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Avoid Poison Keywords and Sleazy Niches

Google watches some keywords more than they do others.

Their approach to wiping out low quality websites is based on what they have learned from collecting data and tweaking algorhithms for many years and seeing where the “webspammers” are most actively trying to trick them.

The main thing I have learned in my 15 + years of being a web publisher and building all kinds of websites for profit is that it’s generally better to focus on what I call “mid tier keywords” that are not as HYPER COMPETITIVE and as such commonly abused by SPAMMERS!

You know the poison niches… the keywords that can get you in trouble faster… the ones clogging your spam email box.

It’s much easier to get on top faster by avoiding those legacy big money keywords and instead profit by focusing on variations of those posion keywords or selecting keywords in different niches that are not so hot in the spamming community.

You must be aware that Google watches some keywords more than they watch others.

They watch the ones that spammers typically promote. You know the ones… they’re in your email box every day as spam messages. Try to stay away from promoting that stuff! They seek out spammers aggresively and it’s harder to rank for those keywords. So why bother?

There are so many good niches to build sites for with tons of great keywords that are profitiable and are NOT hammered by spammers.

And the mid tier keywords are much easier to rank for.

You do NOT NEED to do the BLACK HAT things that the webpsammers are doing to get lots of free traffic when you target mid tier keywords.

The Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy focuses very heavily on picking the best keywords. It’s the real secret to our success!

Now – I am not saying you can’t be successful marketing more mainstream products or products that have even crossed over into ultra spammy territory – but you need to be aware that when you start to fight your battle in a zone filled with spammers you’re more likley to get caught up and tagged an an evil affiliate marketer.

Now – be careful you don’t fall into believing the common misconception that Google hates ALL AFFILIATES. They don’t.

But they sure do seem to hate affiliates that do sleazy things to make a buck.

They are perfectly fine with good marketers who are not building fake news blogs or using deceptive techniques to trick people and get sales.

Marketing legit good products as affiliates is not the same as hustling some online scams or bogus products that don’t deliver what is offered.

Hey – we’re not the same people Google were really mad at a year or so ago when the CPA offers got out of control and everyone was spamming them. You know – the fake news blogs that caused Google to get in trouble with the FTC over the false advertising and bogus practices promoting ridiculous cures and sleazy offers for Acai Berry Juice and all that other evil CPA stuff like offers that were impossible to cancel etc.

People were doing all kinds of sleazy stuff like using Oprah and Dr. Oz without their permission. It was way out ofcontrol and the U.S> goevernment stepped in and started getting involved.

Google went after that sleazy stuff because the FTC was cracking down on criminal activities. Good marketers and bad both made the mistake of promoting that stuff. In fact a lot of people even lost their Adwords accounts over running PPC ads for that stuff too.

You may have innocently targeted the keywords that drove that kind of traffic and that’s fine – we learned a lesson from that wild time of promoting anything that made money.

Now – as a responsible marketer it’s much better to promote good affiliate programs and focus on things that are less likley to get us lumped in with the evil marketers out there.

As long as you stay away from promoting the risky stuff that spammers typically promote you should be fine.

We just build good web sites and try to get targeted web traffic from the search engines.

There is nothing wrong with that.

It’s not evil and to accomplish that we do not need to trick anybody.

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad you build web sites and make money on the internet.

There is nothing wrong with that.

Sure – Google wants you to believe that anyone that has the intention of getting ahead of other sites and gain traffic for free is trying to MANIPULATE Google.

That’s the way they think.

They want people to buy advertsing to get traffic.

ESPECIALLY when the traffic is for big money keywords that get 5 and 10 bucks a click or even more. Heck – I bet they wish they could prevent ALL FREELOADERS from getting free traffic for those big profit keywords without paying.

They only provide free search engine listings because if they didn’t they couldn’t sell advertising on those pages and they would go out of business.

But they surely don’t want to make it easy for spammers to figure out how to dominate their results pages and ruin their good thing.

I can respect that.

I hate spam too.

I hate when you search for something and find crap like spun content or gibberish auto blog crap put out en masse by spammy webmaster types.

It’s OK that Google fears spammers learning how to manipulate rankings, but they should be happy when RESPONSIBLE webmasters who put out good quality are gaining top rankings.

The problem is that they consider all webmasters who try to get on top for free as evil.

To Google there is no line separating good and bad SEO tactics.

We’re freeloaders and they think we are the same as webspammers.

It’s OK they worry that spam will be on their search pages and they have every right to do their best to remove it and prevent it from getting out of control.

We must understand that from where Google sits they CONSIDER EVERYTHING done with the intention to get FREE TRAFFIC from them without buying ads as being against their business model.

But the fact is – that every business wants more exposure and has every right to do things to gain more visibility provided it is not against the law.

Small business and big businesses alike have the right to try and do things that get better results.

Google search is a public service everyone has access to – it’s not a country club you have to join.

Web sites listed on Google are published publicly are crawled by Google where they scrape (steal) the content and use it for their own personal gain.

They’re taking public content that other people own and are copying it and profiting from the public searching for things with those words.

The internet needs to be free! That’s the spirit of the web!

It’s also based on people wanting ALL INFO not handpicked or CENSORED info.

Otherwise the Open Directory (DMOZ) would be where people search most – but it’s not!

People want it ALL unfiltered and uncensored! That’s the original spirit of the web!

Google censors out the spammers and freeloaders it thinks are evil.

That alone is evil in my book. They hurt a lot of good people.

Sure, people don’t want spam – but they also don’t want only PAID LISTINGS or human edited directory listings or the web as it is censored by Google engineers.

Those of us who have been doing this for a long time have been playing this familiar game of cat and mouse and most likely understand the changes that occur regularly better than those that are shocked to get slapped by Google.

