.!!!

My BU Bonus Info is HERE

BU will help you dominate as an Amazon Seller – so make sure you grab this killer bonus if you are going to invest in Amazon Selling Machine!

Check out my bonus page http://www.mikeliebner.com/buywithbonus/ with info on the product and my bonus offer

Amazing Selling Machines Bonus

Best wishes for your online marketing success!

Mike Liebner

Amazon.com wants the PPC MONEY all for themselves!

>>> 4-17-14  Amazing Selling Machine has re-opened – make sure you get my big bonus!

Amazon.com wants the PPC MONEY all for themselves!

Amazon.com has a great associates program and while I haven’t been doing as much recently with it as I had done in the past – it is still lucrative and brings me in some decent money on a regular basis. Best thing about my amazon earnings is I don’t do any new work for it – it’s old work (passive income) that still pays me money over time!

As you may have heard Amazon Associates will have some new rules to be playing by… originally I was more concerned, but just found some clarification. As far as I can tell it’s not so bad.

When I heard there were changes for associates and that they were no longer paying on some referral fees I was concerned. What is their new policy???

I just found this and thought you may be interested in this clarification of what they are doing in regards to PPC advertising by associates.

As far as I can tell – it is ONLY direct linking they are trying to stop paying on… we can still do landing pages.

This is from their page:

“Q: How do I know if this change will affect me?

A: If you are using paid search advertising services like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter to send users directly to the www.amazon.ca, www.amazon.com or www.endless.com website, this change will affect you. If your own website has links to Amazon’s US or Canadian sites and you are using these or other similar services to send users to your own website, you should not be affected by this change as long as you comply with all terms of the Operating Agreement. “


“Q: If my paid search advertisement directs a user first to an interstitial page, then to www.amazon.com, www.endless.com, or www.amazon.ca, will I earn referral fees?

A: No. However, if you place paid search advertisements to send users to your own website, and then your website displays links to www.amazon.com, www.endless.com, or www.amazon.ca in accordance with the Operating Agreement, you may earn referral fees for qualifying purchases made by users who click on your paid search ad, click through to your site, then click through to an Amazon site.”

Here is the URL I found this on – there is more on it… go have a look for yourself.


This mainly affects affiliates who had been using datafeeds and such to do direct linking and running ads on PPC.

So – at least we now know they will still pay if the users come from our sites or landing pages… my question is – do you think amazon will be profitable with a PRESELL page if we can’t do direct linking via PPC???