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The Article Underground CPA Action Plan Blueprint

The Article Underground CPA Action Plan Blueprint My simple to follow action plan to score big on promoting CPA offers.

As you may already know I just moved to Laguna Beach. I have created a special moving sale offer for a 1 year prepaid membership.

Special Offer >>> Article Underground Moving Sale Deal

OK, let’s get down to business and get into this action plan. It can make you a lot of money! The secret is using CPA offers such as freebies and trials to get your prospects to take action! It’s easy – I will show you how!

Are you earning pennies from people clicking ads on your pages? That’s not enough to get you rich!

If you are ONLY relying on Adsense ™ PPC earnings to make your fortune in web publishing, then you are potentially leaving a lot of money on the table that could be yours! With minimal effort you could be earning a lot more money! Sure, PPC ads may be the EASIEST way to earn money – such as by blindly putting that Adsense ™ contextual ad code on all your web pages – however it is NOT necessarily the best way to earn money from the targeted traffic coming to your web pages.

Pasting Adsense ™ code on ALL your pages is the “lazy mans choice” as it is quick and easy and makes some money, but as you’ll see in this unique and new action plan, a little of your time spent finding CPA offers and promoting them can squeeze huge profits from your properly targeted traffic!

This CPA blueprint is an innovative and new “action plan” I have prepared that has step by step instructions which I hope you will be able to use as the basis for your very own creative master plan to explore CPA profits in addition to your current web publishing efforts.

I’m NOT suggesting you drop any other existing action plans or blueprints for revenue generation you may have in effect, but rather consider ADDING this one to your bag of tricks. I believe that in addition to finding new revenue streams for your web sites, you will discover that there is more to life than Adsense ™ and PPC earnings and that CPA offers can make you some huge money quite easily!

Please keep in mind that this “CPA action blueprint” is not intended to have every step covered in minute and intricate detail, however, the detailed plan has the important basics to steer your creative juices in the right direction helping you create a plan of action suited to your business. I hope it will spark many ideas, so all of you guys can benefit from the many opportunities this plan represents.

While it helps to have a membership to Article Underground, as you’ll save a ton of time, it is not required. Having great PLR content with the right keywords in articles you can quickly and easily use to build web pages will help you a great deal, as will having all the 100 + blogs at your fingertips to quickly get targeted text links. You can always take the longer road and find alternatives to all the time saving features of an AU membership, but I highly suggest you consider joining AU! It’s a great investment in your business! If you’re not sure if it is right for you – consider the 21 day trial – it’s just $9.95 and you get 400 articles and all the benefits of membership!

OK, back to the plan! Let’s start discussing how you can build web pages to get laser targeted traffic that will be perfectly suited to respond to the CPA offers you will be putting on your web pages!

The idea is to stimulate your mind to help you work out a highly individualized plan that will take advantage of the myriad of products and special offers that the Hydra Network (cpa network) and others allow you to promote and earn huge cash with.

CPA stands for “cost per action” but should really be called “CASH per action” and what it refers to is the process of an “advertiser” allowing the Hydra network to allow it’s members to promote special offers by email and/or on web pages with banners and editorial content.

What’s so different than a standard affiliate program is that almost all “payouts” are for actions, many of which are not for SALES, but rather actions such as giving away freebies. So instead of paying out commissions (percentages of sales) the vendor with the offer will pay a fixed dollar amount when an action is performed. In some cases this may be as simple as getting a prospect to enter a zip code, or it may be entering their email address or it may be any of a number of actions.

The point is the deals are often fantastic, or even offer freebies, and you get paid when people respond! It can be very lucrative and pay far more than the few cents we often get from PPC programs like Adsense ™.

An example >>> I just got paid $27. for giving away a free cd is the CPA offer for “Grant-A-Day”

It pays $27. for each trial download in which you offer to give a free gift cd.

It’s one of thousands of possible offers and freebies. Imagine how easy it is to do stuff like this when you create web pages specifically promoting the trials, freebies and offers! I’ll show you how!

I’ll be sparing a lot of the getting started details here, as much of this has already been covered in great detail in the 37 minute Article Underground Training Video called “The Missing Link – where does the money come from?”

