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How many links can you put on ONE web page???

How many links can you put on ONE web page??? 

This question just came up in a discussion in the Article Underground Members Forum and I thought it’d be nice to share with you guys too.

The AUKDAT tool aka Keyword Density Analyzer , does a lot more than just tell you density of text.

One of the things AUKDAT does is give warnings on content and tag data. One such warning is when it analyzes a page that has MANY LINKS… TOO MANY LINKS…

This warning is just a friendly one, it is not based on science or fact.

So, when asked by an AU member if they should worry about their web pages having TOO MANY LINKS it made me think about it and suggest the following thoughts.

It has been generally accepted that web pages with more than 100 LINKS on it would piss off the search engines and cause a penalty.

This is NOT necessarily true as I have seen many sites that have MANY more LINKS than this that get high PageRank and enjoy top rankings.

BUT remember that one common thing most spammer sites employ is EXCESSIVE LINKING – both internal and external.

So your page CAN contain lots of links provided they are presented nicely and have a positive benefit for your visitors.

Too many links on any page will dillute the PageRank, which may or may not harm the web page… >>>

I have noticed that pages of mine that had say a PR 6 with 1 or 2 or just a few links, would drop in PR when MORE links were added. That shows the PageRank was on the lower end of 6 or whatever.

Too many links will cause the page to lose PageRank.

Because each text link sends part of that pages PageRank to the destination page.

NOW, if your page has hundreds of links (like the Article Underground announcements blogs) and STILL manages to have a high PR of 5 or 6 on the web page – well, then you know your pages have some massive JUICE!

So are too many links bad???

Well, it depends on what kind of links…

Internal links only reshuffle where your PageRank goes, while external links send the PageRank power elsewhere.

So as a rule, you generally want to keep the number of external links as low as possible on each page that you want top get top rankings.

You don’t necessarily have to consciously limit outgoing links, but just be aware that every link out takes away PageRank and sends it to someone else… also internally that is true. That is why smart SEO masters like Leslie Rohde suggest that you do a “no follow” tag on your less important pages such as “contact forms” or “sitemaps” because those pages rarely ever rank and bring traffic and you do not BENEFIT from passing PageRank to them.

The idea is to send PageRank to important high quality keyword loaded pages that WILL get RANKINGS on competitive keywords and bring traffic. Not your contact form…

So, as for whether it’s ok or not to link a lot on your pages – that depends on how the page looks and whether you care if you send away PageRank.

If your web page is presented nicely and your page already ranks high for something, I’d say don’t worry about it.

If the page looks less than OK, or unprofessional, or worse spammy, or has had trouble ranking for you, Id play it a bit safer and go easy on the links.

Is there a certain number of links per page you should limit yourself to???

Well, 100 links max on a page is a good general guide, once again, don’t let the number rule your life, let the page tell you what is best!

If 200 links look ok and your page gets traffic and ranks – don’t sweat it!

I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook


  1. This was a great anser

    Comment by chris ponte — January 13, 2009 @ 9:38 am

  2. I thought the other way.
    thank for all the info.
    I will stop adding external links to my site

    Comment by jim — July 1, 2009 @ 12:18 pm

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  5. I believe 20 external links is enough. I don’t like to have my links on a page with more than 20 links already

    Comment by Mark@school grants — March 5, 2010 @ 7:26 am

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