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Imagining Your Success and Making It Happen!

December 26th, 2006

Imagining your way to Success!

How committed are you to your own success? Are you willing to work on it with enthusiasm? Are you willing to spend a good amount of your time thinking and exploring the depths of your mind to find out and decide what you really want and desire?

I’m not talking about hours of meditation or chanting, but rather asking you to take some time to visualize yourself with the things that you want.

Do you know what you want? Not what other people want for you – but rather what you REALLLLLY want for yourself! If you leave it up to others to decide what is best for you – well, you’re much less likely to get something that will make you happy.

Hey – think about it… did you have a Christmas or Birthday list so others could give you gifts you really wanted, or did you leave it up to them and allow them to give you fruitcakes and socks and ties and underwear or maybe even re-gifting things they received and did not want so they they gave then to you…. There is no question – if you ask for something you are more likely to get what you want… if you don’t ask then you’ll end up with a Chia pet… or something you do not want.

< Sorry – it’s Christmas time and the gift thing sounded appropriate!>

Create your own destiny. Ask for what you want!

Do you know where you want to be professionally 1 month from now? 6 months from now? A year from now?

Are you planning your own destiny or just punching in and out with your “time card??
If you want, there is a world of wealth and happiness waiting for you. If you believe you are deserving and capable to do the “right things?, success may be closer than you realize.

Think positive and you can reap the benefits of your good thoughts. Is that too warm and fuzzy for you??? Yes, it may sound a bit hokey and new agey, but thinking good thoughts and positive thinking works! Your thoughts are directly tied in to your actions and ACTION EQUALS RESULTS.

I’m living proof! And so are many others!

Have you spent any time planning your future success and creating new projects and new methods of improving your current state of wealth and happiness and imagining what your life will turn out like when your thoughts and actions will create your own reality?

You should! That’s the way I do it! I’ve done it all my life. Sometimes more than others. But I have always been a thinker and a dreamer and have long envisioned things I wanted. I even make lists of things I want! You can do it too, but only if you really want to!

Maybe I can help you! Open up your mind and at least give it a try!

Personal success and achievement to a great extent involves setting goals, committing them to paper (or hard drives) and believing that your ideas are valid and will become reality. Think about those things enough and the energy is bound to create momentum.

It also is beneficial to help other people get what they want. I have found when you help others you will receive much in return. It can be as simple as doing nice things and simple gestures of caring, all the way to showing poeple how to get what they want.

There is something to that karma theory. As my friend Earl would say “Do good things and good things will happen to you”

Imagining the successful outcome while you are planning your future actions can help steer you towards working on the most important elements that will guide you towards your projects completion and ultimate success. And try to be very specific! Use your imagination!

See it and feel it! Don’t simply say I want to be rich! Think about the things you want in your life that being wealthy will enable. Imagine yourself enjoying your life. Think about how you’d spend your time.

Sure, this sounds like motivational mumbo jumbo, and it is, but I am not the first to say it and with good reason. Positive thinking and positive energy really do work! They work for me! Again and again!

Whether it be in smaller more modest goals and projects or even the grandest of projects I have ever attempted, I attribute a great deal of the success I have achieved to my positive thoughts and belief in my abilities to make my dreams reality.

Exactly one year ago I sat here in Northern California in this same chair while visiting family for Christmas. At that time I had not yet introduced Article Underground (which launched in February of 2006). It was just an idea. But it takes ideas to make things happen.

Before the project launched I had spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming and planning what I intended to accomplish with this project. In my case it all started with the name “Article Underground?. It was one of many projects I had been spending my time on.

I bought the domain http://www.articleunderground.com/ back in October of 2005 and decided I wanted to share with others the excellent content I was gathering for my own web sites.

I wasn’t 100% clear on how I was going to do it but I remember sitting here one year ago drafting up ideas and working on the features I intended to provide. My product took shape almost on it’s own as it evolved from a basic idea and premise to a complete and well organized plan.

I’ll spare the details of how it evolved, but I clearly remember envisioning the level of success I was planning on attaining. I drafted projections and created goals of how many potential customers I desired and then went to work figuring out how I’d actually hit those targets. You need to know how to get from point A to point B and it all starts with imaging where point B is… the desired results of your efforts!

While a great deal of my success had to do with delivering what people wanted and were willing to invest money in, I sincerely believe that imaging the finished product and visualizing how people would use the features and benefits helped me work out the details of the product. It enabled me to do research and create a package that was appropriate. The desired end results helped me shape the product to attain it.

