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Knowledge is Power – Properly Evaluate Your Success and Progress

Don’t worry – I’m not going to tell you to read a book… but I will try to convey how KNOWLEDGE as in STATS can help you do magical things with little effort. 

This is a followup to the previous post – Analyze your way to the top. There were some great comments and questions so i thought a new post woud be a great way to answer and address them! So here it goes!

Chris said “I think this is something we all need to remember is to stay focussed and give your content sites enough time to see the outcome. Then by using a tracker you can make the necessary changes to revenue.”

I agree that people need to be more patient when they start a new business such as web publishing and internet marketing. If you really want something, such as a new career where you can work at home in your pajamas by publishing articles on web sites, you need to WANT IT BAD and you need to do the right things.

Taking it a step further you need to be MOTIVATED. Really want it bad. So bad you’ll do whatever it takes to be successful YOu need to want success so much that’ll you’ll take every failure as experience and USE IT to bring you one step closer to success!

Sorry, but that motivational mumbo jumbo really can help you achieve success faster. Resist it at your own risk!

So, simply putting up a web site with a few pages and sitting back and waiting is not ENOUGH. At least it is not enough IF you really want this bad enough.

Nor is building an INSTANT 1,000 page article directory site and waiting.

The real winners and super successful people put love and care into their web sites and web pages. They massage their way to the top!

It’s not mandatory to do the extra steps and work, but it does help.

I am looking for a good way to properly explain the “wait for 30 days” thing so that it is better conveyed. I often say – give it at least 30 days before you look at what you’re doing and ask if it is successful. Sure – you may get traffic and clicks sooner, but a new site and new pages need time to properly MATURE.

It’s not 30 days from the day you joined Article Undergound, or 30 days from the day you put up your first home page or article page.

More appropriate would be 30 days since you put up a “significant number of pages”. More appropriate would be 30 days from the point you hit 10 or 20 or 50 pages indexed by Google.

If you put up 1 page on July 1st and 20 pages on July 28th, it wouldn’t be fair to expect results on August 1st (30 days from your first page). August 28th would be more like it.

In order to properly evaluate your statistics and success you need to have ENOUGH data to analyze. Putting up 1 page or 5 pages or even 15 pages really isn’t enough.

You need to build consistently for a month and then start looking at what is happening.

Are people visiting? How many? Are people clicking? How many?

And then more importantly you need to ask WHY and find answers.

Why are they visiting my web site? What pages are they coming to? Why are they coming to those pages? Can I get MORE people to come to those pages???

If you don’t care enough to ask those questions, then you may not really want success bad enough.

And if you only put up one domain – that’s a shot in the dark.

Maybe the ONE domain is a dud and has been BANNED or had a terribly spammy previous life… maybe the domain has stink on it that simply can’t be washed off… the point is WHY take a chance that ONE DOMAIN will do it???

You don’t need 20 or 50 or 100 domains… but ONE simply is not enough. Not if you are serious and motivated to succeed.

So, how do you analyze your success???

You need to have ENOUGH content that has been indexed by the search engines. So let’s just use a number – like 30 pages. I think that’s the minimum number of pages that should be indexed on a site for you to get any decent stats you can analyze. Ideally 50 pages.

When you have that many pages you’ll see which ones “click” and which ones don’t.

The idea is to take the ones that “click” and make them CLICK MORE!

It can be done with 5 but you’ll have more opportunities when you have more pages to analyze.

It’s far easier to take a page that is already getting free search engine traffic and make that PAGE better than to blindly just add pages and cross your fingers they’ll hit it big.

So, you buy a domain (hopefully you’ll buy at least 5 or have 5 sites to start with – 1 or 2 sites isn’t really a fair testing ground). But let’s assume you only have 1 domain.

Once your domain gets indexed – put up new pages regularly and start analyzing your stats. Look to see WHERE people are coming from.

Are they coming from search engines??? Which ones and why???

AdsenseGold and Astracker will help!


Jerry asked:

“I was wondering what other tools you might recommend to track site statistics? Have you evaluated other software beside AdsenseGold? Have you looked at statcounter.com?”

I better give you a short answer because I have been doing this over 10 years and stats have been a big part of my business from the beginning.

