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Buying Lots of Stuff Is Not Required to Achieve Success

I often get asked by people who are planning to join Blogging Underground for suggestions on other things they’ll need to buy to help them achieve success.

Buying a lot of stuff is NOT REQUIRED!

While I will pass along suggestions for good stuff when I run into it, I would like to stress that the system I have developed called the 12 Step Success Strategy System works like a charm if you follow it without getting distracted by other time wasters.

My strategy works  like a charm! It does not require any additional purchases other than a Blogging Underground membership itself.

Everything you need is included to help get lots of targeted traffic without the need to get other tools or services.

The fact that you have 480+ blogs that you can get in-content backlinks in itself is almost enough to work on it’s own. Combined with my strategies it’s really easy to get to what I call Critical Mass and get sites that get top rankings for all kinds of big money keywords!

I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t use other tools or buy software and plugins – but it is not necessary.

Everything you need to achieve success and build web sites that get lots of targeted traffic is included with a BU membership or is available for free or very little expense – like buying a domain name – or getting a cheap hosting account.

Buy a keyword domain name – get a cheap but good web host and build a nice WordPress blog on it and follow the steps in the 12 Steps training.

This stuff really works!

The steps are shown in great detail in the 12 Step Success Strategy System that members have access too. The training shows the important stuff and nothing additional other than BU, a domain name and hosting is required. No additional software or programs.

Sometimes some of that shiny stuff that tempts us with promises of automation or success can actually hurt our chances of succeeding. The stuff takes our time away from sticking to the plan that works.

Shiny stuff you buy can take you away from the things that really bring you the greatest return on your time investments. You know – like getting links in the blog network… that’s the important stuff you need to do!

Sure – some tools and plugins for sale out there can be helpful – but if you are joining Blogging Underground I suggest you first focus on all the stuff that is included with a membership. You will be best served by sticking with the plan and following it without being distracted by other gurus advice or tools that tell you different tactics that may or may not blend in well with what we do at Blogging Underground.

DISTRACTION is a huge problem and gets in the way of success.

Are there other things you can do to insure your efforts using Blogging Underground are successful?

One thing that can be done that works well with the 12 Step training at BU is to go out and find other quality places to get backlinks. While the Blogging Underground announcement blogs and blog network is all you really need – it can also help you if you get links pointing to our blog post URL’s so your links become even more powerful!

It IS a good practice to BACKLINK your backlinks!

Be careful though – a lot of the robot software out there that does blasting or auto submissions can be dangerous and get a site penalized! If it blasts like a maniac don’t point that stuff at your main sites or our blogs! You might hurt them doing that evil stuff!

The general idea is to keep your MAIN sites protected! You need to be careful about doing any automated stuff directly to the sites making you money or even the important sites like our blogs linking to those sites. It’s often referred to as levels or layers.

Never do damage to the layers closest to your money makers! Keep them safe so they’ll keep on working for you!

Now – if you’re using hubpages, squidoo, blogger or free wordpress blogs or any other of the many free hosted blogs or social networking sites you can get bookmarks and links on – go ahead – blast THEM – they are a layer removed from your main sites and our quality blogs – so you can blast the layers as long as you don’t hurt the most important sites linking to your sites!

You can also do supplemental stuff like submitting RSS feeds which is a great way to get some extra link juice. Try submitting to the RSS 6 Directory Of Blog Feeds and other directories that take feeds and give you links in return.

As far as buying more stuff – you don’t need to!

I tell my prospective customers to start with Blogging Underground and post using the Blog Posting Utility and follow the training and then if you run into something that will help – go ahead and try it – but don’t get sucked in to buying stuff you really don’t need!

Buying other software and training may take you away from doing the really important stuff we train you to do! You should be focusing on linking in the Blogging Underground network of blogs which will get you the highest return of any time spent doing stuff!

So – while I’d love to help you find other things to spend your money on – the truth is if you join Blogging Underground you will have the best start possible and have everything you need to become a successful web publisher!

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Indeed, internet marketers are often blinded by shiny objects… after the euphoria of a purchase, often we are left with stuff that gather dust in our hard drive. Being exposed to email marketing and getting a barrage of blueprints, it’s easy to get distracted and spread yourself too thin.

    So I agree, you don’t need to buy more stuff. You just need to do more stuff :)


    Comment by Gerry | Niche Blog Pro — December 20, 2011 @ 7:15 am

  2. Thanks Mike for this. I have been following your posts and have found them extremely useful to me. When I started internet marketing I was overzealous to bring my sites to the first pages of Google and used tools to blast links. I got there all right but suddenly my sites fell in ranks from the first pages to something over 200 positions and stayed there for a looong time(3 months aprox.) My sites were hurt, I was hurt financially and have since been careful. After reading your “Pages Not Posts” as well as your other tips, I started to implement them and saw positive changes.

    Comment by Eufreeads — December 20, 2011 @ 8:49 am

  3. I’m guilty of the next bright shiny object syndrome, but always end up coming back to BU. Thanks Mike

    Comment by Wendy Owen — December 20, 2011 @ 4:32 pm

  4. Thank you for your article. I have purchased and wasted a lot of money and time using other systems and it got me only temporary success, which left me to try something else and leaving me very overwhelmed. Many of my sites are ranking well all due to Blogging Underground.
    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

    Comment by Mike Deering — December 20, 2011 @ 6:07 pm

  5. Ouch! You have reminded me of my past – grabbing all those shiny objects and getting distracted. You are right: Don’t lose focus on what works, which is quality contectual links from blogs in the category of the area of the website.

    Comment by R Ulbricht — December 20, 2011 @ 6:34 pm

  6. Hi, Mike

    I love the concept of blogging underground. However, how do you know that BU blog network isn’t against google rules for linkbuilding. Thanks.

    Comment by dey — December 21, 2011 @ 1:58 am

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    Comment by The Hero — January 11, 2012 @ 12:34 am

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