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Good SEO – Breaking the Patterns!

I’d like to discuss how ugly patterns, excessive repetition and blatant footprints can be the ultimate buzz kill when it comes to getting top rankings for your primary targeted keyword phrases on Google.

I’ll explain what some common patterns, repetition and footprints are, and I’ll explain how to remedy the situations so that sinking ships can be brought back up to the surface!

Often, when a web page suddenly declines in rankings it can be because of the links that Google sees pointing at your web page. Often some simple strategies can bring your pages back to the top! Don’t panic or freak out! I’ll help you get your pages back on top!

I am fortunate to communicate with a large number of Article Underground members and Article Marketing News newsletter subscribers on a regular basis, both by email and through the private members forum. I have the unique opportunity to discuss SEO and optimization discoveries as they develop. I also regularly analyze a large number of web sites and see many common situations.

When starting an online business as a “web publisher” it’s easy to get caught up building sites and adding pages and overlooking important details such as applying simple logic or practical strategies.

Because the Article Underground Content and Traffic System focuses on building pages and adding links I can see how some people may take the building process to it’s extreme.

I tell people to stop wasting time over analyzing and focus on getting started building web sites! I instruct newcomers it’s more important to get the ball rolling and then learn from your small victories and successes and build upon them.

While this helps a lot of people caught up in “information overload” or as I call it “over analysis paralysis” it does help newbies to take the plunge and get the ball rolling. The bad news is that in a few extreme cases the web publishers will fall into creating web sites that set off alarm bells and buzzers at the search engines.

Don’t panic! It’s actually part of a web publishers life to occasionally butt heads with Google. It’s inevitable to happen if you create a lot of sites and build a lot of pages. The good news is if you keep your eyes open and evaluate your rankings and watch for declines in traffic you will often catch the changes with time to correct the situations! I’ll do my best to help!

You can remedy almost all situations where Google may slap you and knock you down by employing variety and diversity! Allow me to explain.

Sometimes it takes someone looking in from the outside to spot things that may be hindering a web sites success.

9 times out of 10 when I peek under the hood and analyze a site that has dropped into declining traffic and rankings, I will find things that beginners or “quantity-over-quality mass production marketers” commonly do that the smart and savvy search engines like Google can spot a mile away.

Patterns, repetition and footprints are usually what will kill a site. Often sites that have had significant upward movement initially, will suddenly stall when Google and the other search engines discover “all the puzzle pieces” and see how they fit together.

Patterns: Patterns are revealed when search engines evaluate a sites web pages and links and notice similarities that are not natural.

Repetition: Repetition is automated-like behavior that often happens with mass automation software or excessive behavior focused around common tasks

Footprint: A footprint is an identifier that contains data that repeats regularly across sites or internally and can help robots follow breadcrumbs to find similar violations

Google does not like sites that take shortcuts and use automation or automated-like behavior. If you employ automation of any type, you need to be very careful! I’mnot saying don’t do it – I’m just saying to be aware Google does not like it. But hey – we’re not in business entirely to make Google happy – we need to strike abalance between giving them what they want and getting the maximum number of visitors to our web pages.

It’d be great to not to have to worry about these things, but because there is so much competition out there, we need to be one step ahead of our competitors and create web pages that Google favors and ranks on top!

The problem is that often in the rush to build more pages and get more text links pointing at our web pages, we will start to develop boilerplate repetitive patterns.

Excessive patterns, repetition and footprints can kill your site!

While initially these habits and patterns may be acceptable and un-noticed, you can be assured as numbers increase over time these factors will be amplified and become more obvious.

An example of this amplication factor would be a situation where a webmaster submits a web URL (web page) to many SEO friendly link directories (with or without automated submission software). The common problem is that most webmasters only submit one LINK TITLE (Link Text) and DESCRIPTION.

This would also happen if you submitted articles to article directories and used the same exact author box with the exact same URL’s and link text. Another example would be where you trade or buy links on a large web site or across many web sites in a network, or if you post announcements in many blogs using the identical words and text links. Run of site text links can kill your site fast – because out of the blue they’ll see the patterns! Same link text can’t be natural!

