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Relevance Rules! More Powerful than PageRank?

Relevance Rules!

But is Relevance more powerful than PageRank?

Linking your articles properly on your own web site can make the difference between getting a good amount of traffic and getting jumbo sized boat loads of traffic from top rankings for all kinds of keywords, even the more competitive ones! 


I was recently asked by an Article Underground member how they can organize their sites so that visitors can find all the articles.

The first suggestion was proper use of CATEGORY MENU PAGES and proper use of article excerpts.

But does linking for a visitor and linking for a search engine have the same requirements?

Yes… more than you’d think! 

This prompted further discussion on what kinds of text links are the best.

It made me realize once again that while PageRank is important and will help a page get top rankings, what is perhaps even more important than that is the surrounding text and relevance of the words on the linking page.

Google rewards for RELEVANCE!

It makes sense! Links from pages with the same/similar keywords should be counted as MORE RELEVANT links than a say an unrelated link for a TACO RECIPE coming from an ANTI-SPYWARE site.

Yes, it makes sense!

You can use this to help you organize your site so your visitors have a better experience with the bonus effect of showing Google that your linked pages are RELEVANT and deserve top rankings because if the linking page’s REPUTATION.

Ahhh…. yes, the text link and the relevance of the page that is linking it… it is the SECRET WEAPON I have been telling you guys about it for some time.

It’s a secret that is so obvious, yet we often forget it.


While almost ANY text link is a good thing and will HELP you get more top rankings (unless you link to click here) the BEST way to look at links organizationally and to MAXIMIZE return on Search Engines is to PUT YOUR TEXT LINKS on pages that ALSO CONTAIN your KEYWORDS (as presented in your text links).

So, if you have time or tools to organize your site, the best way to get the most impact would be to carefully select ON TOPIC pages with similar words to put the links on.

This is also good for visitors helping them navigate your site better as links will be to related topics they may be likely to click on. Links will get more clicks if they are relevant. Plus they add more “good words” to your pages.

So, if you have a page about ANSWER JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS, try to find pages on your site(s) that also have ANY or ALL of those keywords on them (ideally in the TITLES and surrounding body text). Or similar related keywords…

This will give you a REPUTATION/RELEVANCE boost which can have an even greater impact on rankings than just PageRank alone.

Take it a step further and get this kind of a ‘relevant” link from a HIGH PAGERANK page that also has the words on it and you hit a HOME RUN.

Take it one more step and make sure your text link for “ANSWER JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS” is in CLOSE PROXIMITY to the same/similar words on the page that links you.

If you have the luxury – go ahead and add a SENTENCE or so before the link and maybe a description that also contains YOUR TARGET words and/or similar related words. 

That’s the way to get top rankings with less PageRank… By getting links from pages that have good reputation for KEYWORDS you want to rank on.

Relevance rules! It’ll get your pages ranked high!

Link relevance in your on site promotional efforts can help you organize your site, and is good for visitors helping them find content, but the real power is in helping Google find out what your pages are about by giving them RELEVANCE.

I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook


  1. Hi Mike,
    Well said. Linking within your articles and using Keywords in your links, very smart!

    It’s an endless learning process. I was fortunate to get my site to #1 in Google. I have been trying for years with no luck. Now with using Relevant Links I was able to do it in a matter of a couple weeks.

    BTW: Great Blog!

    Steve Renner
    Marketing Director
    The Affiliate Community

    Comment by Steve Renner — January 8, 2007 @ 7:57 pm

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    i like the “SECRET WEAPON REMINDER: MATCHING TITLES with LINK TEXT is very powerful!”

    i always use that method and my site generating a lot of traffic.

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  8. Great article. I will start matching my titles with my text links. I have been quite frustrated so far with my SEO efforts. Hopefully this helps.

    Comment by Justin — October 17, 2009 @ 8:42 pm

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  21. PageRank is probably one of the most important algorithms ever developed for the Web.
    PageRank is not simply based upon the total number of inbound links.
    The basic approach of PageRank is that a document is in fact considered the more important the more other documents link to it,
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    good points here about Trust now being a major factor in search engine results,
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