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Stop OVER analysis PARALYSIS & Information Overload

How to Stop OVER analysis PARALYSIS & Information Overload

Stop wasting time! Stop wasting time on the little things and focus your energy on things that make money! This is the key to success!!! Really!

Over analysis paralysis – it happens to the best of us.

It is usually a result of information overload. I know all about it – it happens to me all the time!

The best way to get out of this rut is to take a step back and simplify what you do.

Spend your time on the tasks that bring you the greatest return.

9 times out of 10 a lot of what we spend time ANALYZING does not affect our bottom line. It’s nothing more than “busy work? that wastes time.

So how you get out of the over analysis paralysis mode???

The solution is to focus as much energy as is possible on doing the things that really makes us money.

It sounds so simple – but we all get distracted. Email – web pages – audio – video – all that stuff is vying for our attention.

I’m not suggesting you abandon all of the things you do – BUT _ what I am saying is that you can be more successful and you can do this by simply focusing on things that have been proven to work!

In the case of the Article Underground approach to web publishing the following are things that work!

1) Build Web Sites with lots of pages with great words on them – more is better! Keep sites fresh! Add new pages regularly! Every page you add is another income opportunity! If 10 is good 20 is better! Don’t just put up a few pages and then forget the site. Keep it fresh!

2) Get text links – lots of text links to both the home pages of your sites and the inside article pages that have all those great words on them! Links bring top rankings and traffic! You need fresh links! Today and in the future! Every page has the potential to rank on top and bring you traffic! But unless you get good links coming in and pointing at them they will never rise above the competition! Get some links!
3) Analyze stats to see where traffic comes from – this one is huge! Study your stats! It is my secret weapon and makes all your other work pay off HUGE!

Our goal is to improve the rankings for keywords that already bring us traffic!

This one is HUGE! You have the power to turn 10 visitors into 100 – often simply by getting a few more text focused links pointing at a page that already is ranking high enough to bring traffic. Make it rank higher! It’s easier than you may think!

The key to success is to avoid wasting time… stop analyzing things that have no impact on success.

Forget about all the other little time wasters and tiny trivial things and focus on what works!

For example – checking your rankings for a list of keywords just because you want to know their rankinsg is a waste of time – I say ONLY check rankings of keywords that bring you traffic – other keywords are worthless – stop wasting time on trivial things!

You find out which keywords bring you traffic by analyzing your stats and looking at the referral URLs!

This will show you where you rank on the search engines. If you get 10 visits and you ranked #25 for “keyword phrase? – guess what – a few more links with “keyword phrase? will most likely boost your ranking and you’ll get more visits! The closer to the top you are – the more traffic you get! If you see a keyword phrase brings you 10 visitors a day and you are NOT at the top – spend some time moving it up! It’s easy when you know this little secret!

So to summarize the AU appraoch – spend time putting up great pages with lots of good words – get some high quality text links to your best pages and then focus on bringing up your rankings for keywords that ALREADY bring you traffic!

If you do those things you won’t be wasting time and you WILL see results!

That’s the key to stop getting lost in OVER ANALYSIS PARALYSIS!!!

Focus your energy on the things that get the biggest payback!

I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook


  1. Great tip let me try it out.

    Comment by school friends — December 29, 2008 @ 4:20 pm

  2. I’ve had this problem and it hit me hard. At first I viewed it as “getting educated” about marketing and the internet. Then I realized that if I didn’t buckle down and focus on something – anything – I’d be making zilch.

    My solution: simplify and break my activities into “work areas”.
    My three areas are production/marketing, administrative and learning.

    Then I divide my time based on “work area” time-percentages! My percentages are 70% production/marketing and web site work. 20% administrative work which includes accounting, general emails, office tasks. 10% learning, which includes reading books, articles, etc.

    For an eight hour workday, that’s 5-1/2 hours on web sites and marketing, about an hour and a half on admin tasks, and about an hour learning.

    If I’m only working 4 hours on a Saturday (or taking some time off) I keep the same percentages and shorten the time for each major work area.

    The point is – and this was the hardest part for me – make sure the production is handled (web site, blog, marketing; whatever your bread and butter tasks are) BEFORE moving onto the admin and learning areas.

    On the flip side, just because you’re making great progress in an area doesn’t mean you should skip the other areas or reduce their alloted time.

    The next thing I figured out was that until I was good at building web sites and had my head wrapped around what it took to be a marketer, I’d better be working at least 12 hour days.
    So, I use the same time percentages and have more time available for each work area.

    Not interested in 12 hours days? Me either, but it’s a “do what it takes” situation.


    Comment by Chris Raynes — July 15, 2009 @ 9:24 pm

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    Comment by Text to audio — July 17, 2009 @ 3:26 am

  4. very nice……

    I keep the same percentages and shorten the time for each major work area.

    Comment by Text to audio — July 17, 2009 @ 3:27 am

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  10. I can relate to this analysis paralysis problem. For quite a long time I’ve been day dreaming that someday I will make so much money from my online marketing gigs.

    Then I forgot to take action instead I read so my ebooks and video courses about new strategies on how to get ranked fast and double my income WITHOUT understanding the basics first.

    Now, I’m back on track and the only thing I can share is try to close your internet, email, facebook, etc when doing your work. Trust me it will make you really productive!

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