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Friends in High Places – one of the keys to success!

Do you have lots of “Friends in High Places” – OR – “High Friends in Places” as DJ Frazier Smith used to say…

I have a personal story and lessons I would like to share with you, but if you’re eager to see what “special offer” I am talking about, checkout this link: Clickbank Inner Circle

So – the old time saying is true – “you’re only as good as the company you keep”!

I’m fortunate to say I have many influential friends in high places!

But as another saying goes – “you can never have too many friends”!

In fact, in the internet marketing business, having “the right kind of friends” can really put you on the fast track to success!

The most successful people in internet marketing know this… we all know this – but what we may not know is how easy it is to make friends with successful people we’d like to learn from.

The best way to get the ball rolling is by sharing!

There is no faster way to gain success than by sharing ideas and information, learning from and partnering with those that have already achieved success!

But, as you may already know – it’s often exteremely difficult to break through the barriers to get through to the right people and establish friendships and business relationships – or is it???

I can tell you from personal experience it is NOT as hard as you may think to reach out and rub elbows with the movers and shakers of internet marketing! In fact – it’s actually very easy if you know how!

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If you’ve been around this Words Equal Money newsletter, or a member of Article Underground for a while, you may already be familiar with my personal “success story” and my recent climb up to “the big leagues”.

On a few occasions, I have told of my background in radio advertising and how I started my first web site in 1995.

Yes, I’ve been doing this web publishing thing for a long time, but only recently discovered the true profound secrets that the biggest of the big already know about.

And it’s almost embarrasingly simple. SHARING is the key. But I didn’t always know this. In fact, I used to do the opposite of sharing.

In fact that “scarcity mentality” really held me back from achieving huge success earlier in my career.

I hope my story and my mistakes can help you prevent wasting time and put you on the fast track!

I was in the right place at the right time in 1995 when I started my first web site. My site was an instant success and I found that my simple site was #1 on Yahoo for a keyword that brought the kind of traffic most people these days only dream about. It blew up servers and I was in a very unique situation. But, back then it was harder to monetize the traffic – so it took some tough times to figure out how to make money from the rankings! It wasn’t easy but I did it!

I’ll skip the painful dirty details of that growing phase and just say that I was able to ride a tidal wave of success. I cashed in for many years simply by building simple mainsteam keyword focused web sites and finding ways to get my web pages to the top of the search engines. This is still a very profitable way to make a living by doing business online, but this is only one of many strategies and some are much more lucrative if you do them right!

It wasn’t easy to stay on top of the rankings. If you blinked some other guy could be up there in your number one spot! And then you’d have to reverse engineer HOW they did it. Back then the results were swinging wildly up and a down. In many cases it was a simple trick or a secret “keyword density” or black hat method that could bring you a top ranking. Sometimes a top ranking for a single word keyword phrase could bring as many as 75,000 unique visitors each day.

So, if I managed to learn a way to get up there on top – I wasn’t exactly eager to share it!

Back then I hardly networked with other webmasters and I rarely shared how I was getting my number one rankings. I always kept my tactics to myself and lived in fear that someone else would push me out of the top spot and take away my money if I revealed my secrets!

It’s very different today, as it’s a combination of factors that can make you number one, with no one “magic bullet” that can push you on top in a blink. These days you earn your spot on top of the search engines by consistently doing the “right things” such as getting good text links from authority sites and by consistently adding valuable real contet pages to your web sites over time. Good links and fresh content!

See – I just shared with you!

Boy – the world can really open up to you when you DUMP the scarcity type mentality!!! As I have found there is more than enough to go around!!!

I’ve learned a lot since then. When I share my methods and tricks with other “web publishers” often they share their secrets with me in return. I found that by “giving” to others that my own personal success increases – not just a little but exponentially (whatever that means)!

I realized that in order to really hit it big on the internet you need to share knowledge and experience and develop friendships. It’s easy to do when you are willing to share tactics and techniques!

So, I started networking with more people and sharing my secrets, instead of holding them back for myself and I saw my success increase.

That was a real turning point in my evolution as I discovered the power of developing friendships with people in my own same industry – “internet marketing”. I learned things that I might have eventually figured out myself, but there is power in learning from those that already have experience. My life changed.

