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Does Google Trust You???

Does Google Trust You??? Or are they watching every little thing you do?

All too often – us “seo types” will rush out and try to grab the big prizes without putting in the proper time and going at a natural pace. I’m guilty of it too on occasion. It’s hard to restrain myself… but I have learned – that when setting up and introducing new domains – sometimes it’s better to back off and take time instead of hammering and cranking fast and furious.

Do you know what I mean?

For example – you don’t want to come out of nowhere and add a zillion pages to a brand new domain.

You don’t want to have TOO MANY backlinks pointing at pages that just were released. An on and on.

That stuff simply is NOT NATURAL and raises flags and alarm buzzers start going off.

Patience and restraint in the world of SEO can go a long way.

We need to be earning our places by doing things the best way – not always the fastest way. Now don’t get me wrong – automation and speed have their places – but unfortunately – that’s something that usually goes hand in hand with hardcore site spamming.

Some tools used in moderation would be fine – but in many cases when you give a person the power – they want to use it and abuse it and that will bring attention to the patterns of the particlular processes.

Google will run out and as fast as we can find shortcuts and techniques – they will add a formula to their algorhytms and extremes will set off the alarms.

So – resist the temptation – and especially – when starting off with brand new domains – be slow. methodical and careful!

Sure, this “slow down” advice is coming from the same guy (me) that has been preaching to “just do it!” and “not overthink things too much” so you can get stuff out there instead of procrastinating and never getting sites built!

After all – if you try to be too perfect – you’ll take too long to get things out there and as I point out in other posts here – “it’s a numbers game“!

So – how does a web publisher develop a portfolio of web sites that have true earning potential???

Well – it’s really not that hard.

I’ll summarize it and then offer some insight as to why I am saying this.

New domains that you acquire need to be indexed by Google as quickly as possible so you can establish a “starting date” and start earning TRUST for your domain.

Also – because I have a lot of domains I have found that NOT ALL DOMAINS you buy will get indexed by Google. Some of them have STINK on them from a previous life in which they were SPAMMED to death.

These sites may never get indexed and/or may simply never get good rankings. The stink makes them duds.

So – why spend time developing a web site on a domain that STINKS and is a DUD? It’s a waste of time to build a site and add pages and link to them if the site will never be indexed.

The solution is to put up a “placeholder page” and link to your new domain on a few pages that are already indexed by Google and then wait and see how long it takes for the page to get indexed.

If it NEVER gets indexed by Google – dump it! Don’t waste your time on it.

So – here is the process – buy a domain – set it up on a host – put an AU PLR article or two on the front page of the site (the home page) and thats it!

Don’t worry if it’s pretty. Don’t worry if it is unique or original. Just put something up so that we can get it crawled by Google.

Don’t spend too much time on it.

A plain page that has the web site name in the TITLE TAG and at the top of the page – plus paste an article or two on it with a few original sentences properly placed.

Then put a copyright notice at the bottom with your site name and then upload it by FTP and test the page in your browser.

It doesn’t need to look great. OK is good enough. We only want to see if the site gets indexed by Google and start establishing AGE and TRUST.

These are what I call “placeholder sites”.

All I care about is getting the DOMAIN INDEXED by Google.

That is ALL that you should care about – for now. We’re trying to get our page indexed by Google. We’re not yet worried about rankings.

All we want to see is if Google trusts the domain enough to add it to their index.

You can see if a site is added to the Google index by searching for:


That will show you that your page is in their index.

If the results show > “Your search – site:your-domain-name-here.com – did not match any documents.” then you are NOT YET indexed.

Be patient. It might take a few days. Maybe even a week. If ittakes any longer than 7 to 10 days – either the links you have pointing to your site are NOT indexed by Google – OR – they don’t want to add your site to the index.

They may NEVER add it. Don’t stress out. If you are smart you will have other coals in the fire, right? At least a few domains.

The reason we care so much about our sites being added to Google’s index as soon as possible is because we want to establish age and earn trust.

NEW DOMAINS are generally put in a “PROBATION TANK” and are not trusted enough to let them rank for anything but LONG TAIL obscure phrases.

The solution is to GET THE SITE INDEXED and WAIT TILL IT IS SEASONED before you do anything with a commercial intent.

That way – Google has a HISTORY associated with it.

It will know that this domain was indexed on this date and that N0 RULES were violated and X number of links came in etc.

Our goal is to fly under the radar and simply establish a site is ONLINE and getting links pointing at it so they know the site is a real site and people really care about it. A few links looks natural. Don’t do a directory blast or anything massive on a new site. That’s the quick way to tell them your site is being manipulated by an aggressive SEO type and they hate stuff like that.

So try to take your time and earn their trust by going slow at the absolute beginning.

Then – when you have 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 domains in your portfiolio you will look at the ones that are the oldest (indexed by Google the longest) and work on making money with those first.

These “aged domains” will be ready to be exploited to the fullest and won’t be vulnerable to any NEW SITE algorhythms that would otherwise LABEL THEM NEGATIVELY.

So in essence you will not need to be as careful with a domain that was indexed 60 days ago as one who may not be indexed yet or only indexed for a few days or weeks.

Make sense???

Domains that are “aged” and have been in the index for a long time are trusted more than newer sites who are under scrutiny.

Consider this – the pattern of a spammer is as follows.

Buy domains – any domains – shitty domains – usually in bulk and quickly and mindlessly pollute Google’s index with tons of generated crap pages and usually with footprints and automation markers that reveal the sites are machine generated or cookie cutter.

Google may not notcie this immediaely but when the PENALTY SCORES add up they’ll quickly DUMP the site and either ban it outright or LABEL it as STINKY. If labeled as stinky it just won’t ever get rankings for anything UNTIL Google sees some POSITIVE FACTOR that outweighs all of the negative. This would usually be a few quality HIGH PAGERANK LINKS or LINKS within the content from top tier authority sites.

So our goal is to NOT do things like spammers.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry.

Don’t think about what you do too much at the absolute beginning.

Just put a page up on your new domain and link it and let it be till it gets indexed.

You’ll earn points for being patient and the site will get removed from QUARANTINE quicker than if you started doing all kiinds of trick things to it before it passed the TRUST test.

Then when you keep adding sites and aging them – you can pull out your oldest site and practically HAMMER IT!

Not only will it be less vulnerable to getting SANDBOXED or PENALIZED but the sites gain “magic powers” and will often mysteriously rank high for all kinds of phrases – many more than if you tried to do this with a new site.

SO – the moral to the story is – ESTABLISH TRUST – gain respect from Google before you hammer them to death and you’ll get more top rankings and traffic!

Hope that is helpful! Tell me what you think.

Mike Liebner

> One of my favorite quotes >

“Most people fail in life because they major in minor things. Success is simple, but it does require certain consistent things each day.”– Anthony Robbins

I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook


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  10. Hey Mike. Just Want To Say sorry! I DO NOT agree With Your post At all.

    First Off Google Will Not Penalize Any Site That gets a lot of links New Or old.
    This is Just a Myth.
    See…. If It Were true then all i would have to do is look at an upcoming competitor and also be happy the site is new…. then I wou;ld hammer that site day and night with backlinks using all automated tools. Like Xrumer… I could blast 10,000 links to that site in one day. then do that again the next day and so forth….. Now Do You Really Think Google is that Dumb??

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