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X-Ray Domination Affiliate Keyword Research Alternative

Are you looking for an X-Ray Domination Affiliate Keyword Research Alternative? Huh… what is X-Ray???

OK, unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week you’ve been told about X-Ray Domination – a $997. or $1,497. product that helps boost sales and conversions.

It tracks the keywords people click all the way through the affiliate programs sales page and will show which keywords convert into sales! Excellent keyword research for affiliate sales!

I’ve got a $127.00 alternative that will also track conversions! Read on!

X-Ray Domination Alternative


OK, so you’ve been bombarded with emails trying to sell you X-Ray Domination, the software/product from The Rich Jerk. Yes, I too got hit in the head with a rock or two and took the plunge and bought the $1,497. full use license.

Ouch! $1,497, is a whole lot of money!

Why did I buy it?

Well, for one I really liked their sales pitch and found the reasons compelling enough to invest in it, both for my own personal use and also to keep my subscribers and Article Underground members in the know. I’ll be writing about what it is and if it delivers over the next few months.

BUT in the meantime I have run across an X-Ray alternative that looks to be every bit as effective at performing “some” of what the X-Ray software claims to do at a fraction of the price. Can you believe Xtreme Conversions is just $127.???


I bought Xtreme Conversions too. I’ll be reporting more details after I install and test the software, but for now let me just say that while Xtreme Conversions may be cheaper – it is NOT a knock off or cheap imitation of X-Ray or any other product (as far as I can tell).

It doesn’t have all the hype, training and big promises of X-Ray but what the software does offer is a way to track where visitors are coming from – what keywords they searched for or clicked – AND
– this is the good part – it will tell you which keywords resulted in a SALE of the products on your pages.

What’s important about this software is that you can now track conversions as an affiliate that previously were only accessible to the actual owners of the products being sold.

I’ll spare a long wordy description as the Xtreme page has all that info in detail. Go have a look!


If you want to know the exact keywords that are making you the sales, whether in Adwords or other PPC campaigns, or simply to find what traffic is most profitable, you should check out this software! $127, is a heck of deal!

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  1. Right as Xray launched I started getting bombarded with emails of guys promoting Xray-like products, all from the same marketers! I guess they were itchin’ for a commission from something that day.
    I grabbed Xray too. The software looked appealing, and the training looked even more appealing. I just started my Xray training (got in late)…but catching up quickly. I’ve decided to do a case study of each day’s training on my blog. If interested, have a look: http://www.rianbrooklyn.com/blog/keyword-xray-journal/

    – Rian

    Comment by rvb — April 2, 2007 @ 6:53 am

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  4. Things have come a long ways since 2007. For this same price, you can now buy a keyword analysis tool that not only finds the best keywords, but digs up backlinks (like this), free content, and a website by website analysis of your competition.

    Comment by Keyword Analysis Software — June 23, 2010 @ 5:36 pm

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