If you have not seen it yet – the link and description of the video is >>> here:

OK, so let’s move on and go over my suggested action plan. This plan has been drafted up for you guys based on my experiences with CPA’s and can be freely modified or adjusted to work for promoting affiliate products from Clickbank, Commission Junction and almost any product or offer.

This plan specifically shows steps for promoting “special offers” from Hydra Network. There are other CPA networks, but this one has worked great for me personally, so I suggest you start with this one.

Let’s get this action plan going. Here are the steps:

1) Join Hydra network or a similar CPA network (one that pays you on the cost per action – you collect an email, zip code etc.)

>>> Sign up HERE

Once you apply to join and get approved, you will soon have access to thousands of advertisers with special offers and freebies that you can promote and get paid when you deliver the action they are paying for.

It’s mind boggling how much variety and diversity there is available, so you can find an offer for almost any niche or topic out there. You can sort them or search for keywords. Many of the campaigns are exclusive and not found elsewhere.

2) Pick the offers you want to promote.

Visit the “all campaigns” page at Hydra Network and sort them by number of “Creatives”. This will show you the products and offers that will have the most support materials from which you can use in the following steps.

Make a list of all relevant Hydra Network CPA offers for your web sites. Only list ones that allow banners and text ads (some offers are only allowed to be promoted by email, so make sure to skip those if you do not have a customer or subscriber list).

Alternately you can sort the campaigns by the CPA Rate (how much they pay).

Right now the highest payout is $100. for Mesothelioma Legal Lead Gen. Another pays $98. for Russ Dalbey’s Winning in the Cash Flow Business. There are tons! Look >>> Lingo Phone Service pays $75. CPA! You’ll find tons of possible offers to promote, but just pick a few to start with – you can come back to this step later and pick more.

3) Make your own “OFFER PAGES” with lots of great words on them.

Create a brand new web page on your web site(s) for each offer on your list – simply describe on the web page what the particular offer is and have a few banners and text links on the page prompting people to take the action… ie give their zip code, email etc.

If possible also add some original unique words to the page that describe what the product or offer is and try to discuss something in a related field that applies to the ads you are promoting on the page. The idea is to put good words on the pages that will get some good free search engine traffic.

For this kind of offer/product specific pages you don’t need to be too concerned about the keywords or density – just write naturally and present as much info as you can so the search engines will find words on your pages to send you traffic for.

There is little competition for keywords for offers/products mentioned in the CPA offers, so try to focus on those when possible, in addition to related words that describe what the products do or accomplish.

All you need is a little SUPER TARGETED traffic to your OFFER PAGE. The conversions will be excellent if your page gives them exactly what they came for!!!

Often the promotional materials you find at Hydra Network for each offer will be good sources for words and information and will make creating these pages very easy and quick. In some cases you can copy and paste the words from the email copy they provide. Make sure to embellish them at least a little. Make sure you feature LINKS to the offers prominantly on the page. Don’t hide them! People will be coming for them so give them what they want! Make it easy for them to take action!

4) Build support/feeder pages with related keywords on them. These pages will get you more traffic and can also be used to pass link juice to your “offer pages” in step 3.

Use AU PLR articles to build these support/feeder web pages quickly and easily.

These are not the same kinds of pages as the step 3 offer pages – ideally these will be on separate domains. They will be used to send relevant text link love and targeted traffic to your offer pages.

It’s easy to find good AU PLR articles with related content similar to your offer pages. If you keep your PLR articles in one place on your computer, you can use the handy Windows SEARCH UTILITY to search and find articles with related keywords.

For example if you are promoting the “Cash Flow Business” CPA offer – try searching your folders of AU PLR articles for words like money – business – cash – income – etc.

Put up as many PLR articles as you can on your web sites that are good matches for the offer pages you have already created the web pages for in step 3.

Use the new PLR article pages to link to both the OFFERS themselves (direct link to special offer URLS given to you by Hydra network) AND also link to your offer pages from step 3 (pages describing the offers). Make sure you place text links direct to the offers in between all paragraphs on the PLR article pages. This will help make the pages more unique and add extra words to get search traffic for. You can mix and match several different related offers on each article page as long as they match the same topic or appeal to the same kind of person whom the content is targeting.

If you do a lot of cross linking to your various web sites, you want to make sure that they are hosted on different IP addresses (different hosting companies) otherwise you run the risk of setting off alarms revealing your links are within your own network. If ALL of your sites are on the same host – keep your cross linking to a minimum and only link to related content sparingly.

