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Link Text – Another Secret Weapon Exposed

This is a linking tip that will get you MORE TOP RANKINGS on all of the search engines. It’s a neglected secret weapon that few webmasters use to full advantage.

Proper LINK TEXT can make or break you!

I just went and had a look at one of the Article Announcements blogs this morning and a NEW USER has posted announcements that cause the blog formatting to go haywire. I have found out from past experience whenever the sidebar of a blog disappears (same with forum) it is usually because of a long RUN ON WORD (with no spaces) or in this case a LONG URL as the LINK TEXT.

The problem was what I thought – someone used a URL as the link text – and a LONG URL at that! BOO BOO!

So I thought, what better time to drop a HOT TIP about LINK TEXT that will help make you more money.

I’ll keep this tip brief and to the point and then show you examples. LINK TEXT – what is it? It’s the WORDS you put in a HYPERLINK.Health Medicine MedicalThat above is a hyperlink with the LINK TEXT “Health Medicine Medical”

That is the right way to have your link include TEXT that will make you money. Those 3 words represent what the front page of that site is all about!

Common mistakes among newbies is to link with WORDS that have ZERO BENEFIT such as home, index, domain URL, next, full article here, click here, click for article, or in this example THE URL of the PAGE.

If you want to find out what words are on your page use the free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool – it will help you link to the RIGHT WORDS on your web pages!

That above LINK is a good example of using link text to control the rankings! That phrase is representative of what you will find at that URL! But unless there are LINKS that tell the search engines about the content, other pages will be above this one in the listings.

It is OUR DUTY to make sure there are links out there that tell the search engines what to rank our pages for!

Using generic words like home or index or the URL as link text BLOWS YOUR CHANCE to get REPUTATION because every link that has WORDS IN IT that is on your page will help you rank for those words.

Every link that has something OTHER than the words on your page will MAKE YOUR PAGE rank LOWER.

While it’s good to have “the right words” on your web page – it’s the link text that tells the Search Engines how to rank you!

So whenever possible LINK using Words that will BENEFIT you. If your page is about VITAMINS use that word. If it is about “Dietary Supplements” use that phrase.

You see, there will be enough links to your site and pages that you have NO CONTROL OVER and those will mess you up – so why add to the mess-up by throwing away opportunities to help yourself rank higher???

If you think that just putting an Article Underground article on your web page is going to make you rich – you are wrong! It may be a step in the right direction but you need to help the search engines so they know what to RANK YOU for. And it will not be by using link text like HOME – OR CLICK HERE – OR THE URL or DOMAIN NAME.

So whenever you have the POWER, such as with the Article Announcements blogs – use it to determine what YOU WANT YOUR link text to be!

Happy marketing!

Mike Liebner   

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