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Is Adsense Dead?

Is Adsense Dead?

Every day I get a large amount of emails with questions about internet marketing. While reading email can be a distraction at times (especially sifting through all the spam), I do find it helpful to be connected with customers and prospective clientele, as opposed to keeping my email a secret and hiding behind a help desk.

I just got an email and while I was writing a response I decided to turn it into an article I could share with all of you here on my Internet Marketing Blog.

It’s interesting to see the impact of some of the negative web sites, special reports and “anti-gurus” messages that had been floating around saying that making money from Adsense was dead and in general passing around negative energy.

Usually that type of approach is intended to be a marketing ploy and often tries to sell some kind of product or service. It’s great at getting attention but as you’ll see it is also effective at wiping out the dreams of many “could be” internet success stories.

My advice in general… avoid any bad news type stories.. do not focus on gloom and doom. Try to see the good in things and focus on the possibilities of success – not failure.

OK, so I will stop the feel good talk to get back to the email I got today from Michael who basically wanted to know if he could still be a success at the internet marketing game. The answer of course is yes, but read on.

Here is Michael’s message:

“I’d like to ask you, from your vantage point – seeing the membership of Article Underground – what’s the situation with Adsense earnings? There were some very interesting numbers in a video on your sales page about how much Adsense could generate after 6 months. Is this still realistic? There was so much talk the past 6-7 months about Adsense earnings dropping sharply (reports like Death of Adsense, Life after Adsense). It seems to me now that some of this stuff was overdone. I’d be interested in AU if Adsense is viable. Both, becoming a member and promoting it as an affiliate. I’d appreciate your thoughts.”

The reply is for all of you reading this blog article, not just Michael…

Whether or not you become a member of the Article Undeground Content and Traffic System or not, I hope I can convey to all of you that there are still an almost infinite amount of opportunities for success for businesses focused on making money from internet marketing.

“What’s the situation with Adsense earnings?”

The situation with making money from Adsense earnings is almost exactly the same as it was 1 year ago, with many minor slight differences. While it may be EXTREMELY different than 2 or 3 years ago, when it was the wild west and almost anyone with shitty junk web sites could make crazy money, opportunities basically remain the same as a year ago. >>>

There is an abundance of money out there in return for people who deliver valuable information, products and services. That could be with Adsense, Yahoo, other PPC as well as many solid ways to earn money.

Relevant Plug >>>

If you haven’t already listened to my free MP3 file with a 1 hour + conversation with Leslie Rohde called “What Color is Your Hat?” – I urge you to have a listen – it’s in the multimedia library of : “Words Equal Money”

Sign up for the free newsletter and you’ll get access to the MP3 audio file and 7 plus hours of video. Leslie and I discuss the many scales of doing business as an internet marketer and this will give you a lot to think about! It will also open up your mind to consider profit streams beyond simply putting Adsense ads on your pages.

OK… back to this article.

“There were some very interesting numbers in a video on your sales page about how much Adsense could generate after 6 months. Is this still realistic?”

There is just as much opportunity – if not more – for anyone dedicated to building web sites with real valuable content.

The secret is making a plan and sticking to it. It’s really pretty simple and basic, but not everyone can stick to the plan.

How do you make money with Adsense today? Same as a year ago.

Put up lots of web pages (real content is best – quality counts) and get lots of links to point at your web pages. Those two things will get you many top rankings in the search engines and that will get you traffic! It’s simple really – getting a lot of web traffic will get your Adsense ads clicked by visitors, help you sell affiliate products or services resulting in accumulating “commission income” and that means healthy paychecks from Clickbank, Commission Junction, affiliate product sales, Google and/or Yahoo etc.

If you build good web sites with pages that have valuable content and you match up great banners for products and put well placed affiliate links on your pages – people will click them and buy! It’s like arithmetic! But unless you publish pages, get good links and have traffic – you will not make a penny!

And that means – every minute you do not COMMIT to being a web publisher and putting up web pages, getting links etc. is a minute you have ZERO potential of making money.

In other words, unless you do the work – you will never see success. You need to earn it. It’s not automatic. It’s not guaranteed, but if you’re smart and stick to a plan it’s almost impossible to NOT make money. But how much money you make is directly correlated to the level of commitment.

“There was so much talk the past 6-7 months about Adsense earnings dropping sharply (reports like Death of Adsense, Life after Adsense).”

Putting Adsense ads on your web pages are just one way to make money. If you want to be a success you should also investigate other options such as selling products and services for which you’ll get a commission when they buy from a link that has your affiliate ID in it. Adsense is far from dead, but it is not the only way to monetize a web site.

You can make huge money promoting affiliate products. In a recent email I sent to my newsletter subscribers I pointed out how I have paid over $227,000.00 in commission to Article Underground Affiliates in 2007.

