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The Secret To Pay Per Click Success!

I have a simple yet concise plan to getting started making money promoting affiliate products with Pay Per Click advertising.

OK… so you want to know the secret to being a WINNER at making money with PPC Advertising??? I’m happy to tell you!

Success at the PPC game is simpler than most realize… It’s deceptively simple in fact. So simple that all too many of us have written off making money by advertising affiliate products or CPA offers on Adwords or other PPC advertising as a losing proposition.

I too felt that way! Yes – I was one of those that was running around saying that I tried and could not make money by advertising on PPC. I lost money and gave up! I thought it did not work!

Boy was I wrong! WAYYYYYY wrong and I am happy to tell you what I have learned.

It’s truly a breakthrough!

OK, so you may know me as the “free search engine traffic” guy as I teach how to get top rankings and make money using the Article Underground Content and Traffic System which centers around building content web sites and getting links so you can get top rankings from Google.

This is all fine and dandy – it works and I have mastered getting free search engine traffic! I’ll always include this as the primary method of bringing in traffic to my web sites! I mean – who doesn’t want free search engine traffic???

So I will NOT change my approach and DUMP my efforts to build sites to get free traffic.

I am however going to include buying advertising to attract people to the offers I want to promote.

While I was once a naysayer and skeptical about buying PPC advertising and paying for clicks to bring people my way – NOW I know the secrets to success using this method. And it’s so simple I could kick myself for not knowing better or trying harder in the past.

OK…s sorry about the big buildup but here comes the secret I have learned.

Many have tried PPC and have lost money (spent more than got in return) and believe it does not work.

You know what – that is CORRECT!
This is very true – PPC does NOT work every time!

In fact it may NOT work 9 out of 10 times… but that’s ok…
Here is the SECRET – please try to get a handle on this as it can have a profound impact on how you use PPC in the future to pull in money in your direction.

You can’t give up until you hit a winner! It may take 5 or 6 or 10 or even more failures to get a winner! If you stick with it – you will win!!!

I know – some of you hate to lose – I do too – but if LOSING means you will eventually win – isn’t it worth it??? I think so! And so do the winners in PPC who have figured this out!

Unlike building pages going after free search traffic – PPC advertising is highly targeted and immediate – you pay for a click on a keyword phrase and it brings someone to your landing page – or – you send them direct to an offer. Wham Bam – BOOM! Either it works – or it doesn’t!

You can’t afford to waste too much money on clicks where people do not respond – therefore when you do PPC you MUST have a GREAT landing page or the offer you send them to MUST be great! Your ad must deliver what you promise! It must prompt them to take action!

Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t!

So the goal is pretty basic – find a winning combination of a GOOD AD that gets people to click and an OFFER that converts the visitor once they see your page!

That is NOT an easy thing to do ALL of the time!

But you do NOT need to do this every time or even a LOT of the time to be profitable – you just need to do this OFTEN ENOUGH to make more money than you spend!

In fact – that is why this is so IMPORTANT you grasp this secret – you MUST NOT GIVE UP UNTIL YOU HIT A WINNING CAMPAIGN!!!
NOT EVERY campaign you advertise for will work – you need to be prepared to do a MINIMUM of 10 or 20 CAMPAIGNS with NO FEAR OF LOSING and do not STOP TRYING NEW CAMPAIGNS till one of them makes money or gets close to breaking even.

Then you work on building that one up to make as much as you can.

Now – here is where most people get lost – they think – hey – if I lose 9 out of 10 times – then I will go broke. NOOOO! Not true!

Because the 10th time will PAY for all the ones that failed. And then it will keep on paying – hopefully for a long time into the future.

Keep this in mind – your failing campaigns will be SHUT DOWN FAST – your SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS will run for a LONG TIME!

SO – if your 9 dud campaigns lose you $20. each – you are $180. in the hole.

And what if your winning campaign nets you $20. per day profit. That means after 9 days you will have made your money back and then if it continues on for another 21 days – you will be positive $420. And chances are you’ll not only keep making money on a winning campaign but over time you’ll ramp it up to make more money per day!

You take a winner and try to blow it up to $50. a day or $100. a day or $1,000. a day profit! That’s where you pull in the big money! And it makes those 9 campaigns that you lost $180. on seem like pennies compared to the profits you are pulling in!

That is the secret – you need to be prepared to lose 9 out of 10 times!
Invest 20 to 30 bucks per day on a campaign and let it run a day or two. If possible track the conversions so you know which keywords make sales. Dump the keywords that do not make sales and cost money. If a campaign does not make money after 20 or 30 bucks worth of clicks – drop it! Eventually you will hit a winner!
Stop the ones that don’t work and the ones that do work will pay for all the ones that did not work.
On average 2 out of 10 work but it might take you 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 till YOU hit the magic combination. It could be more. It could be less.
Now – that’s where an “intelligence tool” like Google Cash Detective 2 can come in and save you from having some of those failures. The intelligence steers you towards the winning keywords and helps you study the people that are already winning.

You simply copy what they are doing and then improve upon it. That way you have a much better chance of finding a winning campaign than if you just blindly test offers.

Both ways will work – but these days it pays to have the best tools we can at our disposal.

So that’s why I highly suggest you consider Google Cash Detective 2.

Google Cash Detective 2 is an awesome tool!