I’ll spare all the dirty details, but will simply summarize the story of my rise to riches (ha ha) by saying my true success exploded in 2006 when I released my own product Article Underground and I reached out to some of the people I had developed online friendships with.

This was the key factor to bringing Article Underground to the attention of many people all over the world. There is no way to describe the power of knowing the right people… of having friends in high places.

Sure, this all sounds so easy… But it’s so easy to get distracted by other things! Even though I know what can make me huge amounts of money in very little time – I too get distracted by shiny little objects (ha ha).

And that’s why when I saw a new eBook by Chris Freville called “Clickbank Inner Circle” I took notice and promptly bought the thing!

>> Link >> Clickbank Inner Circle

I’ll spare dropping the sales hype on you but must say – not only was I sold by the sales letter (it’s a good one by the way – put this page in your swipe file! You do know what swipe file is, right?), but after receiving the product I must say I am very satisfied! The value is very high!

Not only does Chris deliver a ton of stuff for the small investment, but the material is filled with what I call “ah-yes moments” (a-ha if you prefer). You know what I’m talking about, the materials you get are filled with those little gems that make you go “ahhhhhhhhhh – yes!”

I’m only starting to dig into all the great materials but this morning as I was making coffee and my own juice concoction (honeydew melon, apple, carrots, yam and orange if you’re curious… yum), I listened to the MP3 audio file from CB Inner Circle with Alex Goad being interviewed by Chris Freville and it was filled with those aha moments. In fact I have to thank Alex Goad as he reminded me about using Google Alerts to find out when people are talking about me or Article Underground! Sure, it’s obvious you want to know when there are new web pages about you – but how about using Google Alerts to see when “internet marketing” people are talking about you whom may be ideal future marketing partners!

In fact – maybe Alex Goad or Chris Freville will even get a Google Alert and come find these words I am writing and see I am talking about them! If so – call me Alex – call me Chris – we should be best buddies – we have so much in common :’> Sorry – could not resist!

It’s things like that – little gems that can make a huge difference in our lives!

This product “Clickbank Inner Circle” is filled with those gems! Not only that, but the general concept is one that any person who is doing business online should be aware of and educated on –friendships and relationships you develop can lead to joint ventures and endorsements that can make the difference between moderate success and HUGE success!

If you have a product you are marketing, or are considering developing a product you will sell as your own in the future – you really should get Clickbank Inner Circle – it can help you turn an idea into a successful best selling product on Clickbank or any marketplace!

I can honestly say that this ebook package, which is shockingly inexpensive, has kicked me in the butt and reminded me that I need to focus my energy on finishing my new product for Clickbank, which I have in development, and get it to the market. It’s helping me get focused on what’s important!

Should you get it???

Clickbank Inner Circle is a must have for anyone who wants to make a full time living online. Whether you plan to release your own products, or market PLR products or develop partnerships, this package is loaded with tactics, techniques and processes you can take to the bank! If you think like I do then this is not one of those “me too” products that will gather dust on your digital shelf!

In fact it is worth the price of admission alone just for the MP3 interviews with Rob Benwell, Chris X, Eric Rockefeller and Alex Goad (you also get transcripts in PDF which is cool!) but you also get video training and process maps!

There is too much to write about here that you’ll get with CB Inner Circle – go out and buy it – it’s currently only 67 bucks but the price will be going up in less than 1 day. If it does go up and you miss the special deal price – don’t worry – it will still be worth the price even after the increase! It’s that good!

The URL is:


To sum everything up – the secret to my success was sharing with others and developing friendships with the shakers and movers of the web. If you want – you too can take this path! Clickbank Inner Circle will help you get there fast!

Wishing you success!

Mike Liebner

By the way – I have a brand new PDF I’d like for you to check out that is called Pages NOT Posts.

I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook

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  2. Mike

    You are super for digging out all these great tips and software and so glad I am a subscriber. A lot of this material I am going to ad to my software page…


    Once again THANKS for your sheer genius and acumen

    Rod Cook

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  4. Mike, thanks for all your tips and hard work. We are located in Central Florida, outside Orlando and Tampa and have been able to use many of the marketing tips to promote products and services. Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Central Florida Magazine — May 19, 2009 @ 8:10 am

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