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EMDs – Exact Match Domains are Still the Best!

Just a quickie to sound off on all the crazy rumours going around about “exact match domains” being dead and not working any more. It’s hogwash!

I guess some guru or WSO guy out there must have written a new $12. seo training course where they go off and dump on exact match domains not being effective – because I keep getting emails from people asking me what to do – if they should still get them etc.

YES EMDs still work! Exact match domains are as effective as ever to getting top rankings and traffic!

Exact match domains are still the prime virtual real estate that web publishers desire. Especially on .com .net and .org

How can a good domain name go out of style or stop working?

I’m scoring number ones on Google with brand new “exact match” keyword domains all the time – so are Blogging Underground members! I hear about it all the time!

In fact I feel it’s getting EASIER – not harder.

The worry about Google “cracking down” on exact match domains is NOT NEW. It seems too good to be true that EMD’s can help you get top rankings fast and easy!

For years I have heard rumors and gossip that this “crackdown on EMDs” will be coming but the fact is that the DOMAIN NAME is only one factor that Google looks at when they score the trustworthiness of a site.

Also – too many big companies and legitimate businesses have exact match domains.

People and companies often get exact match domains for the type in traffic a good volume EMD gets from a valuable keyword phrase.

Especially with .com domains

Now – it is possible that because so called “webspammers” often get careless and abuse loopholes, that Google does pay a little extra attention to sites with EMD domains that have LOTS OF IDENTICAL TEXT LINKS for the “exact keyword phrase” and nothing else!

Over optimizing and keyword stuffing will hurt you on any domain.
BUT I have been warning you guys against this for years! Nothing new here. VARY YOUR LINK TEXT!

Just be sensible and do only the good things you know that Google likes by following the 12 Step Success Strategy Training at Blogging Undeground.

If you have good link diversity you’ll be fine!

Simply be careful and avoid Over Optimization!

In a nutshell I will say this.

Exact match domains are still good and very desireable because it is easier to get top rankings with them because when OTHER PEOPLE will link to your site they will often use the DOMAIN NAME.

If the keyword is in the domain it will often be in the LINK TEXT when others link to you and this will help you get more top rankings!

It’s actually the opposite that can hurt you – too many links with the same exact keyword when it does NOT match the domain is RISKIER than on an EMD!

Exact match domains are a MORE NATURAL way to get more GOOD NATURAL text links pointing at you!

As long as you follow the training at Blogging Undeground and don’t act like a robot or a machine – you’ll have great success with EMD’s!

More info on this can be found at the Blog at Blogging Undergrgound

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  1. Hi Mike, this post of yours has a little bit given me courage. It happened that a few of my sites are EMDs then I suddenly saw a drop in traffic after the announcement by Google. From experiences with the previous algo releases, I didn’t panic but waited only to find out that a lot of sites where I posted articles are no longer functioning.

    I have now seen traffic from Google climbing.

    I think Webmasters should not panic immediately Google releases anything because it may hurt harder than the algorithms themselves.

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

    Comment by Orion Article Blog — October 22, 2012 @ 3:22 pm

  2. All good points Mike, here’s one to add to the list…

    If you are commenting on blogs like this one, make sure you DON’T use your name in the name field too often (you’ll see my url up there).

    Guess what? Google regard this as over-optimisation and my blog now shows nowhere for my own name as they think my use of my name has been suspect, as too many blogs have “Martin Percival” as the anchor.

    One of life’s little challenges I suppose :-)


    Comment by http://martinpercival.com — October 23, 2012 @ 6:08 am

  3. what and how and where do I put this XHTML code


    Comment by luis — November 2, 2012 @ 11:12 am

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