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Are you SKEPTICAL or OPTIMISTIC? Open or Closed?

Is your mind OPEN? Or is your mind CLOSED to possibilities??? 

Anthony Robbins says that people are motivated by ONLY TWO THINGS

1. Desire for Pleasure 2. Fear of Pain

Which are you motivated by more???

Which is greater??? Your fear of PAIN or your DESIRE for PLEASURE???

Looks like Article Underground is keeping Neil Shearing’s bloggers busy! And ruffling some feathers!


What I don’t get (not just with Neil’s blog) is the huge level of skepticicsm about products with solutions to problems I see in blogs and in forums. There are so many haters out there!

>>>  If they’d only put some of that nasty energy to good use, they’d be sucessful themsleves!

I realize that not everything deserves optimism, but why not focus on the good and the potential in things?

Is it wrong to be successul and make money? Isn’t that what we all want?

People who recognize problems and provide solutions are HELPING our fellow web publishers, not stealing from them… there is a reason so many people pay money for HELP!

They recognize value and appreciate being enlightened! But there are always going to be people who just don’t get it. They see the problems that will surely happen to them instead of the benefits.

These people FEAR PAIN more than they DESIRE PLEASURE!

No course in the world is going to help people who can’t believe in themselves! I mean, some people seem so eager to shoot down anything without really thinking rationally about it.

I guess a lot of people have bought products and feel ripped off because they never used the products or maybe even the products sucked.

9 times out of ten – people simply buy something and never use it.

I’m guilty of that and I bet you are too!

But I try to buy things with a more modest goal. I don’t expect products to change my life – I expect them to open up my eyes and help me think about things differently than I have before and help me with new ideas. If I can just have 1 or 2 really good ideas from buying a course or product – I am satisfied!

I say why not see the possibilities and potential in things instead of thinking negatively?

It’s like the “purist blog argument” where some people think it’s so wrong to make money with a blog… they can’t even consider the possibility of why people still visit blogs that market and sell things.

That’s OK.

Those people should not put ads on their blogs, but don’t get mad at me because I choose to do differently.

Yes, people can do all the Article Undergound stuff themselves completely, or even hire an army to help them do it. But very few people do! Talk is cheap! Results speak!

I’m the first person to admit that writing your own articles is the best way to build money making web sites (if you can write decently), but what’s wrong with doing some of what’s best – and some of what’s second best – and third best etc.

Purists belive there is only 1 right way.

B.S. There are millions of ways to do things right! The only limits are our imaginations!

And then there are the people looking for the next shortcut… how can I do as little as possible and make money… Some people only wanna push buttons and generate 1,000’s of pages and not have to think much about anything.Article Undeground gives people a LOT to think about! And some people really embrace that and appreciate they are being stimulated and not pacified.In general people who think CREATIVELY are the ones that see rewards. Not the ones asking “how fast will I see $$$” or “how easy is it?” or “there is only 1 right way”…Success needs to be earned.That doesn’t mean it has to be HARD! NOPE! It just has to work!I provide solutions to make people’s lives easier! Not easiest – EASIER!Content is content is content and content is really king! It’s what the web is built upon. Words. People search for words. That will never change!As long as content isn’t scraped or stolen it will always be welcome on the search engines provided they don’t feel “manipulated”! It’s the ones that abuse the priveleges of being indexed and listed by generating junk that will be penalized, not the ones that are creative and build good looking sites with real content that people can read and enjoy.As Article Underground evolves I intend to position it more as an “all in one content traffic system” as opposed to just PLR articles. It’s already more of a “system” than simply a zip of 400 articles. The articles simply add value to the system.

The articles are just a part of it. It’s a toolbox and idea source. And fortunately a lot of people get it! That’s why Article Underground keeps growing. People join – they see value – they stick around as more people join. It grows!

That wouldn’t happen if people who joined felt they did not receive value.

So, while I understand that there are sleptics out there who perhaps feel that PLR articles in general are a scam, and having seen some of the crap PLR stuff out there myself – I can’t blame them – my articles are NOT CRAP! But articles aside, I’d just like to ask that people see past the articles and look to the overall one of a kind traffic system that Article Underground provides.

It provides valuable keyword research and innovative traffic solutions. It has a community of like minded winners that share ideas and secrets!

There are benefits in a membership! One of them is the quality of people!

Article Underground is a toolkit for professional web publishers.

It doesn’t solve every problem, but it makes life easier by presenting many time saving features! Plus it gives you 400 articles each month!

I’ll close with a quick story about my friend Christine. She’s abundle of fun and a great person, but she is very opinionated and once she’s made her mind up she can’t be convinced otherwise.

She came over yesterday and saw some of my self-help cd’s and made an insult about them. I treid to convince her that this stuff was valuable and she asked “why do people buy that stuff”.

I pointed to one course that I happily paid $1,000. for and told her what I paid.

She said I was nuts and that “nobody would pay that much for that!” I said I did and then I tried to convince her it was worth it. She did her best to tell me I was nuts and I was wrong!

Hey – don’t tell me what I THINK! Don’t tell me WHAT I FEEL!

The bottom line is there was nothing I could say to Christine to convine her that anything was worth $1,000. dollars, even though I told her it was worth it to me. That didn’t matter.

She did everything she could to NOT HEAR the reasons and ammunition I was throwing at her.

You just can’t change everybody and the way they think.

My friend is a good person and I like her but geeez, I wish she’d just listen sometimes, and have an open mind, instead of shutting off anything I am saying.

C’mon… that carrot-apple-orange-cantaloupe juice concoction I make in the morning REALLY DOES TASTE GOOD! Honest! It will make you feel good!

It can be good for you and taste good!

But Christine won’t even try a sip. She’s already made up her mind the juice won’t taste good and likely will make her sick instead of feel invigorated like I tell her it makes me feel.

Oh well… I still keep trying to convince her… and she keeps fighting me!

I guess in some cases some things will never change. Her mind is closed and that’s that.

Is your mind open? Or is it closed?

Are you an optimist? Or a pessimist?

Are you motivated by the good in things or the fear of pain… the pain in the taste of the carrot and apple juice… the pain in being disappointed by another info product letting you down…

As I’ve quoted before and love to repeat:

“It’s all in the way you look at things. Because when you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change” Wayne Dyer

All right – that’s all for me!

I’m off to make some fresh cantaulaope – carrot – parsley and apple juice! Yum!








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