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Super Affiliate Marketing and Higher Commissions

Do you want to be a super affiliate?

An Article Underground member just sent me an email with a few questions about affiliate programs, high ticket items and Adsense. I thought I’d share the info with you guys as well!

“Can you make more money with higher ticket items/higher payouts? Which affiliate programs are best? Are banners really less effective than text links?”

My thoughts came flowing… this is not a guide or lesson – just some of my thoughts.

It depends on your niche(s) and web site themes, so there are no fixed answers for the best affiliate programs, however the idea is to stay away from LOW payouts and low percentage of sales – a 5 or 10% commission is generally just not worth promoting unless you are easily selling something for $1,000. or more.

How hard is it to get that payout??? Do you have to work hard for it?

In most cases – getting conversions requires work – so larger payouts are generally a safer bet and often require the same amount of work or less.

This all changes if you have HUGE TRAFFIC NUMBERS to work with. But then again – it also depends if the traffic is highky targeted or not.

Sure – you can make money promoting free smiley giveaways with a $1.75 payout per lead – but ONLY if you have HUGE traffic – because it is very unlikely you have a web page or site that is smiley targeted and gets huge traffic.

General – mainstream – untargeted traffic is not bad to have – but your conversion rates will be muc less and you will need to work pretty hard to find something that converts. Not everything will.

Unless you have insane volume and huge traffic numbers, it’s very hard to make money off pennies, dimes or even dollar payouts. That said – if you can get a lot of conversions very easily with an IRRESISTABLE OFFER for little effort or money spent – that’s different. But it’s a rarity.

In all honesty – it’s pretty much a crapshoot. You need to throw stuff out there to see what converts and what sells.

That is why I often have difficulty giving training with specifics. The variables always make things hard to pin down. There are so many variables.

What kind of traffic. What are they visiting for? Are there looking for information on a broad topic or a specific tight keyword phrase???

While it never hurts to have a large amount of untargeted traffic – it is almost always preferable to have some or even a LITTLE traffic that is VERY TARGETED – because you can find something that is more likely to convert. Match a product that is what that visitor needs and you will have higher conversions.

Which affiliate programs/networks???

Commission Junction (cj.com) is ok – but to be honest – most of the vendors pay very small percentages for commission and the products are mostly PHYSICAL which are often harder to get to convert. It’s a good program to have in your toolkit, but not among my favorites. That said – some people do very well promoting stuff from CJ.com – but beware as they have a lot of stuff that expires so you will need to be on top of what you are romoting. Vendors come and go and campaigns expire on cj a lot. It can be a hassle.

Clickbank is great! Clickbank is dependable for lots of mainstream and low priced digital products, with high commissions 50 or even 75%. The products are often targeted to specific demographics and needs – so they are often very easy to promote to exactly the people wo will want them.

Also notable are CPA Networks which have lots of offers that usually pay pretty high for getting leads and often only require collecting an email or giving something away for free or very little.

The big question is – how easy is it to convert into a payout???

If the offer is targeted and gives something of great value for free or low cost – the conversions should be good. Those are the things you will make the most money from – whether a physical product, a digital product or capturing a lead.

It’s all about the conversions.

Does this all seem like it requires a lot of work? Finding and targeting the right people for the right products??? Yes – it can be more work – but you will make more money when you get it right.

Want something easier and with less brain power expended?

What about putting the Adsense code on your pages and letting Google decide what to match up with your content???

People like Adsense because they can be LAZY and it will make decent money if you have traffic – the problem is unless you hit a GRAND SLAM you most likely will never make INCREDIBLE MONEY unless you have a huge volume of page views

So – it’s ok to use Adsense, but if you ever want to break through to making huge money, then you need to start doing the things that super affiliates do.

What do they do?

They do a little extra. They research. They decide what is most likely to match the traffic. They then come up with a way to help convert the people faster and easier.

Super Affiliates often pick a product or products and very specifically design sites and pages to promote the products and continue to tweak and test until they see better results and improve conversions.

Big timers pay attention to conversions. What converts and why – and how to increase etc.

If you know that stuff you can improve the conversion rate and make more money,
otherwise you are acting blindly and hoping something will make money – often not finding out why it made money or in some cases – not even knowing WHAT made money.

That’s ok for a hobby – but if you really wnat to get into the big leagues – you need to spend a little time and brain power and do the things that most people do not do. Build a better mouse trap so to speak.

You need to be a marketer and promote the product and convince people to take action! Build pages around the products.

You need to prominently feature the offers and not give the visitors too many choices.

The web pages goal is to get the visitor interested in the product promoted and hopefully take an action. So featuring it in a way so that it gets attention is very important.

It’s not entirely accurate to say TEXT LINKS are better than BANNERS – it’s just that people have some BANNER BLINDNESS and if they think you are hard selling them they will ignore it.

If they feel you are sincere or are bringing something of value to their attention – then they will be more likely to check it out.

As for high ticket items – the basic principle is that it is very hard to achieve a consistent high volume of actions – it takes a lot of work – whereas it is easier to sell a few that pay a higher comission, even if the selling price is higher.

So take the path of least resistance. Sell what will bring in the most money with least effort.

It’s all based on conversions and payouts.

Assume your commission is 50% for all the below:

If you have a $2,000. product – all it takes is 5 sales to make $5,000. in commissions ($10,000 x 50%)

Can you convince 5 people to buy something??? If it is a good product, then yes.

If you have a $500. product – you need 20 sales to make $5,000. in commissions

It’s harder to convince 20 than just 5 – even with the price difference – it takes more effort and the product still needs to be good.

If you have a $100. product you need to to make 100 sales to earn $5,000.

That’s with a $50. commission per sale.

It is muuch harder to get 100 sales and is more risky. Also – at that price point there are likey more options for the consumer. It might actually be harder to convince them to buy – even though the price is lower.

Now what happens when you only get $5.00 commission per sale on a 10 product – you need to sell 1,000 to make the same $5,000.

It gets harder because you need more volume and is not necessarily easier to convince 1,000 people to buy a 10 dollar product….

Whenever possible – I prefer a product that has a higher commission payout. even if the price is greater – i still neeed to do pretty much the same work to get people to buy it. So why not pick something that will pay me more.

Now ofcourse – if the product is a DUD _ that won’t work. So you need to consider more than just the commission payout.

You need to analyze their sales page. Does it help the prospect turn into a customer???

I know that might not give a simple clear answer.

What I do is look at the product and decide if I think it will be easy to get people to look at it. If the commission is under 15 or 20 bucks – it needs to be one of those super easy to decide on products or I WON’T promote it.

I try to find HIGH TICKET items because those make the most money – especialy if they are something that offers value – even if to a very small audience – it offers what they need – I prefer those.

Well – that should give you a lot to think about! It’s not a definitive guide to picking products – but should give you a few insights and ideas on what to consider.

I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook

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