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PortalFeeder is back! But did you see this in time?

Time Sensitive Information on a Killer Product for Experienced Online Marketers Only

WARNING: Do not read this UNLESS you are an experienced internet marketer and are already making a good living from building web sites. It will require a substantial investment of time and money.

This product is a monster, but is expensive and is NOT for beginners.

If you are struggling to make your first few web sites and have NOT yet made decent money online – you should take a step back and focus on getting the basics down first before buying in to an advanced product like the one I will now discuss.

Sorry – I need to be honest with you. This is a truly powerful and expensive product and in the right hands will make a huge impact.
But you need to be ready to use it! If you’re ready you’ll love it!

OK, let’s get to it!

I’m very selective about the products I bring to the attention of members and subscribers. In fact I will only tell you about a product if I actually own it, or am a current active member. If there is merit to the product and there are real benefits members can utilize to gain greater profits or enhance productivity I’ll make sure you know about it.

One such product I feel obligated to let you know about is Portal Feeder. It’s a monster!


PortalFeeder and Article Underground are the perfect one two punch.
They work together wonderfully.

BUT unless you are making decent money and can afford the sizeable monthly membership fee, it may not be right for you at this point in time. Please read this carefully and understand that what I will now discuss is one of those “voluntary” things you do to take your biz to the next step. It should not be one of your FIRST STEPS.

Portal Feeder is from the same people that brought us the excellent Orwell Pro software and was introduced over a year ago and sold out it’s memberships almost instantly. In fact there were almost riots in the streets as they only offered a limited number of spots and promptly closed up shop when they hit that number within 24 hours.

This is not hype – that is what really happened. They sold out in
24 hours of opening their doors.

After 15 months of planning improvements and listening to it’s current members, PortalFeeder is back with all new enhancements and functionality. While they may not have been in the spotlight the past 15 months they have been quietly building sites and improving their software to make it easier than ever to manage a large group of web sites.

I’ll spare a long lengthy description of what PortalFeeder offers as their product page will tell you everything you need to know.
The testimonials alone are extremely powerful. The product is a monster! And it’s for real!


I will say that as a current PortalFeeder member (I got shut out the first go around – but now I snagged a membership this time out) I am very impressed with what PortalFeeder offers and will do for me as far as building and maintaining my personal network of web sites.

What exactly is PortalFeeder? Oh boy… that’s a tough one to answer because they offer so much…. Well, first off I’d like to say that the people behind PortalFeeder are all well respected and knowledgeable internet marketing veterans with loads of successful products under their belts.

PortalFeeder a winning product that delivers and we are lucky they are sharing it – but they are not selling it cheap. They are keeping the cost up reasonably high to keep it in the hands of a select few. It’s a bummer but it’s worth much more than they are asking.

And as an Article Underground member, PortalFeeder is the perfect compliment. It takes what you have and blasts it off into infinity!

Jason Katzenback, one of the three primary minds behind PortalFeeder has been an enthusiastic member of Article Undeground for quite a while now. In fact Jason regularly takes advantage of the monster link power the AU blogs presents members. I tell you this because Jason K and his two partners, Jason Potash and Marc Quarles are very aware of how important “real valuable content” is in establishing a web site that has value and can get lots of top rankings and traffic. They appreciate and understand how PLR articles can fit in the process of building and maintaining web sites that have the right words. They also know that fresh updating content is what keeps the search engines interested enough to come by often for fresh words and as a result rank the pages highly.

There are a lot of benefits but from my perspective the number 1 draw for me is the Portal and Blog Building Software. It will not only build sites for you but actually maintain them over time! The key here is that they help you build sites fast! Plus their new module “Portal Article & Datafeed Feeder” works hand in hand with all of your original AND PLR content. It allows you to gain the edge and work FASTER than the competition!

I better stop talking… the info you need is on the Portal Feeder product page. Grab a soda or coffee and sit down and look through it. The benefits are overwhelming.


I will tell you this point blank that PortalFeeder is not cheap!
It’s very expensive. But it is something that potentially can make you money back many times over the monthly investment.

In a sense it’s the same principal as Article Underground. You need to invest in content and getting links if you want your web sites to get traffic and make you money. Article Underground helps you do this and cuts out a lot of the time wasters that get in the way.
PortalFeeder, while not for everyone, is a logical extension that helps manage your content and automate many of the processes in your web building efforts.

BUT Portal Feeder is not for everyone! If you only have 1 or 2 web sites or do not like the idea of building rapid fire sites and attacking many themes and niches, then PortalFeeder is NOT for you.

Also, since it’s not cheap – I’d say unless you are doing this Internet Marketing thing FULL TIME and already making a good living at doing it – I would NOT sign up for PortalFeeder. You’re just not ready for it unless you actually are already making money from building web sites and understand the basics of running a full time business.


If you are in a position where you can afford PortalFeeder – PLEASE get it!

Otherwise you may be in the position I was in 15 months ago when I decided to wait and see.

I waited and it sold out.

I missed out the first time. Now I’ve got it in my tool chest!

Grab it if you can, but as I said earlier if you are NOT skilled in making money online at a fundamental level – this is NOT for you – at least NOT at this time! Learn the basics first!


Mike Liebner


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