This kind of planning and brainstorming can be very powerful. It has helped me achieve success in projects of all sizes and types. From building a single web site, to networks to creating a successful product launch. And I continue to look ahead in my crystal ball and create my future.

For example I am now in the beginning stages of planning a major new product release. I am going through very similar stages of development as with Article Underground. My enthusiasm is overwhelming and is a big part of driving the project from concept and idea to finished product. Not only am I planning the features and benefits, but I am also envisioning how people will use it and more importantly how it will impact their lives and how they will attain success!

I’m trying to build an unstoppable freight train that will drive me to the desired payload. Now, there are no guarantees that everything wil go as planned, but the one guarantee is that my drive and determination will help me keep going till I feel deep in my heart that my efforts will be successful. Maybe there will be changes incourse… but I will keep planning and working till I drive my project to it’s destination!

So, that is why I started writing this… I started to think about where I was a year ago…. It has prompted me to ask you how committed YOU are to your own success.

By reflecting upon the great amount of success I was blessed with in 2006 has made me realize I was once again following the same stages of development as one year ago and looking ahead to plan another huge success in my life. Much greater than what I have achieved this past year. I can smell it and taste it and feel it!

I believe in myself. I believe that I will deliver tools that people will benefit from and be willing to invest in. I can see the success now before the project has even been completed. I am confident that my ideas will evolve and guide me towards success.

I hope that you too can find yourself in this most satisfying of positions. I hope that you too can create a state of true confidence that your thoughts, ideas, actions and judgment will guide you towards achieving everything that you desire.

The first step to attaining success is believing it is possible. Open your mind and open the doors to everything you want and desire. All you have to do is think about it. Think about the end result. Think about how you will feel when it happens. Think about all the great things that will occur when your project takes shape and has an impact on yourself and the people around you. Think and you will achieve!

I hope that you too can enthusiastically find a place in your mind for all the wealth and happiness you desire and will achieve by putting your thoughts to action!

Best wishes for a spectacular year in 2007! You deserve it!

Mike Liebner


  1. Hi Mike,
    We really liked your aticle and it hit the nail of succes on the head. We are going to use it to refer to once a week to keep us on track. (we copied it to MS word for out own use) There is no success without action.
    Dan & Beth

    Comment by obxster — December 30, 2006 @ 7:00 pm

  2. WOW !! How true!! I have a funny story that goes with this. All my life I have wanted a Porsche 928. I just love that car. I have a picture of it in my wallet and on a cork board in my home office, have for years…Now about 3 yrs ago My girlfriend and I were in kingston, drove up for a day trip. And we saw one for sale for 15k. A little too blinged out for my taste though it was. So gawked and wished some more. Then about 3 months after that. I was driving home and decided to take a route I dont really ever take home, (scenic route). And heres where it gets weird. My girlfriend has a friend who owns a car dealership, So i figured i’d drop in say hi and look at the mustangs on the lot ( i drove a chrysler sebring at that point) While i was browsing the lot waiting for her friend to become available. I noticed a porsch 928 , didnt give it much attention, then a sales dude caught me with my tongue out of my face in front of a 5 litre stang. So he asks me if i liked it I said I like that porsche (thinking it was a customers or something) and what do you know it was for sale 15 k, which was just about 3 k shy of the trade in for my car at that point or in that area anyways. So what do I drive now? You guessed it. And whats ever weirder about this. Is it was the freeking same porsche we saw in Kingston. NOW how’s that for Karma. The friggen porsche followed me home and sat waiting there for me :-P, ok it was trade in from someone else or something like that. But thats the power of visualization and wanting something badly

    Comment by shaners — December 31, 2006 @ 6:19 am

  3. I know I am a little late in discovering your blog (and this article), but I can truly identify with the message you are trying to convey!! I too am confident that my dreams WILL become a reality! Thanks so much for your contribution to the world of internet marketing … it is truly amazing what can be accomplished online in even a short amount of time! My imminent success is so real to me, that I can truly taste it, as you say!!

    Thanks again for the motivation!

    Comment by internetgenius — April 23, 2007 @ 9:22 pm

  4. I’m even later in discovering this article. Oh well, when things get indexed, it’s up a while, I guess. My comment is that I think the thoughts are the key, or at least one of the biggest keys to becoming successful. James Allen, the late 19th century philosopher (or as White Goodman said in Dodgeball, “philosophizer”!) who said, “Let a man radically alter his thoughts and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will result in the material conditions in his life.” If that’s not a direct quote, it’s close.

    My .02 cents worth.

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    Comment by greschke — November 24, 2007 @ 4:29 pm

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