Before Adsense (3 or 4 years ago) I would just simply rely on the stats my server was giving me. More recently since discovering Astracker from AdsenseGold (which is MADE to be used to track Adsense clicks and Yahoo Publisher stats) I know far more than I ever did in the past. And in this case KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

The problem with Astracker is that it only works on pages that Adsense or Yahoo code on them. It will not analyze pages without the ads.

So, if I have a site without adsense that I’d like to study, I will use my server stats (I had them modified for me) and/or statcounter.com which is good in a pinch.

However, if you have adsense or yahoo ads on your pages, there really is no substitute for a stats program such as Astracker (Adsense Gold). I haven’t tried the others because AdsenseGold does everything I need it to and more.

AdsenseGold and Astracker will help!


What are the stats you should be looking at?

Well, my friend bought AdsenseGold on my suggestion and when I asked him about it he said “it’s ok” and that he uses it. But I didn’t sense the excitement that usually comes from seeing where your traffic comes from so I pushed him and asked what he saw in his stats. He said he looked at the keywords.

OK, I said… that’s nice, but that is not enough. That is the same data a regular stats program will give you. It’s too broad and general to be really useful.

To me – there have always been 2 things that have been the most important.

1. Which pages are getting traffic

2. Where do the pages get traffic from (the referrer).

Now, most stats programs (statcounter excepted) will onloy tello you the domain they  come from. That’s not enough.

I want to know what ExACT URL sent people to WHICH PAGE on my site. AdsenseTracker does that.

It will show you every URL that had YOUR PAGES linked on it. It will also show you WHICH PAGES of yours GOT THE Adsense clicks and where they came from.


They show you actual QUERY STRINGS/URLs such as the above.

My site is  TV ROBOT

And that’s what will tell you WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT and I use that info to make what I am DOING RIGHT even BETTER!

In the above example my page is ranking #5 on MSN for:

“season premieres” 2006 tv

What that tells me is that without any effort on my part, this brand new site (a week or so old) is already indexed and is #5 for that phrase – no big deal in itself, but enough peple have veisited me because of that and they have clicked on my adsense ads.

So that is valuable! Invaluable information!

So now I know that season premieres is attracting people to my site oand that page specifically.

I can now build more external text links using the words to get me higher rankings and maybe even put me on the map at Google and Yahoo in addition.

That is just ONE URL that AdsenseTracker has shown me.

The reports will show you OPPORTUNITIES.

In the case of my friend, after we both looked at hos stats together – he kept going “Wow! I had no idea!” OVER and OVER again.

His excitement was overwhelming. Because just a few minutes earlier he told me it was going “OK” and now he was excited with the possibiliteis.

Why? What had changed?

NOTHING CHANGED except he now saw firsthand that Google had him ranked for hundreds of phrases. As did MSN and Yahoo. He now saw the exact words and where he ranked on the search engines.

And the power is in taking 7, 8 or 9th position rankings and pushing them UP to number 2 or #1. If you get traffic from being LOWER on the page, imagine what you’ll get being at the TOP! 

Ian said “One reason that maybe a lot of people don’t start analysing their stats and acting on them is probable that they don’t understand what they are telling them. In my experience people are afraid of what they don’t understand and therefore it gets pushed to the back of their minds. So maybe a video on analysing stats or should I say more simple “what are they telling me? and how to put this information into practice would be of some use.
Also maybe in the video you could mention what good stats should include. I notice you mention Adsense analyser is this different than other stats because I for one have no idea.
My son and I have a godaddy hosting account (unlimited domains)This has stats enabled which are analog 5.1 (www.analog.cx) with report magic. We looked at the stats this morning but we do not understand what they are telling us and I don’t consider myself slow in understanding technical matters. Or is it that other stats programs tell a different story:-)”

YES! right on! So true! Stats can be overwhelming! But it’s like anything. You need to start at the beginning. Have a poke around. See what is what.

The problem I beleive is that the Analog and regular server stats in themselves do NOT show you enough. You don’t see naything that will give you that AHA moment. Regular server stats suck!

AdsenseGold and Astracker will help!


I plan on doing a video covering AdsenseTracker – part of Adsense Gold and will hopefully make it easy to find ways to take STATS and use them to EXPLODE your earnings. That will be coming soon!



Mike Liebner


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