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The Secret of Success – Emulate Successful People

I have an excellent free tip for you that could truly have a huge impact and possibly even change the course of your life!

“CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE” ??? Whoah! Dude! That’s a monster of a statement! (sorry – I live by the beach here in California! I’m starting to talk funny…)

That may be a monster of a statement, but it’s true! What I’d like to share with you in this email may contribute towards helping you achieve your goals and achieving success in your quest to make a living online!

I’m NOT trying to sell you anything – honest – this stuff is 100% free – so please – let down your guard for a few minutes and try to absorb what I am about to share with you.

If you’re in a hurry or anxious to get the free stuff – here is the url! Scroll to the bottom for a list of speakers.


In this message I am going to tell you about an incredible resource that is absolutely free that has audio recordings in MP3 format from some of the most well respected and trusted internet marketing success stories. Many of them are people I admire and strive to be like. Many of them have achieved success I am dreaming of achieving myself!

I really wanted to share this unique free resource with you today because this type of training and instruction has really had a profound impact on my own personal life. It may have an impact on yours too!

I’m going to ask you a few questions: Do you really want to be successful? How bad do you want success? Are you willing to work for it? Can you commit to keep trying regardless of how many temporary setbacks you may encounter???

If you answered YES – there is nothing that will stop you.

It’s no secret to those of you that are members of Article Underground, or subscribe to my marketing newsletter, that I try to be a motivator and steer you towards positive thinking and success focused energy. I realize not everybody is a big fan of “self help” and “positive thinking”, but please take a moment to consider how it has played a role in my success and consider how it may play at least a little role in your success.

I have found that the SECRET to SUCCESS is to study and emulate those who have already become successful! Learn as much as you can from people who have already done what you want to do! Try to do the things that they do and you will be one step closer towards achieving your goals. Save yourself from making mistakes that will delay what you are striving towards. Learn the right things to do and commit to doing them with dedication until you have what you want. Never stop trying!

Stop wasting time on the little things – focus time and energy on what really makes you the money – stop thinking about why it will NOT work and start thinking about WHY it WILL WORK!

Those are some of the things I convey regularly to AU members! Those principals are essential!

The fastest and quickest way to make money online is by committing to making a plan, setting goals for yourself and doing everything you can to be an expert on the things you want to be successful at. Sure, there are shortcuts and workarounds, but in general, the people who are the most successful know a lot about their businesses.

We can save time by learning from those who have already accomplished what we desire to achieve ourselves.

That’s not marketing mumbo jumbo – that’s the truth! If you can wrap your mind around committing to learning and listening to those with real life experience in the things you want to be a part of, you will succeed yourself!

Imagine the power in learning from the victories of people who are already at the top of their game! Also just as important, imagine learning from their mistakes and failures…

One of the reasons Article Underground is so successful is because I help people to avoid the mistakes I have made myself. Yes, I may be successful, but I have had my share of failures – temporary setbacks – made mistakes! But I learned from them! They made me stronger and more effective at what I do!

The one thing that all successful people have in common is that they have failed before they have become successful! Learn how to avoid the things that sidestepped the winners and you’ll achieve your goals faster!


If you are truly motivated to achieve a goal you can set yourself on a course where you can climb your way to the top of any mountain you want to be on! Regardless of your past or current status – there are opportunities to achieve success and have everything you want. I’m living proof of this – and I’ll explain more!

You have a tremendous advantage over those of us that started a few years back. The reason is that you have tools that we were not lucky enough to have at our disposal. 11 years ago when I quit my job in radio advertising and started working full time at making money on the internet there were no books or programs or seminars on making money online. In fact there weren’t even HTML editors yet – the code was like programming languages and had to be learned! Yuck! That was terrible! Now – all you do is point and click and you have web pages! You guys are soooo lucky!

Also – you are so lucky because you have at your fingertips a wealth of information from people who have already become successful in internet marketing. I’m lucky too these days because I have so many training materials that to this day are teaching me new things that I regularly apply to my business!

