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Good SEO is NOT about tricking Google!

SEO has gotten a bad name.

In reality it should be WEBSPAM that has the bad name.

SEO and WEBSPAM ARE NOT ALWAYS THE SAME although Google would sure like you to believe that!

I am not a spammer and don’t do spammy things to game them! I never have! That’s not the way I do things or teach other people to do.

Hey – I’m doing very well building good quality websites with quality content and I am getting lots of free search engine traffic from Google.

So are members at Blogging Underground and we’re not gaining success by TRICKING ANYONE or doing evil things!

It’s actually easier right now than ever before, because so many people have taken the wrong path and are actually working backwards in fear obeying the commands of the fearless leader because they are so paranaoid of doing things that Google doesn’t like.

They are doing things that Google is telling them that are good things to do.

Do you really think that it is in Google’s best interest to tell SEO webmaster type people how to get more traffic from their search engine for free?

Do you really believe that Google is giving advice that is helping webmasters get more top rankings faster and easier?

I don’t.

They have never liked people like us – you know – marketers – people that build web sites to get free search engine traffic and make money without buying ads.

Why would they help us with webmaster tools or otherwise?


OK – it’s about time I chime with an honest response to all the garbage info being passed around the webmaster world that SEO is dead and that Google has stopped people from getting top rankings from getting text links.

Some people are saying that the right way to win traffic from search engines is by playing the way that Google wants you to play – doing what they tell you to do. Obeying them.

And some people out there, many with no real world SEO experience getting a top ranking, are even trying to make you feel bad and telling you that you are trying to trick Google and doing evil things – just because you may have gotten a few links to your own sites and that is UN NATURAL…

That’s insane!

First off – me personally – Mike Liebner – sites I build myself and my training at Article Underground and Blogging Underground have NEVER been based on web traffic strategies to trick Google or steal from them or do evil or spammy things.

I’m one of the good guys! Really! I do things that help Google – not hurt them!

My training and strategies focus on doing the things that we know Google rewards sites for and NOT doing the things we know that they will penalize sites for.

Nothing is evil about that.

It’s not about TRICKING them nor has it been.

We build sites to get top rankings. Heck – who doesn’t? Everyone has this goal. everyone tries to be on top. What’s so bad about that in itself. That alone is not evil and you don’t have to get to #1 by spamming.

In fact, even my oldest PDF special report from 2006 called “Words Equal Money” was centered around avoiding the common tricks that evil black hats and greedy SEO web spammers were trying to get away with. (the PDF still has great info that works – download it – it is free after all!)

By the way, I’m not judging that people are evil who do spammy things to get rankings and traffic – it’s not my being judgemental, but it’s Google that thinks almost everything SEO is for manipulating them and is evil – I’m just pointing this out.

I don’t teach people to do the stuff that is blatantly spammy. What we do in the 12 Step Success Strategy is NOT black hat SEO. Never has been.

Same with the more recent ebook Blogs Equal Money which focuses on creating authoritative web sites by gaining Google’s trust – not trying to trick them.

Avoid doing extreme spammy stuff at all costs! You’ll only spin your wheels and waste time when you could be building sites that last for a long time!

You know the spammy stuff I’m talking about (or you should) – things that may have worked 10 years ago but don’t any more – like hiding text in the HTML, cloaking and redirecting content and stuffing keywords up the ying yang, super high keyword denisty, using the same hosting accounts with many cookie cutter sites and blasting reptitive links using the same exact link text in comments or building automated garbage sites with thousands of junk pages with spun content and other evil trickery.


That is TRYING TO TRICK THEM! They think this is evil!

Yes hiding stuff in same color text and cloaking unrelated stuff is pretty sleazy and almost evil, but don’t let them make you feel that trying to get a top ranking by doing some smart SEO tactics like getting a few good links in articles is the same as that black hat stuff.

You don’t need to do risky short term gain spammy evil stuff to get on top of Google.

Sure – people are doing it. It may work for a while. You might make money doing it but it’s not what I teach people to do in my training.

Tricking Google is a waste of time and nets nothing more than a short term gain at the most.