We know it goes in cycles. This stuff happens unfortunately. We may lose rankings or even have sites banned. It may not be right – but it does happen.

Usually they clean up their index so the results are better and they usually back off. Lately they’ve been hunting for “manipulation” more aggressively.

They must be more paranoid about profitability or something.

The thing that is especially shocking is how they have conned so many people with web sites to sign up and register with Google and willingly volunteer their personal info and data for alledged “webmaster tools” and other perks.

They will give you a message or send you a FORM LETTER and scare you straight by telling you about UN-NATRAL THINGS or have LINKS THAT MIGHT BE HURTING YOU or manipulations.

They don’t tell you what specific links are bad. It’s a form letter after all.

They didn’t really find bad links, did they? Maybe not.

They just scare you into removing all links to be safe.

People do it in fear. They spend a lot of time doing things on good faith to fix their sites when in reality it may not do much else other than tell Google you’re the kind of person that does evil things.

Signing up with them and adding your websites to Webmaster Tools is like saying WATCH ME CLOSER because I am doing things to make money and get free traffic.

Why would you do that if you know they think ALL people who do this are their enemy?

The reality is that people who help Google by supplying info and data about links and web site traffic are now at the TOP of the list that Google will be watching more closely.

It’s like you were at the casino and you told the blackjack dealer you were good at counting cards. He is going to be more suspicious for sure.

Why would you tell them you do SEO type things if you knew they would watch you closer?

It’s too bad because many innocent webmasters who don’t know better, think they will gain an advantage by showing their cards to Google. They are starstruck and want to be friends to gain an inside advantage.

This is far from possible because GOOGLE is the HOUSE and THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS

GOOGLE is the HOUSE and the gangsters aren’t going to be your buddies – they are going to be your BOSS.

They are the casino and we are at the blackjack tables and they will always WIN more than we do.

They house always wins more than we do.

So – don’t give them your secrets.

Stay as incognito as you can.

Go after mid tier keywords instead of targeting the same keywords as the mega spammers.

Amazon Image Social Media Tips

It’s better for the business and you’ll do better playing on your own than by following their suggestions and trying to impress them by telling them you’ve been a bad bad boy.

I don’t believe in trying to trick them – but we are playing a game and to win we need to beat Google.

Not in an evil way – a friendly way – a strategic way – and it should be a win win.

We provide good content and when it’s at the top of Google, the people who visit our pages will be happy.

We don’t need to trick Google and deliver garbage content to make money in internet marketing.

We don’t need to spam to make money online.

We don’t even need to share what we’e doing with Google to be successful.

We just need to focus on doing the things we know they like and reward sites for doing.

It’s that simple.

It’s not the same as doing what they tell us we should be doing.

We need to do what works in the real world.

We need to do the things that other sites that are on top are doing.

They are still your adversary – Google may be pretending to help you – in reality they are not.

They are the house and they will beat you most of the time.

Google has become very clever and that the herds of people who are taking their advice and suggestions and following their “rules” are clearing the field for those of us who are still playing this game to win.

It’s actually to our advantage that so much of the web traffic competition is wasting their time doing what Google wants them to do, and are unknowingly spinning their wheels following vague automated communications that suggest stuff like they have un-natural links and they must be removed and so forth.

The truth is many of the links that people are removing are actually hurting them and helping us – because if you think about it ANY LINK that is indexed by Google is a good link (very few exceptions). Sure some links may have more value – but they are NOT going to count against you if the links are on pages that are indexed by Google.

If Google thought a PAGE or site was a bad neighborhood or a spammy site they would BAN IT and remove it from their index.

They wouldn’t keep it in.

So why waste time removing links like this and then reporting the data to Google. That’s insane. How could that possibly BOOST your rankings?

Whoever is under you on the Google search results page will move up if you remove links pointing to your site! That’s the way it works. It doesn’t help you move up!

Sure – I know – a lot of scared webmasters and businesses think they are “doing the right thing” and making Google happy and will get some kind of reward, but the truth is that the people out there focusing on getting good quality natural links – the kind that Google loves such as in articles in blogs – will be much more successful and will be rewarded much sooner than those UN-BUILDING their businesses.

So – back to the original concept – we do not need to TRICK GOOGLE or do EVIL THINGS or gain short term goals from LOOPHOLES because the best way to achieve success and lots of profitable web traffic is by building good web sites and publishing good content and doing the right thinigs that we know Google rewards web pages for with top rankings.

Fly a little under the readar and resist targeting the keywords in the spammy niches. Focus on easy mid tier keywords that are profitable but not over saturated with spammy websites.

Build good sites with good content and keep them fresh.

Make sure you have new content added, new links coming in over time and try to have some good social signals coming in.

Treat each site like you care that people get a good experience.

That should be the main motivation for you.

Do the things that you know you will get rewarded for.

Good things gain good karma. Evil things gain bad karma.

What do you think? Please comment and let us know!

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  1. An interesting, well reasoned article, Mike. Thank you.

    I’ve certainly smelt the coffee and am now in the process of building out a couple of ‘money sites’ as quality blogs.

    I do question how you scale this ‘quality blogging’. It used to be that you could get a robot posting plugin, an Amazon product plugin, and set the thing loose on Auto pilot.

    Is the only way top riches in a post-Panda world in the hands of an army of Filipino VA’s?

    Comment by Kevin Ashbridge — December 17, 2012 @ 6:37 am

  2. It’s not that you can’t do the other stuff that is lower on quality – it’s just that it has a shorter shelf life. It just requires a little bit of tickling to keep things fresh and in reality requires less time than properly setting up robots. It takes TIME to set up a robot too! You need to tell it what to do. :’>

    Comment by mike — December 17, 2012 @ 10:49 am

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