I realize not everybody is like me, but I have an almost insatiable desire to learn everything I can about making money online! A day rarely passes that I do not listen to audios, read books or printed articles or watch DVDs from people who are blazing trails in our business of internet marketing. I may be an extreme case in that I must have everything that is out there, but I bet that most successful internet marketers are too consumed by all the cool ways there are to make money! It seems like there is an infinite amount of ways to improve and achieve more! For me it’s truly exciting! I love taking on challenges and striving towards success!

Well, you can too! Sure, you don’t need to dive into the deep end necessarily, but you should make an effort to study what materials you have available to you. One such resource you should not pass by is this free library of MP3 audio files called “Secrets of Elite Marketers”.


I signed up yesterday (100% free) and am blown away by the audio files in the library! You can download them and listen to them any time on your ipod or computer! In the past I have bought products that do not have this many interviews and seminar audio recordings! The lineup of speakers is mind boggling. And it doesn’t cost one penny!


Here are some of the people featured in the free MP3 audio files:

Alex Mandossian
Alexandria Brown
Armand Morin
Bart Baggett
Bob Silber
Bruce Safran
Carl Galletti
Craig Perrine
Dave Lakhani
David Garfinkel
Declan Dunn
Derek Gehl
Frank Garon
Frank Kern
Fred Gleeck
Jim Edwards
Jimmy D Brown
JJ Childers
Joe Polish
Joe Vitale
Joel Christopher
John Carlton
John Childers
John Reese
Jonathan Mizel
Kirt Christensen
Linda Forsythe
Marlon Sanders
Martin Wales
Michel Fortin
Mike Filsaime
Mike Litman
Mike Stewart
Morgan Westerman
Paul Colligan
Randy Charach
Rich Schefren
Shawn Casey
Silvie Cherie
Stephanie Frank
Stephen Pierce
T. Harv Eker
Ted Ciuba
Yanik Silver

If you are committed to your success, please go and sign up and download some or all of the MP3 files. Your time will be well spent learning from the type of people you’ll have at your fingertips! Enjoy!


Best wishes for your marketing success!

What are your thoughts? Am I a postive thinking moron? Or do you agree that it pays to think about the things you want? Regardless of your opinions – tell us how you feel!

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  1. Mike, you are absolutely positive by sharing this article to other, you inspired me to dare renewing my dreams and becoming more positive of learning from success people, therefore I will search this program to improve the quality of my live and creating some bigger results.

    To your success
    B.D. Joenoes

    Comment by bedee — June 7, 2007 @ 4:29 am

  2. Mike,

    I agree with you entirely. In order to really become a success, no matter at what you are trying to accomplish, it all must start with your own internal attitudes and thoughts.

    I have friends and family members that are some of the most negative people in my life. I know they are smart, but they do not believe in themselves. They could easily becoem anything they choose, but are too busy thinking about not being successful.

    In my own endeavors I recently renewed my willpower to “fighting the good fight” when it comes to my own success. The weeks and months to come will tell the truth about how well I do. I have a wealth of experience to build upon, and will keep in mind that I will be as successful as I decide I want to be.

    When I was younger I took martial arts. Like all martial arts there is a mantra that has to be recited. Luckily this one statement should apply to everyone.

    “I am what I am, because I choose to be”.

    With that in mind, I am a success, Because I choose to be.

    Comment by DW — June 19, 2007 @ 5:27 pm

  3. Mike,

    This is one of the best posts I have read. There are too many negative people in this world. It is a good thing to know that someone is thinking positively. What do we want to succeed in? If we don’t think about it and actually put it to paper, we will not have a good chance at all to succeed.

    Thank you for helping me to remember that it is important to keep positive and follow after the dreams that I desire. Keep posting such great information. I will keep coming back to read more.

    Comment by charris — November 13, 2007 @ 8:46 pm

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