They always catch the really blatant spam and wipe out poor quality content pretty quick these days. Why bother…

Building good quality and going after authority by gaining trust instead of tricking them is better for the long term.

I’ve been helping people build good qulaity web sites and get traffic and win by providing value – not by tricking anyone.

It’s too easy to win by doing the right things. Things you can feel good about.

The fact is, the way I am building sites and training members at Blogging Underground to build sites is by doing anything BUT trying to trick Google.

Sure – Google may feel differently, but that’s OK – I understand how they must hate people for getting traffic for free when their business model is to charge people 100 bucks for 40 clicks.

If you do not BUY clicks from Google and go for free traffic they want to control you.

I guess their quest to control webmasters is expected, because they want control so less people are spamming them. It’s harder to spam them when they are watching what you are doing.

But let’s be clear – what we do is not about spamming.

I realize that getting top rankings has always been somthing you have to earn.

Success usually doesn’t come easy unless you do good things.

That’s what we focus on. Doing good things. Not doing bad things.

Google however has to deal with the pure evil webspammers out there who are massively trying to deceive them. You know – people with auto blogs building huge garbage web sites with junky spun content or worse content scraped(stolen) from other web sites.

We’re not like that at all. We don’t do that stuff. It’s not what the 12 Step Success Strategy is about.

Just go and watch the overview video. It’s from 2 years ago and this stuff still works.

It still works now because it was never been based on a loophole or trickery.


Our approach is to build sites that gain trust from Google and achieve authority status so gain long term success.

You can’t do that by building garbage sites.

We’re just savvy business people trying to make our web content found more easily, ideally by people who might become our customers – not trick anyone or deceive people to get them to our sites.

And let’s get something straight – not all marketers are evil or bad.

I’ll discuss that more later.

Sure – there are still people doing the severely black hat stuff and there are still spammers out there polluting the web and making it harder for us.

People who play that game have to work much harder than those of us who have solid good websites. Focusing on winning by providing value and doing the things we know Google likes is a much better long term strategy for success than by constantly having to reinvent yourself just to get back to where you were.

Yes – sometimes we’ll caught in the line of fire and may have to take a step back – but all in all if you follow the 12 Step Success strategy at Blogging Underground and focus on building good sites with the goal of gaining trust and achieving authority – it will be much better in the long run!

It’s not all bad – in fact it’s mostly good.

Focus on the good and things will work out.

So – as we come to an end of this rant I’d just like to summarize by saying:

There is still a lot of opportunity out there to make a good living as a web publisher.

As long as you focus more on providing good valuable content for the end users and keep doing the things that we know Google and other search engines like – you will get lots of free search engine traffic and have the ability to generate lots of profits from your websites!

That’s it for now! Best wishes for a great holiday season and lots of success with yourmarketing efforts!

Mike Liebner

>>> Hey – read the hot SEO TIPS article on the BU blog – lots of great sugestions to work more effectively at SEO!

COMMENTS PLEASE! I want to know what you think!

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  1. Hi Mike
    That was sure some rant! (more like a sermon from the pulpit LOL). But I have to say that there is a lot of truth in what you say. A lot of good sites have been ‘thrown out with the bathwater’ in the latest Google purge.
    My own site has never suffered before and has enjoyed good rankings and traffic.However, the last animal update has resulted in many top ranking pages being demoted and the loss of free traffic noticable.
    The goal posts have been moved yet again, and if you have a good niche site, then I guess you just have to knuckle down and try to include all types of social links that Google is now looking for in order to regain your page rankings.
    German Shepherd Dogs-Don’t You Just Love Them!

    Comment by Graham-the German Shepherd Guy — December 7, 2012 @ 3:02 pm

  2. I personally have not seen the fluctuation on my sites from any recent updates. From my experience building a site and doing the right things – same as before – still works!

    Once you get on top you can pretty much stay there (if you make sure the freshness signals are still there – fresh content and fresh links coming in)

    The biggest mistake I see people make is that once they build their site and get on top they let it go stale.

    It’s always been good to have a variety of links coming in and that’s where social signals can help you. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are fun and easy to do and add variety and social signals and help keep your sites from getting stale and dormant.

    Comment by mike — December 8, 2012 @ 11:33 am

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