GCD2 is still available at this moment but GCD owner Chris has warned me he will be shutting it down from new users on Monday.

So if you are at all interested to see what it offers – please – stop by and watch my video showing an inside peek at how GCD2 works. It’s on my own site and the video runs 44 minutes on GCD2 and PPC.


I think you’ll be impressed by what GCD2 does and the immense power that people who have it will have!

If you are a beginner – please consider reading my article on success:

"Success is based on what you do and what you give to the world" – Mike Liebner

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  1. This is the biggest bunch of “CRAP” I have ever read. I am not in the mood for your BS. I just invested over $800 in many different attempts to sell something with PPC and I have made all of $70. PPC SUCKS and so do you and the Google Cash you are promoting.

    Comment by Ray — March 15, 2009 @ 8:27 am

  2. Man… it’s NOT MY FAULT you did not have the patience to STICK IT OUT :’>

    OK… this post struck a nerve. Apparently a few of you out there do not like the idea that you CAN’T WIN EVERY TIME.

    I wish you could – but that is not the way it works.

    Here is a response I just sent out – it falls in line with the above anger expressed by Ray.

    You wrote: “You have got to be kidding me.”

    No YOU have got to be kidding me :’> You have a closed mind.

    Geeezzz….. stop and OPEN YOUR EYES and pay attention before you get nasty…

    That kind of clodsed attitude is precisely WHY people don’t succeed.

    You are NOT willing to find the answer even though right in front of you.

    I can’t help YOU if you do not want to be helped.

    I’ll try one more time – but if you prefer to be angry = well – that’s your choice. I can only try to help.

    You said: “If I loose 9 out of 10 times I would be broke.”

    Well… I would not be. And if you followed the example I will give you would not either.

    You’re looking at this all wrong. Let me try to put it another way.

    How about if you had a budget of $400. to try to fnd a golden nugget. I’ll explain below.

    You said: “Most people only have one shot.”

    One shot??? Really???

    The DIFFERENCE between the WINNERS and the LOSERS is that the winners NEVER GAVE UP.

    The losers gave up. That is why they are still losers.

    The winners kept trying.

    In online marketing if you want to be successful you can’t expect to have a 100% batting average. It’s impossible to win every time. And the fact is YOU DON’T NEED TO!

    You can lose more often than you win and STILL come out ahead!

    Have you ever checked the batting average of the best players in baseball??? Do they get a hit every time??? Half of the time??? Less???

    Are you saying they should STOP after thy swing and MISS the first time??? Or should they keep at it???

    You are NOT getting it – you don’t ONLY have one shot to find a winning campaign in PPC – IF you are banking on 1 shot – you WILL LOSE.

    Most people may give up after 1 try but that’s where the problem is… they should keep trying because the odds get better over time you will succeed. Plus as you gain experience you get better at it! You start to win more often!

    The fact is – you need to be ready to LOSE a few times before you win. I’m just being brutally honest.

    And as I mentioned before – in general 8 out of 10 campaigns are losers. That’s just the way it is. But that’s ok – because 2 out of the 10 canmake you a lot of money!

    If you want to win at PPC you need to be prepared to spend at least $400. on testing.

    Read this please:

    If you allocate $20. each to test 20 campaigns – you will be investing $400.

    If 18 of the 20 do NOT make a profit – at the MOST you will LOSE 18 x 20 = $360.

    That’s the price you pay to find the 2 (or more) that will make money.

    If only 2 of those 20 are “winners” and make a modest $20. per day – 2 x $20 = $40.

    You NOW have $40. of profit each day.

    $40. x 30 = $1,200.
    $1,200. x 12 = $14,400.

    Now – that’s what I call winning.

    The problem with most people is that they give up before they hit a winner.

    I’m telling you if you can look at the 18 losers as investing $400. to find a winner – you can make a lot of money.

    BUT if you have an attitude that you can’t lose and still win – you are in big trouble! You’ll never take the chances required to find the winners.

    Hope that helps!

    Comment by Mike — March 15, 2009 @ 4:58 pm

  3. Hi Mike,

    Great article and good advice. I’ve been wanting to start using PPC again, but I had lost so much money the first time around and I’m in a position now where I don’t have the money to invest in it at the moment. So I have 2 questions for you:

    1) Do you know of somewhere that you can place free PPC ads… like instead of money maybe it uses a credit system? Just somewhere to practice that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

    2) Can you give me some advice on how to write a good PPC ad?

    Feel free to email me your response. Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Free Ebook – Success in 10 Steps

    Comment by Renee — March 29, 2009 @ 12:27 am

  4. Hi, great article, bookmarked this one!

    Comment by Shawn — June 26, 2009 @ 8:51 am

  5. Don’t know if GOogle Cash sucks but Adwords definitely doesn’t! Just take the time to learn how to use it properly

    Comment by RROD — March 9, 2010 @ 3:53 pm

  6. “Most people may give up after 1 try but that’s where the problem is… they should keep trying because the odds get better over time you will succeed. Plus as you gain experience you get better at it! You start to win more often!”

    If you can afford to lose money more than once! Many people don’t.

    Comment by Sheds — March 16, 2010 @ 8:58 am

  7. my PPC advertising on Google Adwords is really effective in promoting my affiliate links. my Adbrite PPC advertising cost seems to be higher than Adwords…:

    Comment by Isabella Williams — May 6, 2010 @ 7:10 pm

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