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Words Equal Lots of Money in January (and the first quarter!)

2009 is here! It’s time to think positive!

Right now is a great time to make money as a web publisher with your online business!

Here is a thought…. Your words can equal a lot of money in the first quarter of the year!

Mike Liebner here wishing you a Happy New Year! I would like to send you sincere wishes for you to fulfill your hopes, dreams and goals in 2009!

Success can be yours if you want it!

I know it can be hard sometimes to focus on the positive and dream of success with all the panic, whining and news of gloom and doom out there – BUT HEY – there is still a world of tremendous opportunity out there!

People are still buying stuff! People are still consuming products and services!

In fact – here is something positive to think about…

Based on my 13 years of internet marketing experience – the first quarter of the year is ALWAYS the one that makes us web publishers the MOST MONEY!

It’s a monster! Huge amounts of traffic! January is always a busy month!

That’s right – many look forward to the FOURTH quarter as the “big one” – and YES it usually is pretty big in volume and sales for all businesses – BUT – from my personal experience as a ‘web publisher” as far as getting traffic and earning money from web sites, the month of JANUARY is always the BIGGEST of the year! February and March are often close behind! In fact the traffic and buying boom usually continues right up through April, which is often the SECOND BIGGEST month of the year!

Right now is a great time to make money as a web publisher with your online business!

The reason I bring this up is because many may feel they have missed the opportunity of getting web sites and pages up and running in time to cash in on the Christmas and holiday gift buying season… don’t worry, there is hope – January can bring you some huge earnings!

The main reason us web publishers can cash in big in January is because traditionally during Christmas many new people have bought computers or received them as gifts.

There is a huge spike in the number of “new computer users” and combined with the gift money they may have received, these folks are spending tons of cash in January!

It’s not too late for you to get our share of the traffic!

Get out there and get some fresh content up for people who will be searching the web for information and looking to spend their money!

People especially look to buy computer accessories, software, eBooks, training, online memberships and many techie type items, but most all products and services have a spike in January.

Try to build pages that have lots of great words and fresh content that will pull in some good free search engine traffic!

There is a lot of traffic out there – so get your share!

Also, keep in mind that any work you do for January will carry over through April and beyond! So now is a great time to invest some time in building your web publishing empire! Get some new sites up and running and load all of your sites with fresh content! And oh – make sure you have some links pointing at the pages!

Don’t forget the Article Underground mantra of BUILD PAGES – GET LINKS! That’s how you do it! Stick to those 2 things and you’ll surely get some traffic!

You almost can’t help but get some traffic and earnings just by throwing stuff out there and getting links!

If you need ideas or help or simply want to brush up on the techniques of getting free traffic – check out the FREE Words Equal Money PDF and the free included video library – it’s loaded with helpful tips and training!


All of the core ideas of the Article Underground Content and Traffic System are still valid for 2009! So you may want to review the PDF and videos!

2009 can bring you tons of free traffic if you go after it!

OK, well I think I got that across! 2009 can be a great year
and January is the best time to start off with a bang! Best wishes for successful marketing!

Mike Liebner

Mike Liebner

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  1. thanks for the advice and tips. hope that 2009 will turn out to be more profitable.

    Comment by Johnny B. Moon — January 2, 2009 @ 3:59 pm

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    Comment by Find Niches Online — January 9, 2009 @ 9:09 pm

  3. I just love your style Mike, always positive and vibrant. You keep me very motivated and whenever I visit your blog I get re-energised.Thanks.

    Comment by real estate — June 13, 2009 @ 7:31 am

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