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Mastering the Basics Before Going Advanced

You need to master the basics before going advanced

It’s better to do something halfway good than do NOTHING PERFECTLY! – think about that…

The internet offers so much opportunity and has made it easier than ever for people of all types and skill levels to earn a substantial income and achieve success. Opportunity abounds regardless of where you live, or what car you drive or any of a number of possible factors that some may consider roadblocks. You don’t need to join a country club or pass an entrance exam or need a degree from college. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to build web sites and earn a living as a web publisher. In fact it is one of the easiest ways to earn a living and almost anyone who is dedicated can become successful!

On the internet you are what you deliver – not what someone sees in your DNA, or how big your bank account is or what you look like. It doesn’t matter what your religion is or what color your skin is or if you wear pants or dresses or pajamas while you work.

First off today is a national holiday in the USA – it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A day to remind ourselves of what a great man he was and to help us remember that we all deserve equal opportunities to pursue our dreams, regardless of whom we may be.

Perhaps it is fitting that in this post I share a message of motivation and hope as it applies to the business of Internet Marketing.

We all have the same opportunities as everyone else out there because in this respect the internet is blind to anything other than what we share with the world.

Success is based on what you do and what you give to the world.

You need to master the basics before going advanced
Every once in a while I will get emails from new Article Underground members asking questions about EXACTLY what they should be doing to get started. Some of them are frustrated or hit a roadblock and want to know exact specific steps that they should be doing to get started.

I’m happy to help, but the training for Article Underground members is actually very complete and in depth as to what is required to get started on the path to earning money as a web publisher, even for an absolute beginner.

I think what is causing the problem with these few overwhelmed newbies is “information overload�? or “over analysis paralysis�? as I have dubbed it in the past. They are trying to learn too much and in some cases way ahead of what they need to do to get started.

After thinking about it a little this morning, I realize that there are many different types of individuals and each person has their own way of digesting information and putting plans into action.

There really is no ONE right way to achieve success, but rather many possibilities of plans for getting what it is you want into your life.

If you would like to work at home and enjoy the freedom that a web publishing business can provide you, it’s very important that you start out with the right steps and learn the basics before you jump into the deep water. You also need to be focused and dedicated to achieving success. If you are the kind of person that needs a boss telling you exactly what you should be doing all of the time, this may not be the right career for you!

A career in web publishing gives you a ton of freedom and allows you to create your own style of working. Regardless of your style, there are a few things you can’t avoid and one of them is you do actually need to work! And by work I mean do the things that actually make you the money! Not waste time on things that give little or no return! For example, reading email or surfing web sites does not make you any money. Even research and education do not make you money – it’s putting things into ACTION that make you money.

So – how do you get started???

First off, you need a game plan. You need to decide what it is you want. You need to visualize the end goal and decide what success means to you and then start at the beginning and do all the things you can to move closer to your goals.

In addition to your longer range goals, you also need some short term easy goals to achieve. I suggest a modest goal to begin with of making your first dollar online!

Sure, that sounds like a low hurdle to hit, but keep in mind if you focus your energy on making that first dollar it can propel you past the information gathering stage and put you right out there where you are actually DOING instead of planning!

You need to be a DOER not simply a planner!

After you make your first buck online, your goals then change! Your next goal could be hitting ONE dollar a day in earnings – or 5 dollars a day and so forth. But regardless of where your future goals lie, you must first make your first money online to be considered as taking ACTION. Everything else is just playing – it’s only when you start taking action that you are really in the game!

So, if you are a beginner, how do you get in the game?

If you are an absolute beginner, then that will mean you need to learn some things that others may be able to skip right by. Regardless of what you need to do, it’s important that you start DOING as soon as possible. Planning is great but ACTION is what brings you closer to your goals.
Some people get right to it and start building web sites, adding new web pages, getting links to their sites and testing and trying out things with no fear of doing it wrong. Others read and read and over analyze in the hopes of knowing everything there is to know and wait to get started because they want to do things perfectly from the get go.

