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K.I.S.S. Keep it simple silly!

Beginners often try to learn TOO MUCH before they get started… Does this sound like you???

I know…. It’s hard to keep things simple. I know… But you really don’t need to know EVERYTHING THERE IS before you get started! You may very well be over complicating things. This may be hindering your progress or even worse – it may prevent you from getting off the ground!

If you are a beginner I suggest reading this article – it’s called The Best Place to Start is at the Beginning

To sum it up – I belive it’s more important to get started, even if you make mistakes or do things badly, than to wait until you can do everything perfectly.

I have a saying I like to throw at people.

“It’s better to do something BADLY than to do NOTHING PERFECTLY.”

So don’t think you need to be a MASTER before you get started on making money as a we publisher! Just by throwing stuff out there you will make money!

And as you gain experience you’ll start to gain momentum!

The basic premise is simple if you want to do this web publishing thing and make money from selling products or getting paid to show advertisng on your sites.

You build web sites with good words on the pages and then get good links pointing at your pages. one, two or ten sites – that’s up to you. Start with 1 or 2.

That’s it.

It really is that simple!

Get your first site up and running and indexed by Google. Then continue to build pages and get links.

If you keep doing those 2 things regularly you will gain an inventory of web pages that will be getting free traffic from Google and Yahoo and lots of other places.

Article Underground helps make it easy by providing high quality PLR Articles. AU gives you 400 keyword loaded PLR articles each month that you can use on your web sites. You also get over 110 “announcements blogs” that you can use to get links pointing at your web pages.

Those are the two most important things you need to focus on – creating web pages and getting links! AU has you covered!

The rest of the stuff you’ll learn as you go along. Sure, there are tricks and secrets… as a members of AU you’ll learn lots of them!

Watch this video called the Missing Link – it shows you WHERE the money comes from!

If you don’t yet have it make sure you get the free Words = Money PDF Special Report. The PDF report is 37 pages long and comes with a large library of free videos from myself, Mike Liebner plus some of the greatest minds in Internet Marketing!

Watch the videos – they will give you the answers you are loking for.

Start simple. Remember it only takes 1 web site and 1 web page to get started! Then work your way up to more sites and more pages.

You should be seeing some good results if you use the AU announcements blogs to get links to your pages. If you have Adsense you’ll see some click money come in soon. If you sell affiliate products you should see some sales come in gradually over time as you gain more traffic.

Then once you see the money coming in – you’ll have a good idea of what things bring you more of it. Then you can simply duplicate your efforts and build your empire!

Good luck to you! There is a lot of money out there for all of us! All you need to do is get started and work for it!

Mike Liebner's Internet Marketing Blog


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