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Build Pages – Get Links

If you are familiar with me or Article Underground you should know that my primary sumary of what it takes to make it big in Internet Marketing and Web Publishing is the Mike Liebner mantra “Build Pages – Get Links!”.

I jokingly say Mike Liebner MANTRA because in the private Article Underground members only forum, that saying has become a running joke of sorts! In fact one member created his own avatar that had a superhero looking guy with Build Pages – Get Links on his pumped up chest! Very funny!

But it is TRUE – BUILDING WEB PAGES with great keywords on them and GETTING GOOD LINKS with excellent keywords in them can help a web publisher push their pages to the top of Google! It’s the way it works boiled down to the core!

It’s so simple, yet so many people get stumped along the way to building successful web sites that attract people and make money! They over analyze every nuance and detail and get so distracted they DO NOT spend enough time building pages and getting good links! And then they wonder why they are not MAKING LOTS OF MONEY!

It’s funny, but this morning as I was listening to the radio I heard fitness guru Jillian Michaels (from Biggest Loser fame) repeat her MANTRA which was “Eat Less – Move More!”

I laughed out loud because BUILD PAGES – GET LINKS is so remarkably close to EAT LESS MOVE MORE!!! And you know what – her mantra too is simple yet makes so much sense in so many ways. BUT dieters too get distracted!

If you want to lose weight – sure – you can listen to the experts and all their varying viewpoints and analyze all the millions of fitness and dietary methods that can help you shed pounds, but really it all boils down to eating less food and better food and moving more so you burn more calories.

Eat less – move more – Build Pages – Get Links!

So… if you would like to make more money with your web sites I highly suggest that you find a way to make your time spent working as efficient as you possibly can. It’s truly a numbers game and the game is easy to win and conquer, but there is no way around it – you need to build web sites with lots of great content and keywords on the pages and get the best quality links you can pointing at those pages.

It’s simply not enough these days to hope the links pointing at your home page will be enough to get top rankings for LOTS OF KEYWORDS and bring you tons of traffic.

Google likes web sites that grow and are freshly updated and have lots of great words on them! When they see text links grow over time and see all the great keywords in the links they will happiloy push your web pages up the ranks which means more people will see your web pages listed on Google and you’ll get more visitors! If you have great products featired on your web pages – people will buy and that’s how you make it big!

It’s simple really – BUILD PAGES – GET LINKS!

If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to make money on the net – please watch the Article Underground video called “The Missing Link”. It tells you where the money comes from and will give you the push you need to start building pages and getting links! At least I hope it does!

LINK > Missing Link Video

Best wishes for successful marketing!

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  1. There’s all sorts of ways to make money from web publishing but you hit the nail on the head – build pages, because they’re what the advert sits on and get links because they’re what tells the search engines to send people to them.
    It’s hard work when you start, you look at earnings of just a few cents and it’s easy to get disheartened. The trick, in the early days is just to build pages, get links and ignore everything else.
    Then you get milestones.. $1.00 a day then $10 a day. This month I just missed my $200 milestone – not bad for a day. That’s $1400 a week or $73,000 a year.
    Throw in some affiliate programs and you suddenly realize your penny ha’penny business as we call it in the UK is actually quite a good business and you can give up the day job.
    My business has given me the time to write a book and pay the mortgage. It’s released on March 13 and is listed on Amazon now. Cool hey?
    Thanks Mike – you do a good job and give value for money, if people would just listen carefully and do what you say. You have to work at it but the rewards are there to be had.
    If you’re interested in gardening (plug alert!) why not take a look at my Vegetable Growing Guides
    There’s money in them there cabbages!

    Comment by Johnhson — February 27, 2008 @ 5:36 pm

  2. Mike,

    I have read this post twice. I lot of good sense in what you say. I know I am guilty of making thing more complex that they should be. So this post kind hit home with me. I will try to follow your
    MANTRA in the future and I believe that I will do much better.

    Thanks again for the great post.

    Comment by hblawhorn — February 27, 2008 @ 8:35 pm

  3. Mike you’re right. Pages,links and lot’s of them. Like everything else it’s a matter of quality and numbers.

    Comment by Josef_Carletti — March 6, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

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