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Is there such a thing as too much competition???

Is there such a thing as too much competition???

That’s a loaded question! Sometimes YES – sometimes NO!

I just got an email from a nice man that basically asked:

If Google shows 12, 14 or 27 million pages competiting for the keywords isn’t it impossible for me to compete with that many pages???

How SMALL should the number of other competing web pages be in order for me to get top rankings with reasonable time and effort???

Personally, I do not get caught up in how much competition there is for the most part… Granted I do keyword research which helps me find the easier words to rank on and make money with, but I do not ever look at how many PAGES are listed on Google and say THAT’s TOO MANY!

Several people have asked me this. For some reason there are folks out there that are afraid to spend time going after keyword phrases that have LOTS OF PAGES out there.

I’m not! And you shouldn’t be either!

This is what I wrote back to the nice man hoping to get his spirit up and his battle mode kicked into high gear!

Is there such a thing as an “impossibility” for ranking due to too much competition???


“Impossibility”???? Why would you think that???

If I followed that logic I’d never try to do anything that had a big payoff.

Do you want SCRAPS or a big RETURN???

My site is # 82 on Google for boots which has 122,000,000 competing pages.


Should I just give up and roll over because there are too many pages for boots???  

If that were a factor I’d have no chance to get to #82 with 122 million pages as my competition.

OK, someone out there is going “82 – big deal! Who cares!”

82 is actually a big accomplishment for a popular one word phrase… it gets trafffic! Even on the 8th page of Google it gets traffic and makes Adsense clicks!But ok, let’s get more real… 8th page isn’t worth bragging about…

My site is #9 for the term

reality tv

There are 170,000,000 other pages with reality tv on them

Should I have given up and not try to rank for reality tv with 170 million other pages as competition??? And it didn’t take much time or effort! Don’t get me wrong – I did spend some time and I did earn that #9 spot, but in the scheme of things I didn’t spend a LOT of time. It happened because I earned it!My site has the right words on it! My site has the right links pointing at it!Here is another one:

One of the AU blogs ranks # 1 for announced articles

#1 with 195,000,000 other pages – that’s 195 million competing pages

OK, here is a brand new site. No more than a month or two old. 

#1 for

article marketing news

I’m number 1 with 321,000,000 other competing pages.

That’s a relatively new site too and 321 million is obscene.SO WHAT! 321 million pages… is that too much to compete with???

And those are all ranked without quotes which is harder than ranking with quotes (exact search).

If you believe you deserve the results you desire – it’s really pretty attainable!

Not every time… but often enough!

How about this one!#1 for

news events media

That’s another AU blog

I’ve personally got hundreds, maybe even thousands of web pages with top rankings on words that you may say have too much competition.

**by the way – rankings go up and down – sometimes on a daily basis*

So how do I do it??? The same way I tell you guys to do it.

Build Pages! Get links!

You need to get past the DOUBT phase and start DOING.You can second guess me and doubt if the keywords are worth going after… sure – that’s an option… but you have got to belive in someone!

My keyword research may not be perfect, but I do believe it’s the best you can find!

So, the moral to this story is –

Don’t worry about your competition –

worry about what YOU ARE DOING and just do it the best you can!     

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  2. I’d rather be first and receive 100 visits for a keyword rather than being 20th and receive 0 visits, just because, maybe, one day, I might be on first page. But that’s just me..

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  5. I couldn’t agree more. Worrying too much about the

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