5) Get link love from AU blogs! Post in the 33 + AU Announcements Blogs to get some link juice and traffic.

If you are an AU member then post article excerpts in the AU blogs and link to your pages you created. Make sure your blog posts have at least some original text that relates to the offer pages.

Post in the relevant AU blogs pointing at ALL OF ABOVE in individual posts (2 links max per post) – spread out over several different blogs, but make sure each offer page is linked, also each PLR article page has a link. Then in seperate posts also link to any web 2 and bookmark URLS that link at any of the above pages so they too get crawled and have some link love (see below for more info at step 7).

6) Repeat getting link love with the 80+ AU member contributed blogs. If you are an AU member you have a lot of places to get keyword rich text links! You’ll rank on top very quickly and easily if you target the offers and product names. It’s so easy!

7) We want yet MORE links to all of our new pages.

Both the “offer pages” you created and our “PLR article pages” with links to the offers need at least a few links pointing at them. There are many places you can get links for free. They can be time consuming so don’t spend too much on these (unless you are not an AU member – in that case you’ll need these links).

Go to some social bookmark sites and link/bookmark your product offer pages and article pages – a few suggested are www.del.icio.us – www.technorati.com – www.digg.com – www.hubpages.com – www.listible.com – www.furl.net – www.simpy.com – and other web 2 and bookmark sites.

The idea is to get some link juice and traffic from other sources and create buzz for your offer pages and the PLR article pages with links to the offers. Web 2.0 and bookmarking is beyond the scope of this action plan, but the general idea is to find as many places as you can to snag some traffic from people who may be interested in the offers and topics of the article pages you created.

8) Submit URL’s to directories – spend at least a little time linking to your sites home pages and when possible offer pages – get linked in both free reciprocal link directories such as www.smartylinks.com as well as other human edited directories such as dmoz.org

Try a search on Google for >>> “add url” and your keyword.

Replace pets with YOUR keyword to find relevant directories you can submit to. Many will be free or just require link exchanges. Some will ask for money. No need to buy paid links for this action plan, as the free links will be good enough combined with all the other links from AU blogs and such. If you are NOT a member of Article Underground you may want to consider buying a few text links or pay for directory submissions as you’ll need an extra boost.

9) Sign up for Free Hosting and Free Blogs!

We still want more links from different IP addresses all over the world. We cam get some for free – but it does take a little time.

We want to create many more support and feeder pages which WE control and can use them to link to all of the above pages we’ve created. After all these are all AVAILABLE FOR FREE so why not snatch up some virtual real estate we can use and abuse???

Create accounts for AS MANY free hosted blogs and free hosted domains as time permits. Sign up for ones such as wordpress, blogger and anything else that is free on which you can link to the pages you created.

Type in “free hosting” php – at Google and one by one sign up for the good ones.





The idea is to have as many places as possible which YOU have control over and use them to spread around links to your sites.

You can use the AU PLR articles for posting to these free blogs and free hosted sites and simply ADD EXTRA WORDS to the article pages you create so that the pages are relevant to what you are linking to (your “offer pages” and “plr pages” from above steps). Don’t spend too much time on making perfect pages – all you want are more links coming from all over the globe along with some related pages and good text links.

10) Freshness Factor – growing sites and new links added over time.

Keep adding new offers pages and PLR pages to all of your above sites/domains on a regular basis, so all of them are linked on a regular basis and they are growing. We want to show Google our sites and deep inside pages with the great words on them have increasing numbers of links pointing at them and that our sites are growing with new fresh content added regularly.

The idea is to create new pages for your products and offers that you are pimping and keep a steady flow of new links pointing at those pages.

If you are an Article Underground member you will have over 100 blogs to use for this. That alone will give you a huge number of top rankings if you are putting the product names and offers in the text links properly.

If you are trying this on a massive scale and really go the extra nine yards, please make sure to watch the “20 Top Linking Secrets” video so that you don’t shoot yourself in the foot by revealing patterns or triggering spam filters.

If you follow the above plan and spend at least a little time with each of the steps you should be getting enough targeted traffic to make a good amount of money with CPA.

