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Are You Getting the Most From Christmas Holiday Traffic?

Getting the Most From Christmas Holiday Traffic

Make more money this holiday season! It’s easier than you may think!

Well, it’s that time of year again. The annual Christmas holiday season is here and things are getting pretty crazy.

Where I live, in Newport Beach, California, USA, it is getting pretty difficult to go out and do even the most basic of things.

Everyplace is so crowded. That can be fun, but it also makes everything take so much longer than it should. It’s no wonder more and more people are shopping online! Shopping can be a hassle at the mall!

But time is running out! It’s the last few days that you can order online gifts and expect that they arrive in time for Christmas.

Actually it is pretty risky at this point, as today is Monday and we only have 4 more “business days” before Christmas weekend is here (Christmas falls on Monday December 25).

Also, as an internet marketer, time is running out. While we do have till the end of January for the peak traffic and sales to start declining, now is the time that people are searching for Christmas and Holiday keywords on the internet.

I’ve had several reports (and testimonials) that Article Underground members have been having great success with Christmas/Holiday sites they built from the ground up in November.
Now is the time that advertisers are in bidding wars over the “holiday keyword phrases” I gave members back in September. Those words are like GOLD right now! But is it too late??? NO!

If you are ranking in the top ten of Google, Yahoo or even MSN right now you are in a great position! Even if you are NOT ranking on top for Christmas/Holiday keywords you can still MAXIMIZE the amount of click money you earn by offering CHRSITMAS and HOLIDAY themed articles to any WEB TRAFFIC you are getting.

Ahhhhh… what a concept… market to the people you ARE already getting! Chances are they TOO may want to view web pages with HOLIDAY content!

So, while you may not have time to get a top ranking on Google before Christmas Eve, you do have an opportunity to show your web site visitors INTERNAL and EXTERNAL links to YOUR Christmas holiday themed articles – you know the ones that will show ads with high click bids. AND if those web pages have Adsense or Yahoo Publisher ads and people click you’ll likely receive more money per click than usual, because right now advertisers are PAYING MUCH MORE as the last minute competition for VIEWS  gets fierce. Right now is the time that the big bucks are spent on advertising because people on the web right now are MOTIVATED to buy! And it will stay like this through the end of January!

So while you may think it’s TOO LATE to cash in on Christmas – it’s not! Take advantage of your existing traffic and use your OWN WEB PAGES to market your article pages that will get you higher than usual click money! Put links and banners in prominent places on your busiest web pages and offer them a chance to view your holiday articles! Not only will you be keeping people on your sites longer, but if they click the ads the payout should be very nice!

You can also start planning for the huge AFTER Christmas surge! The days immediately following Christmas are gold mines! Many new people have computers and will be surfing the internet looking for all kinds of things! Software – hardware – printers – paper – cameras – lenses – ink cartridges – DSL – anti virus – memberships
– eBooks and on and on… they are depending on YOU to help them buy things!

As I have mentioned in previous newsletters January has ALWAYS been the biggest month of the year for me. Every year! It’s bigger than December! Traffic rises with all those new computer users! And ad bids are at their highest! Plus, it is said the newbies on the computers click ads more than the seasoned pros. Whatever it is – January always kicks butt! Get ready now so you are in place to take advantage of it! Oh, and if you think you do not have enough time, don’t worry… even though it may peak in January, web traffic and spending stay pretty high until the end of April. In fact, April has often been the SECOND busiest month for me traffic and revenue wise.

So, it’s not too late for you! Get snapping and put up relevant content that will get you additional page views and ad clicks. Get people who are already visiting you to see more of your web sites and pages. You have a chance to take advantage of this busy time!
Go do it!

I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook


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