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62,000 Keywords – Are YOU Ready for Halloween?

62,000 Keywords – Are YOU Ready for Halloween?

I have just added 2 keyword lists with over 62,000 high traffic and high profit keywords in the Article Underground Members section.

If you are a current member of Article Underground you can get the 2 incredibly profitable lists of keywords in the members section.

If you are NOT currently a member – don’t worry –

>>> 21 Day Trial Offer is HERE <<<

– if you take the trial you can grab the keyword lists, get 400 more articles PLUS use the AU Blogs to get linked in! Pretty cool, eeh???

So… Are YOU ready for Halloween? I don’t mean your costume – are you ready to make money from HALLOWEEN TRAFFIC and SALES???

It’s still not too late to get ready! IF you do it now!

These 2 new lists are loaded with keywords to help you make more money!

1) Halloween List with 1,446 keywords relating to costumes and Halloween

2) Big List of 60,174 keywords covering all kinds of money making keywords!

The new 1,400 + keyword list for halloween and costumes is just what you need so you can start getting ready for the big money rush!

Now is the time to start planting your seeds to get in place for the big Halloween rush that starts going nuts in mid September and lasts strong through the end of October.

Start getting your article pages and sites up now so that you will be on top when the traffic heats up big time!

The big keyword list is insanely huge! 60k plus of keywords that will make you money if you have them on your web pages!
I highly suggest you open the jumbo sized Excel files and use them to find high bid, high traffic keywords that you can strategically sprinkle on your article web pages.

This is an easy way to get more free search engine traffic! Simply write some new sentences with some related keywords from the lists and add them to your pages.

You’ll get extra free search traffic PLUS if you are showing Adsense ads on your sites – your click money should go up as the keywords on the 2 lists have been cleaned so only high traffic and high bid keywords remain!

No garbage keywords!

We get rid of all the junk keywords that have low traffic and low bids! The 60,000 + that remain are golden eggs!

These are also the same lists of keywords the Article Underground writers use to write their articles for us!

Fall is coming and it’s time to get back in the groove and make some money!

If you are not a current member and would like to get in, even if just to grab the 60k keyword list – I suggest you stop by the Article Blog to see what specials we have or to take us up on the 21 day trial for just $9.95  >>> 21 Day Trial Offer is HERE <<<

These keywords are super hot! Go get ’em!

You need links if you want more web traffic! Learn how to get the best backlinks at the Blog at Blogging Underground

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  1. hmm, i look in date you post i think youre have a long experience playing in internet marketer, have you receive god ncome from this?

    Comment by gandhi — August 25, 2009 @ 5:37 am

  2. Nice one. Many people will surely be interested with your trial offer. Maybe I should try your offer. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Nice offer. I’ll think about it :)

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  5. Great article, although from what ive seen all your information on this blog is very good, keep it coming with more of the same

    Comment by Mark McCulloch — September 11, 2009 @ 5:22 pm

  6. Thanks Mike. Interesting post. 60,000 makes my head spin. That’s something to think about. I might take you up on this offer.

    Comment by Internet Dollars — September 17, 2009 @ 12:19 pm

  7. Thanks Mike for the keyword list. What is your favorite Keyword tool. Given the spate of new tools it is so hard to decide. Besides the Google Keyword Tool and the Wonderwheel

    Comment by Roberto Nicolinni — September 20, 2009 @ 8:38 pm

  8. Great article Mike, I think that this is one of the best keyword tools out there as of now, I highly recommend it to all of my clients, fans, and friends. I started using it myself about 3 weeks ago, and will not change until something revolutionary comes out.

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  13. Hey mike, great advice! It’s definitely a good time to start thinking about halloween, thanks for the keyword list!

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  15. have the keywords been listed with competition numbers and search volume data?

    Comment by Internet Marketing Consultant — May 19, 2010 @ 12:04 pm

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  19. Thanks Mike. Interesting post!!!

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  20. Thats a look of keywords relating to one niche, would be interesting to see how many of those are really viable as seller keywords.

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  28. “We get rid of all the junk keywords that have low traffic and low bids!” Cool, but do you also include data about the level of competition for those keywords?

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