Patterns emerge and become more obvious when the numbers increase.

Consider when you submit an article to many article directories with the same author bio boxes, or to reciprocal links directories with the same text link and descriptions.

Initially as a few of the directories start to “pick up” the links and publish the articles on their pages, Google will start finding the links and initially the site will get a large boost and possibly top rankings. BUT over time as Google sees more and more of the SAME EXACT LINK TEXT and/or the SAME EXACT DESCRIPTIONS or articles coming from more directories and web sites, Google’s highly intelligent algorhythms will set off alarm bells and red flags.

Google will notice the patterns and see that an excessive amount of links which all have the same link text. This is not what happens in the real world when a site NATURALLY gets links from many different people.

The same link text many times over is a tip off to Google that links have been “mass submitted” or auto exchanged or traded or placed on web pages by a machine.

It’s not necessarily the number of links it’s the PATTERN!

The result is that a penalty may occur. Now, Google may not necessarily BAN YOUR SITE or delist your web page for having the same link text, but it will more than likely stop giving you the same amount of CREDIT for each link it discovers (essentially a penalty).

The same thing happens when you get a “run of site link” on a large site with many pages and all pages show the same link text. At some point Google will say – hey – there sure are a lot of links coming from this site – they must not be REALLY VALUABLE if we see that many and they show this pattern thing…

The reason I mention this is because I would like you to start thinking like a spider or robot (or Googlebot) so you can see it from their perspective. When they see 1 or 2 or 5 or maybe even 20 text links with a pattern they may not blink or set off an alarm…BUT at some threshold a BUZZER will go off. It’s just common sense to try and avoid PATTERNS and REPETITION and FOOTRINTS so that your likelihood of triggering search engine alarms goes down and your chances of getting and attaining top rankings goes up.

So, without getting into far too many details in this first article about variety and diversity, let me just say that it is very important that as you build your web sites that you try your best to emulate “real world” behavior. Act natural!

That can apply to so many areas and will almost always give YOU the edge over less experienced webmasters and publishers who don’t have the time to think, or be logical or mix up their working patterns so that the sites are natural.

What should you be careful about doing?

LINK TEXT – variety in link text. It just is not natural for a web page to have a LARGE PERCENTAGE of TEXT LINKS pointing at it to have the same exact link text. Use variety. Use variations and related words (it’s ideal if those words actually appear on the page!). Break up the patterns. By the same token, you do not want ALL of your text links to come from the same places. That’s where DIVERSITY comes in. You want your link text to have variety and come from diverse IP addresses on web pages hosted on servers all over the world.

Also, make sure you consider the words on the pages that surround your text links. When possible make sure those words are unique and don’t fall into patterns or excesses.

In the earliest days of SEO it was common to simply repeat a keyword many times on a document. Those days are long gone. Search engines like Google look at a myriad of factors when deciding who should rank on top. And one of the things they consider is whether patterns or un-natural excesses occur in relation to the pages being ranked.

The solution is really quite simple!

Break up the patterns! Employ variety! Variety and diversity are our secret weapons!

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  1. Patterns exist everywhere in life. Just look at the houses on your street!

    Certainly varying the link text and description as suggested is a must. But also linking into the major pages of a website is critical and using a bit of every source of links one can find is also important.

    Comment by MrSnowMan — April 22, 2008 @ 7:05 pm

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  4. Comments about Link Text – Breaking Patterns and Keeping Natural:A banner or image link is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but even better is a good text link.When they see a text link with your keywords in the link text – it helps them to decide how they will rank you when poeple search for that keyword phrase.Putting the right words on your web pages pages is a step in the right direction, but if Google NEVER sees any of those words in LINK TEXT, either on your site or as linked on other sites, there is very little chance they will rank you on top for any of those keywords.The solution is to to find out what PHRASES and keywords are on your pages and do your best to get links to your page with the exact words.

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  6. You definitely can’t just do what everyone else is doing to succeed in SEO.

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  7. Hi Mike,

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  9. Good point there Mike. Too many guys “over-analyze” and need to just get to work.

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