Well… I have news for those of you who are NOT getting started, but rather trying to become an expert first – you need to stop over analyzing and just get to it!

It’s better to do something halfway good than do NOTHING PERFECTLY!

And in most cases for a beginner what that means is creating a set of attainable smaller goals with a simple to the point plan and taking the small baby steps needed to achieve immediate levels of success.

Small victories can get the momentum started and lead to larger successes!

Unfortunately, while there is a level playing field in general on the internet, it is not the same exact procedure for all skill levels of people who may join Article Underground.

Some may already know how to build a web page, or set up a blog. Others can barely turn on a computer and navigate to a web page. That’s ok! Believe it or not this stuff is easy!

How many businesses are there out there that require SO LITTLE to get started???

All you need is a Personal Computer, an internet connection, a few software applications and moderate knowledge of how to use them to get started.

So here is my advice for those of you that need help getting started.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop making excuses.

Stop complaining.

Start focusing on the good you plan to achieve and not the roadblocks along the way or what you perceive as difficult.

Winners take challenges and overcome obstacles. Losers give up.

The one thing that all WINNERS have in common is that they NEVER GAVE UP until they won!

It’s simple really…

Identify all the things that you need to learn and systematically tackle them one by one.

If you need to learn how to build a web page or set up a new web site – I suggest getting a software program such as Dreamweaver, or xSitePro or any of a number of freely available HTML editors.

Sure, I know this can be scary stuff for beginners, but guess what – these programs are very intuitive once you have learned the basics and they are mostly WYSIWYG (whizzywhig) – in other words – when you build web pages – WHAT YOU SEE is what you get!

It’s just like a word processor. You type in things and you format things. You save the file. You upload it to a web site and it’s on the web!

Sure, it IS more complicated than that, but it really is not hard! Software these days is so USER FRIENDLY and so easy that the programs almost do everything for you! Take the initiative and spend some time locked in a room with a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN on the door and go through the MANUAL, the TUTORIALS and learn the program you selected.

Most of these programs have wonderful training materials which will get you up and running in hardly any time.

An hour or two should really do it. In a few days of building sites and pages you should get the hang of it. Sure, you might make mistakes, but just get through it and learn what you need to know!

Twelve years ago when I first started there was NOT ONE HTML EDITOR to use. I had to learn HTML CODE and create web pages in a TEXT FILE.

It was awful! Mistype something and it all breaks. Links don’t always work and it was a mess. I had a book called “Learn HTML in Seven Days�?. I spent my time learning it from cover to cover.

Back then you almost had to be a programmer to put up a web site. But I did it. I learned enough to put up decent looking web pages (for the standards back in that era) and got better at it. And I made a fortune – not because everything I did was perfect – but because I just did it!

Sure, most of my stuff looked like crap! But I kept at it and improved and I made a lot of money because while a lot of others were whining and complaining about how hard it was – I was doing it!

I didn’t just put up a web site with a few pages and stop. I kept at it! I created an empire and each victory I had propelled me to create even more successes! And you can do that too – it’s easier than ever!

Today – YOU have so many tools that do almost everything for YOU – how can you do it wrong? You also have the road maps to success – it’s all laid out for you to do!

It’s nearly impossible to fail.

BUT if you never get started – yes – you will fail. Not because what you did was WRONG, but because you never did ANYTHING.

Get started and do whatever it takes to get pages up on the web. Learn it! It’s not that complicated. Six year old kids are doing it for crissakes – you can do it too!

Just bite the bullet and lock the doors and do what YOU specifically need to do to acquire the knowledge to get you towards your goals.

Once you get past the technical hurdles, such as learning how to make web pages, or how to post on a blog, it all gets pretty easy! At that point it simply becomes a NUMBERS GAME and the key to winning is throwing a lot of stuff out there!

Article Underground has all the tools you need to be successful – but the responsibility is in your hands to actually USE THEM – start with the basics and learn what you need to know and then roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!