All you need is a reasonable amount of prospects to take “actions” and you’ll make some really good money from Hydra network. The key is to get targeted traffic to your offer pages.

While with this action plan CPA offers are the main focus on our pages, you can also include banners from Clickbank, Commission junction, eBay listings/ads etc. + Adsense ™ or Yahoo publisher PPC ads.

If you have not yet created a Clickbank account I highly recommend it.

>>> Set up account here

I’d keep the CPA offers as the main priority to promote on the pages, but you can still put the others on the side or bottom of the same pages as long as they don’t distract too much from our goal of getting CPA rewards. Since CPA offers will most likely pay us the largest amount we want those to be the primary focus. So try not to put too much else on the pages other than prompts for our visitors to take the desired actions we steer them towards.

Well, this pretty much wraps up this CPA action plan blueprint.

This will be continued as a discussion in AU forum where members can share thoughts and ideas on how to use CPA offers to bring in some big profits.

If you have not already done so, please view the video called “The Missing Link?. The page also has all the links to much mentioned on this page.

The discussion is just starting on this – if you are an AU member visit the forum to ask questions or chime in with your thoughts.

If you are not an AU member I still invite you to contribute your thoughts and feelings here at my blog. Simply register to comment.


I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook


  1. Hi Mike,

    Great article about cpa offers here. I personally display several button ads for cpa offers on my site UsedAd.com They perform very well. I personally use this cpa network:
    I’ve had great luck with the cell phone offers, and lottery offers.

    Comment by Troy — January 16, 2009 @ 5:42 pm

  2. Hi Mike
    As always some great information.

    I love CPA offers and have actively been marketing CPA and CPL for some time now and it surely is a great business plan.

    As always I devour anything to do with CPA stuff.


    Comment by Hamant Keval — January 16, 2009 @ 7:15 pm

  3. Hi Mike,
    Thank for this great info.

    Article Post

    Comment by Anto — January 16, 2009 @ 8:56 pm

  4. Hi Mike,

    Is it true that marketing CPA is for only people from America and Canada? If yes, so I shall not waste my time for them. I am from Thailand.


    Comment by watheme — January 17, 2009 @ 4:35 am

  5. As usual Mike, great info. Certainly have to agree with you that yours along with the others you posted a while back as being one of the most worthwhile blogs on the net.
    Simple but meaty !


    Comment by Millionairemumma — January 17, 2009 @ 5:30 am

  6. Hi Mike,
    I have been looking for just this type of information ready to start my own CPA offers.Will be checking on your 21 day offer.



    Comment by Roy Miller — January 17, 2009 @ 9:01 am

  7. I loved all the tips because they gel with what I’m already doing. I especially like the one about searching for and using free blogs.

    I started doing this and needed to be reminded again as it basically allows you to write your own ticket. The pages start as PR0 but given your competitors are often ranked only because they have been around a while or becasue no one else is competing well, it won’t matter.

    I like the fact that you get different ip’s pointing back and I can mix those up with some PR juice from other sites. It’s all about variety and casting ones net wide. Thanks again Jim..

    Comment by real estate — January 18, 2009 @ 12:33 am

  8. Hi Mike,
    Thank for this CPA info.

    In reference to a comment above, I have started looking for CPA networks that allow for people from other locations apart from America and Canada? I believe there are some, do you have any info about this please?


    Comment by Graeme — January 19, 2009 @ 11:07 pm

  9. Hi Mike,

    Great information. I signed up for hydra, but they have an interview process, and since I am pretty new to all of this they might not accept my application. Still waiting. Glad you pointed out other sources.

    thanks again,
    ken maclean

    Comment by ken maclean — February 13, 2009 @ 4:44 pm

  10. Hi every body,

    Can anybody give me tips to get accepted to CPA networks? I did apply many, but refuted. Look like they need experienced affiliates who already have heavy traffic to thier sites. How about newbie who want to start with CPA?

    Comment by wariya — February 14, 2009 @ 12:53 am

  11. Great info Mike

    @wariya: set up a small site stating that you are in the business of converting traffic using PPC advetrising. Make it look professional. Use a proper email address – not hotmail / gmail and if they phone say you help businesses advertise their services, use PPC in the search engines to drive traffic and are ready to get some good traffic to the CPA offers.

    Comment by mark clayson — February 14, 2009 @ 4:11 am

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