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Twitter – ing about the web

I finally just discovered and experienced Twitter for myself after reading about it often enough.. but now I’ve used it and I actually have an understanding about what it is.

What is Twitter?

Well, I must admit, it’s not exactly what I thought it was.

Follow or be followed….

Twitter is a place online to let people know what you’re doing! It’s a place to let your followers follow what you’re doing or you can follow others.

Sure, I had a vague idea that you could input short bursts of sentences indicating in 140 characters or less what you were doing. But I didn’t quite undestand the part where people would follow you or you could follow other people. It’s all starting to make sense.

I signed up yesterday

LINK > Here is my twitter page for Mike Liebner

I added the widget thing to my 2 blogs yesterday and then typed in a few times what I was doing. Then today I saw a few people had started “following me”. Really??? Cool!

So then I checked them out and added them as a follower. I then looked at the other people following them and soon I had a list of twitter friends.

Ahhhh… I can see it… you start to become involved in agroup of people that share similar interests…

You don’t just follow 1 at a time – you follow all the people on your follow list.

And then it all started to make more sense.

You can see what all your followed friends are doing as each time they add a tweet it appears in chronological order on the page. So I could see what Michael Campbell was doing and so forth. From following the trail at Michael’s list of followers I ran across Colin McDougal and added him to my list I follow. Now I can see whenever someone I ffollow posts a tweet. Then I see Colin tweeted about a free report he posted. Very cool. I opted in and got his report and printed it.


I may not have otherwise ran across his report as I don’t think Colin has even promoted it yet other than mentioning on Twitter.

So it’s all starting to get clearer. Twitter is good to find out about things and also to let others know what is going on with you. For example I just wrote a post in my other positive thinking blog and then noted it on twitter. > LINK

And when I post this – I will tweet about my blog post on Twitter-ing about! Cool!

Learn more about making money with Twitter at Michael Campbell’s blog post. > LINK

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