Start publishing web pages! Start getting links! You can do it! It’s easy! But only after you learn the basics!

Master the basics first – and then go get ‘em Tiger!

Success will be yours if you want it, but only if you go after it by TAKING ACTION!

Believe in yourself and put doubt to the wayside.

Stop complaining and making excuses for why you have not gotten started or why you are only where you are at.

What you did or did not do YESTERDAY is NOT as IMPORTANT as WHAT YOU DO TODAY!

Do something! If you really want it – go for it! Success can be yours!

You need to believe in yourself and act on your hopes and dreams in order to make them happen.

You will get the things you think about – so stop thinking about what’s wrong – or what’s missing – or what you do not have.

Start thinking about what you want to happen. Think about what you deserve. Think about what your life will be like when you have all the things that you are working for.

Take action and think like a winner and you will soon become one – even if you do need to learn HTML or how to post in a blog!

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I hope my words have helped to inspire you to take action and go after your dreams!

Mike Liebner


  1. Well said. You may not need a college degree and you can be financially successful, you just cant do it overnight. You still need to work for it. I will definitely read the other related posts.

    Comment by webdesigndave — January 24, 2008 @ 4:58 pm

  2. There is no doubt about it- The right (consistent) action is the most important factor in succeeding.

    I like using James Brausch’s plan for this…
    1. Take action.
    2. Focus on one thing at a time.
    3. Follow a proven path.

    1 and 2 help you focus on getting things done, and 3 makes sure you are working on the right thing.

    If you find a mentor that you like and trust, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the “game”. Then you just need to follow 1, and 2.

    Comment by Duncan Longshaw — January 28, 2008 @ 7:29 am

  3. I’m agree with you Mike, at this time most people is impatient to mastering the basic skill, they just want to instant to rich,instant to success, and etc.

    As we know success is journey and to finish that journey we need process right, and to becomes successful we start to learn from basic and step by step up to next level until the successful comes to us.

    Comment by Super affiliate — January 28, 2008 @ 1:06 pm

  4. Hi Mike

    You are so right, and i am doing my best to stop procrastinating.
    Or to put it positively, i am trying my best to get into a positive forward moving flow with this…

    I wish you all the best, i like people who care


    Comment by Hypnose — February 2, 2008 @ 6:44 am

  5. Internet marketing has been getting more difficult to do in these few years since there are just more people doing in this field.

    Anyway, this is a very good article to help people get started.


    Comment by vdp — February 5, 2008 @ 1:40 am

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  9. I agree. I’ve been there, so I experience everything you said. At first, it is very hard to get started. I have learned and learn, but I always have doubt to get started. In the end, I was wasting so much time to learn, but never take action. I am sure that so many people out there experience the same thing. I am also sure, your article can makes them realized that they must take action. Good job..

    Comment by Hendro — April 8, 2011 @ 11:17 pm

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    Comment by Paul — April 19, 2011 @ 3:58 am

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  13. I think the place to start is to get a basic understanding of direct response marketing principles. Internet marketing is just direct response done on a level that’s never been possible before. But the fundamentals of writing a strong headline, call-to-action, compelling offer, etc. and putting in front of the right audience are as true on the Internet as they were decades ago.

    Comment by Atlanta Chiropractors — July 8, 2011 @ 11:23 pm

  14. I couldn’t agree more. The internet offers limitless opportunities to the brave person who is willing to take the challenge. From being a ghost writer, part-time blogging, to being a full-time internet marketing expert, a person just needs to be very committed and patient and he’ll surely reap the benefits.

    The key is being motivated and focused to the goal that he wants to achieve and everything else will just follow.

    Comment by Nashville homes — October 14, 2011 @ 1:01 pm

  15. Mike,
    Thanks so much for this great post! You really have put many things into perspective for me. I am a perfectionist and because of that I find myself coming up with every excuse in the book because I am worried it will not be done perfect… but the point I see now it that it is not done! Thanks so much!!

    Comment by Corky — October 30, 2011 @ 8:01 pm

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