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It’s a numbers game!

I often get emails from members of Article Underground, or from susbcribers of my marketing newsletter. Occasionally I will include them here on my blog.

Here is a message I got today and the response. It may be helpful for others.

“I would like to ask your advice. I am doing a website on KEYWORD PHRASE. I know this is a massive market but I took your advice and used a mis spelling hoping to get traffic through the back door. I am on the first page of google for this term, but am still not getting a lot of traffic. I have got about 13 articles on there and intend to put lots more on. I am currently going back over the mistakes I made when I first joined AU. EG. changing titles, duplicate posting and link text as I thought this may be the reason. I have also set up 2 other web sites on this theme and 2 blogs which all point to the main site. My main concern is that the market is too broad anyway. I’m not niave enough to know that 13 articles is going to get me hoards of traffic but I wanted to ask your honest opinion  if you think I should stop now and just write it off to experience and concentrate on tighter niches or do you think I should carry on? I don’t want to waste time flogging a dead horse as time is precious and I am already working into the early hours of the morning every day. If you think I should carry on, could you tell me at what stage the traffic should start to flow in more. EG. How many articles need to be on my website and how many articles on average I should be posting on that website per week. I am so focused on making this work, so if I have to start again I will. I just want to get it right and not just be a busy fool!”

Unless you are #1 for “credit card” or “music” you really can’t count on an overwhelming amount of traffic for one keyword. One page or even 10 pages is simply not enough data to make any real conclusions about.

It’s a numbers game!

The key to going after top rankings and free search engine traffic is to put a lot out there. Especially when you are new as many of the larger return traffic phrases need to be earned. It’s a major accomplishment for any new site to get any traffic immediately.

If you are you are on the right track! Search engines reward sites they trust and you earn trust by establishing a track record. So keep putting fresh content out there and earn some respect! Traffic will increase with time. I’m sure if you look at your stats and study the traffic graph you’ll see as you add more pages the trend will be up. That is your goal – always keep the trend up.

Also, some pages will go up – some will go down. Fluctuation is normal. So never rest on one page ranking high as you need to have more aces up your sleeve to slip into place when pages naturally drop. Also – watch your stats so you can catch pages that are dropping and get them back on top by adding more words to the pages (freshness) and also getting the pages more quality text links with the words in them.

It’s a numbers game and 13 articles are not a lot of numbers!

Not enough pages to properly analyze. So don’t even think you’re doing anything wrong based on that. It’s just too early to start doubting yourself.

What you do need to do is go after a LOT of phrases. Longer tail phrases. Oddball combinations of words. Put up as many pages as you can and get as many good quality links as possible with all different combinations of keywords and you’ll start to see some action.

Watch the stats and when you see Google sending you traffic for a phrase – find out why – if it’s #9 – then your goal is to make it top 5 – so get more links pointing at it with the phrase that is already bring ing you traffic.

So the best advice I can give is start cranking out new web pages and getting those pages linked – then go back to pages and start adding more words. Related words, longer tail words, different combinations of words in your target. Start adding resource boxes and links to other sites. Add sentences. Snippets.

Also be sure to use the articles creatively.

Put 1 on a page, try 2 on a page, try 5 on a page, cut them in half – use snippets (sentences or paragraphs) on other pages.

There are a million and one ways to do this.

The more you do the more likley you will create your own luck.

Don’t make a site and put all your expectations on it. Create a few sites. Create some feeder/utilty sites so you have your own places to put keyword rich links.

That should get you going! Keep at it! You’ll be fine!

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  5. It is a numbers game really. Even if what you want is a top ranking for a “stupid money” keyword, you need lots of posts, lots of articles, and lots of support sites to make it happen. So at the end of the day, numbers are your best friend. Keep throwing stuff out there and some of it is bound to stick :-)

    Comment by Banks That Do Not Use Chexsystems — December 3, 2009 @ 12:43 pm

  6. I tend to use more exclusive niches but I do have a couple of broad scoped ones as well. I look on it as a sort of lottery ticket.

    If I keep chipping away at it maybe a couple of years down the road it will pay me dividends. Planning for the future is as important as planning for today!

    Comment by Robert Craig — January 15, 2010 @ 2:49 pm

  7. You must have a lot of patience. It really takes a lot of time to rank first on the popular search engines. The key to higher search engine ranking is to continuously optimize the site, create quality inbound link, write interesting articles and blogs.

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  10. Thanks Mike! With all the hyped up salesletters and infoproducts promising easy, instant riches, it’s good to hear someone give us a healthy dose of reality.

    The reality is that success takes work, patience, and perseverance. While the hare is darting around from place to place, the slow, plodding turtle reaches the finish line first.

    I have a question. You said, “Create some feeder/utilty sites so you have your own places to put keyword rich links.” Could you shed more light what type of things you have on these type of sites?

    Charles :)

    Comment by Charles Norman — April 21, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

  11. Thanks for your post Mike on it’s a number’s game,I’m still to new to understand everything your saying but I am learning, I have to remind myself to go one day at a time, and not let all this information get to my head

    oh, what dose HTML(you can use these tags) and all that HTML stuff mean? and how do I use

    Great post

    Comment by luis — April 21, 2010 @ 7:36 pm

  12. Hey Mike

    Great advice as usual. It sounds like from the letter you received that this person is building an authority site so 13 articles definitely is not enough to get any significant amount of traffic unless they are targeting the right low hanging keywords with acceptable amounts of competition (under 30,000 or lower websites when you check “phrase” match in Google). With the proper keyword tools you’ve recommended such as Keyword Elite or the ever popular Market Samurai, it’s not that hard to discover these but that also makes it easier for savvier marketers to identify them and take advantage :)

    I guess with all the hype that’s promoted by our fellow internet marketers, it’s easy to look for an easy solution rather than doing what you recommend, which is to consistently take action and put up good relevant content and point links at it. I admit that I’ve been distracted and still am at times by the shiny object but nothing gives me the results as much as doing what you say..and doing it consistently!

    There is one question I do have about the freshness part. I understand by getting people to comment on a blog post such as this (which basically is what you had us do when you emailed a link to this post..right?) will add fresh content to older stuff. What do you suggest with static pages on a website? Should we add more content to it or just pointing more links to it would be enough?

    Thanks for your advice :)


    Comment by internet specialist — April 21, 2010 @ 9:17 pm

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