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Cheap Traffic is the key to the Arbitrage Conspiracy

What is the Arbitrage Conspiracy??? Is it hype??? Is it filled with lies???

Arbitrage Conspiracy is a product launching today (Dec. 10, 2008) that has really got me and a lot of other people excited.

Yes, I know some people are going NEGATIVE BIG TIME and ragging about the $50,000 to $100,000 per day that Aymen, the Arbitrage Conspiracy guy, claims he is making.

Do I believe he is making that kind of money? Yes, I do.

Why do I believe this? Not because Aymen or Brad Fallon or Mike Filsaime says so, but BECAUSE I am close to a person from whom Aymen learned a lot of what he most likely will be teaching about. I am currently in a training course that teaches this same exact stuff. And it really is a secret kind of system. Secret in the sense that very few people are doing it.

Doing what? Read on!!! I’ll tell you!

Well… buying CHEAP TRAFFIC and leveraging it to make actions on offers from CPA Networks.

Sure, you can find a million people claiming they are banking on Adwords traffic and pulling in big bucks. But regular people just can’t do it with major training. But guess what – there is a ton of CHEAP TRAFFIC out there – and that is the key!

Arbitrage Conspiracy is all about leveraging TARFFIC and turning it into ACTIONS. And you can earn an almost unlimited amount of money if you find campaigns and make them work and then SCALE UP!

That is the key!

The key concept for Arbitrage Conspiracy to realize here is that TRAFFIC is the key.

When you figure out HOW to get huge amounts of traffic for free or cheap – then all you need to do is convert the traffic to MONEY.

It’s really such a simple concept.

What’s unique about what Aymen is doing is that he sends his cheaply acquired traffic to CPA offers instead of selling his own products or acting as an affiliate (it works with that too). And it’s formulas that drive how much he makes.

When you have an offer from a CPA Network, such as a zip submit for an insurance quote, and it pays $4.00 for example, you need to find out how to get enough traffic so that you can get enough people to fill in their zip codes so the required action is taken and you can make a profit.

CPA offers pay you money for an ACTION – the action costs you money – but ARBITRAGE – that means you pay LITTLE for traffic and MAKE LOTS on actions. It can be done. It is being done. AND it’s being done QUIETLY by people like Aymen in the shadows because most people that learn HOW to do it aren’t exactly eager to have others copy their methods.

But along comes Aymen. For whatever reason he wants to share what he is doing. And if you look at his free materials – they tell you EXACTLY how to do it.

You buy traffic cheap – you get people to take action – you collect big money when you SCALE IT UP!

Let’s play with numbers here – what if you buy cheap traffic – and it can bring you 1,000 sign ups at $4.00 per lead – that’s $4,000. in payments – you need to buy your traffic for $2,000. to make a profit of $2,000.

Can this be done??? YES! Of course it can.

How do you do it?

SIMPLE! You test and test and test! You buy traffic and you watch it closely and when you find something that CONVERTS and makes you 2 dollars for every one you pull in – then you RAMP ITUP – you scale it big time! You buy every bit of traffic to do this and if you are lucky or smart like Aeyman – yu end up with 50 or 100 campaigns that are netting you biig bucks and they add up to 50,000 or 100,000 in a day.

It can be done. Not everybody WILL DO IT though!

Maybe with the help of Aymen and Arbitrage Conspiracy – MORE PEOPLE WILL BE DOING IT!!! I hope I am one of them!

Check out Arbitrage Conspiracy at:


If you want to know more about CPA offers you can watch the Missing Link Video – it shows you where the money comes from!

You’ll also find more info on Arbitrage Conspiracy at IM Promote!


Make sure you also check out the Blog at Blogging Underground

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  1. Thanks for the information. The links to The Arbitrage Conspiracy and your Missing Link Video were very helpful. I was previously employed as a stockbroker. More specifically, an options day trader, and on occasion, if the value of the underlying securities we were trading were experiencing violent price fluctuations we might be fortunate enough to find just such an arbitrage. However, these opportunities were never available for more than a few minuets. I’ve only just begun to evaluate its potential but I must say this opportunity is very impressive.
    Thanks again.

    Comment by Craig Thompson — December 19, 2008 @ 7:52 pm

  2. Mike,
    Your article on “Opportunity Abounds in Web Publishing” gave me just the kick I need to keep me going, I’m thinking about joining I’m building a joomla site around wirelesss computers and make it into an authority site. The domain name is about four years old. I have been adding articles on and off, but now I’mk totally focused on building this site

    I have been using elance but I need more articles, besides it’s costing me a fortune, maybe your site is what I need.
    See ya soon!

    Jim Novak

    Comment by Jim — January 6, 2009 @ 8:30 am

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