That is just one product – my product – there are many products you can sell and grab nice affiliate commission paychecks from. Sure, not every affiliate will earn $38,000. a year like my number one affiliate, but if you have several products you are promoting you can earn much more than that when all is added up.

“I’d be interested in AU if Adsense is viable. Both, becoming a member and promoting it as an affiliate.”

While not always in the spotlight as much as Adsense – promoting affiliate products can make you as much or more money than Adsense or PPC. The best results though usually come from web publishers who tailor make their web sites and pages to get traffic from people perfectly targeted for the product.

Look at the guys selling lots of Article Underground memberships for example… they have lots of traffic from people interested in working from home, internet marketing, webmasters, search engines, web design and similar related topics.

The key to selling affiliate products is offering the right product to the perfect prospect. If you want to sell AU memberships – put the ads on a site that has info for webmasters or SEO’s or making money online.

If you want to sell Treadmills or Exercise bikes – put the ads on a site that has info about health or fitness.

Give your visitors what they want and you’ll make money! It’s actually very simple.

This does require a little brain power though. Not HARD WORK but SMART WORK! You need to find out and analyze what pages on your web sites are getting traffic and then tailor make the ads to satisfy the needs of the traffic. It’s easy if you know how. And those are the kinds of things I help Article Underground members with.

In most all of my Article Underground training materials I point out that while Adsense is the term used, that the principals of building sites, getting links and getting traffic also applies to selling products, both affiliate and your own.

Adsense should be a part of your plan – not the ONLY part – you need other ways to monetize your sites if you really want to reel in the big bucks!

Build sites – make pages – get links to the pages – convert your visitors to clickers and buyers! That’s how money is made!

People who master building web sites with real valuable content added regularly will get traffic. It’s inevitable. You almost can’t help but get traffic if your web site is decent and your pages have good content.

Some members of Article Underground of course will do better than others. Some will fail. Some never really try. They sit on the information and get stuck trying to find the perfect way to start and never do. I will not try to hide it as that does happen. It’s like life – some people will be huge successes – others never really try. It’s really the same as with any business – some people will grasp the concepts and make the connections and utilize them better than others. Not everybody can pull it off. Not everybody wants to pull it off.

The key that I try to teach is that success can be simple – but only if the person can stop from being distracted by all the stuff that takes us away from the basics. Building sites – making pages – getting links – converting traffic.

Stop over analyzing and start doing those simple things a lot! Stop looking for reasons it will NOT work for you and start focusing on reasons it WILL work for you.

Start giving. Give value. You will receive a reward. It works for me. It works for many others. But you need to put forth the motion first – put in some effort. Stop procrastinating and get started now!

Doing something half wrong is better than doing NOTHING PERFECTLY! You need to get started and you’ll learn how to do it better and more efficiently as you go along.

Anyone with any skill level can become a success. If you are motivated and believe in yourself success will come to you.

What I often see in the private forum that makes me smile is that often many of the skeptics who did not believe it was possible or asked questions in a negative frame, are often bragging that they are seeing results from building sites, getting them indexed, getting top rankings and watching are their incomes grow.

It’s like they didn’t expect it to happen so fast. That’s because I train people to start going after the little victories first. Get some success under your belt!

It’s gratifying to see how excited members get when they say it is real and AU works. It really can happen. You were right! It does work! That is very gratifying to hear and I do hear those kind of compliments often. But I will not try to paint a 100% rosy picture that shows every single AU member as being a huge success. That is not true. Sure, there are many levels of success and I am very confident that most members see value in their membership. I have many members staying with AU for a long time – some of them still here since February 2006 when I started. They see value and are making a living doing the “Adsense game”.

Has a lot changed in the last year?

While much remains the same in the Adsense game – there have been changes – no doubt – search engines change almost daily, so does SEO – new secrets are revealed – new software is developed – new players enter the game – that’s why members find AU valuable – so they can stay on top of changes – find the newest secrets, tips, get advice etc. not just from me but from other members in the private AU forum.

Members may watch 5 videos and then on the 6th it finally clicks and they make the connection. Others may get it the first video. Some may never get it. The key is to get into the game and start working a plan. You need to try to win before you can win!

There is one thing that remains CONSTANT and will never change – GOOD web sites with GOOD content will always be in favor with the search engines who WANT to deliver the best results to their customers. If YOU can learn how to build web sites with real valuable content – then you’ll always have an opportunity to get free search engine traffic and sell lots of whatever it is you sell on your web sites.

It’s still a great time for those with limited budgets to get into the game. The cost of entry is still lower than starting a traditional business. There may be more competition, but for the most part many of the web experts are still competing for the huge money words. A lot can still be made going after the longer keyword phrases.

The traffic adds up to the same numbers – whether you get 100% from one page with a competitive keyword or have 25 “low hanging fruit” pages that bring you the same traffic in total.

