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How many web sites should you have?

Q: Article Underground articles are diverse and cover many different keyword phrases, therefor how many web sites should one get to use all of the articles properly???

I get this question a lot! Or some variation of it! Usually people will ask – do I need 400 web sites to use each article? Or I only have 1 site and domains are expensive – how many will I need?First off – domains are NOT expensive! They are dirt cheap! $8.95 a year works out to 75 cents a month! If you can’t afford to spend 75 cents a month for fear you will not make that back – this is not the business for you my friend :’>

Monkeys can make 75 cents a month with a web site. Yes, I know there are other expenses like hosting (which is also dirt cheap) but lets keep things in perspective here – Interent Marketing is one of the easiest businesses to start with hardly any major expenses. Hosting and domain names add up to hardly anything. Try that with any other startup business!!!

Ok, well enough of that… I suggest you stop thinking in terms of buying a domain or hosting as a negative. It’s an investment for you to make back 100 times over what you invest. Maybe even 1,000 times over! The sky really is the limit, so please don’t start nickeling and diming. If that’s what you gotta do – maybe this is not the right business for you at this time. Save up a few bucks and come back when you feel it is less of a risk.

So, how many domains??? Only a few… really! How about 5??? That’d be $44.75 a year or $3.79 per month.

I guess I owe you guys a bit of an explanation so we can put things in the proper perspective!

I understand why you might think you’ll need a lot of web sites to use all of the articles from an Article Underground membership. After all 400 each month is an obscene amount of content! And some members even buy TWO memebrships so they can have access to all 800 articles!

So are they building 800 web sites???

Nahhhh. You could, but 5 or 10 or 15 should be more than enough! But hey, some people can’t get enough and build 100’s of web sites! How many you will need is up to you but as I often point out – start with 1 and see where all this takes you!

While the 400 monthly Article Underground exact keyword optimized articles may be diverse and one of a kind, in reality many of them are related and in similar areas topic wise.

So surely you don’t want a seperate site for “acne” and “skin care” just lump them together as they are similar. Most all articles have relatives in them there zips!

What I like to stress is that each pack of 400 articles is loaded with article after article of money making ideas!

Within the 400 articles are many possible combinations of using them. Your creativity will help you create a site or sites that are truly yours and unique from other members and the public at large.

Maybe to start it’d be easiest to get 5 domains – 2 or 3 tighter niche domains in areas you are interested in and also get 2 or 3 broader general catch all domains like SmartLadyHasInfo4You.org or whatever you can come up with.

I always like to invite people to look beyond A or B choices. Why do it one way – open up your chanells of creativity and do it several ways! That way you’ll have more to analyze! After all the best research in the world is done with your own experience and your personal statistics!

Just try a few approaches and document what you are doing and what works best!

You’ll soon be making your own system and showing us how you do it! Lots of AU members are doing just that in the Case Studies – Success Stories – Inspirational section of the private Article Underground Forum. MEmebrs are happy to share how they have gotten started and what they have learned along the way! You’ll find many unique and creative systems of using the articles and driving traffic to sites with the blogs!

Q: So what do I do with an article on the “DaVince Code Movie”

Well, use your own creativity. Do you already have a site where it would fit??? If not get a new domain for it! In the future you will be able to use it for more related articles!

Maybe some possible web sites for a Davinci Code Movie article: MoviesForReview.org – EntertainmentIsTheBomb.org – ImportantInYourLife.org etc.

The Davinci code or any article can have it’s place on any of a million different web sites. They aren’t meant for 1 tight domain and that’s it. Develop a stable of web sites and just let nature take it’s course!

But by the same token you can go tight if that is what you want – for example someone may have a DavinciCodeOnly.org site and only has articles relating to that. Stranger things have happened!

Look at all the sites for tight niches these days! Try going tight and also go broad!

How you use the articles is up to you! There are millions of different applications for the Article Underground articles!

Unless your only web site is SanitaryNapkinsOnly.org – you should find places for many of the articles. Get a few more domains if you want to use more of them and your exsiting domains are too restrictive!

Use some of the popular MAGAZINES for inspiration.


I suggest beginners get 5 domains to start! That’s agood number that will give you some flexibility. Then just sit back and let nature take it’s course!

Hope this was helpful! There is no ONE right or wrong answer!



Mike Liebner


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