To be honest, you’ll save time going after the small victories because the big guys are wasting a lot of time fighting over the competitive stuff. Let them fight!

The corporations for the most part have still not figured it out. They want the big money. They are spending their time and effort going for the mass audience still.

There is no scarcity of money to be made as an internet marketer. There are still millions of niches and micro niches that can be profitable. Maybe even billions of niches that can make us money…

My main point is – stop looking for reasons you will NOT be successful. Whether you decide to build web sites and publish words on the web or whether you go into other areas of business – you need to believe in yourself and believe deep down in your heart that there is abundance out there. More than enough riches for everybody. When you open your mind to the possibilities – good possibilities – and stop being afraid of scarcity and lack of profits available to you – you’ll start to achieve success.

Abundance will happily find you if you look for it and believe it is there. Money will flow abundantly to those who give something of value. That will always be the case. Whether it’s with Adsense or otherwise, there will always be an opportunity for sharp people who believe in themselves and work a plan to achieve what they want.

So, as far as the DEATH of Adsense – or Is there LIFE after Adsense… Or Adsense Causes Cancer… gees… that’s insane… gloom and doom should not be your focus.

I’ve been doing this search engine internet marketing thing for over 10 years. While there may be changes that occur – I have always stayed in the game and have learned to adapt. That’s a key. If you hit a snag – ADAPT! Change can be good!

Just don’t give up when you hit a snag. When your page drops from the first page of results do not give up. Instead, do something about it! Get more links! Get better links! There is always a way for those that are committed. I help people stay committed!

Sure – some people will fail every day. Don’t dwell on their failure. Dwell on your future success. It’s not about what happens to other people – it’s about you and what you are doing to make things happen for yourself!

Sure people die and starve and all kinds of bad things happen – but in my world – everything is perfect for me! I’m happy and I live a life of perfection. I dwell on the good in people and see the positive life offers and that is what I enjoy in my life.

Sure, the other day I got pulled over for speeding. The 3rd time in the lat 3 month. This 3rd time I finally got a ticket. Fortunately it was a fix it ticket and not a speeding ticket. Is my good luck in those situations a result of my positive attitude? Maybe.

It could have been worse than it was. But I was nice and I was thinking good thoughts when the cop went to his car and was deciding what to do to me… I was lucky and I continue to feel I am lucky.

You’ve heard the phrase “you create your own luck”, right? It’s true!

I was speeding and was pulled over because of what I did. But someone was smiling on me and let me off easy. Who knows why. But I do think when you start living life and looking for the good things and expecting the good in people and success instead of failure that you will get those things you think about.

You too can have good things, but ONLY if you really want them.

So, is it realistic to make money with what Article Undeground provides it’s members???


It happens every single day! I know it works because I am consistently reminded by members how happy they are and how impressed they are with what I deliver. And the numbers show that too with members sticking around far longer than with most membership sites.

It does work. Always? No.

Is a membership to the Article Underground Content and Traffic System worth trying for yourself?


Is there a reason not to try it?

Yes, if you do not believe it is possible to be a success, I suggest you do not try Article Undeground or play the “Adsense game”.

If you are skeptical – don’t do it! It is not right for you at this time! Trust your instincts!

If you think failure is a possibility – it may just happen.

If you can get failure out if your mind and get success in your thoughts – then you will get what you think about!

If you ffel good and are prepared to put forth effort and focus your energy on creating web sites with web pages that have value with real content and stick with it, I think you can be very successful. But it’s not up to me – it’s up to you! You are the captain of your ship!

Hope that helps!

Currently there are positions open:


Mike Liebner


  1. Thanks for that Mike, every step forward it seems 2 go back but as you point out

    If you hit a snag – ADAPT! Change can be good!

    Just don’t give up when you hit a snag.

    I needed to read that :-)

    Comment by piper — March 26, 2007 @ 2:05 am

  2. Mike, this is a great article. I am definitely in this business for the long haul.

    Thanks so much for the timely reminder to keep at those simple steps that work!

    Comment by iPodess — March 27, 2007 @ 8:06 am

  3. no way is adsense dead. Adsense is alive and kicking!

    Comment by cd rates — October 12, 2009 @ 5:03 pm

  4. You can create a 6 fiqure income with adsense if you pick the right markets l have gone down the product type sites like washing machines,dishwashing, looking at buying keywords from microsoft ad centre very good tool to use to find buying keywords.Not all sites will make money.

    Comment by Nelson Smith — November 1, 2009 @ 7:33 am

  5. Hi Mike
    Another good, helpful article.
    I’m getting good results in search engines for my new site, but not much in the way of traffic?
    Have thought about putting Adsense on my site, still not sure.
    I will probably build more pages first, then add Adsense later.
    What do you think?
    Graham in UK

    Comment by Graham in UK — November 1, 2009 @ 8:19 am

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