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Look at my blog which is # 1 on Google!

Look at my blog which is # 1 on Google! I’ll show it to you!

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here, the internet marketing guy and it’s been really crazy this past week since opening the doors for the official launch of  Blogging Underground! I’ve done so much work packed into such a short amount of time – but – hey – it’s worth it as Blogging Underground now has more members than ever and it’s still going nuts one week into the launch!

 Now, I know most internet marketers are weary about sharing their websites and showing you actual top rankings, but I am going to show you one of my sites which is currently number one for a good volume “exact match” keyword with high profitability.

I have a free 48 minute video download for you where I go to Google and look up my keyword and show you my site which is ranked number one! Then I show you how YOU can do it too!

Please register for my Blogs Equal Money Newsletter and I will send it to you immediately!

In the “Link Your Way To The Top”  video I show you my actual dog blog which is ranking #1 on Google and I give you the full lowdown on what you need to do to get top rankings just like this any time you want! I show you the site and tell you what I did so you can do it too! It’s much easier than you may realize if you get a couple of things right!

I’m not afraid to do this because my site DESERVES to be number one and the way we get top rankings at Blogging Underground is not evil or something you’d be afraid to tell GRAMMA about! – inside joke – if you wouldn’t want to tell your Grandma how you did it – it can’t be something you’d be proud of!

I’d share this with Gramma for sure! No guilt!

So… I got to number one by creating a good site that serves the target keyword phrase and has a small amount of links pointing at it from some of the Blogging Undergound “announcement blogs”.

Nothing too complex. It was easy! Anyone can do this!

Is it a great site that should win awards? NO! But it serves the target keyword well and I am sure Google is more than happy to keep it at number one because people who click on my page linked on top of Google will be happy with the content they get.

I show this site (it’s a WordPress blog) and I even show YOU how you too can get top rankings in the free 48 minute video – go ahead and optin for my Blogs Equal Money Newsletter and I will immediately send you a link to the video.

It could be a product on it’s own and it is called “Link Your Way To The Top” .

The video is really special and I would like to give it to you for free!

“Link Your Way To The Top” is a 48 minute training video that shows you in great detail how I did it and shows how easy it is to get top rankings on Google when you get two things right!

 1. ONE 2. TWO (Hey – watch the video will ya!)

I just put up the full resolution jumbo sized MP4 file that you can download and watch on you iPad, iPod, PC or just about any device! Go get it now it’s free!

Please register for my Blogs Equal Money Newsletter and I will send it to you immediately!


If you’re serious about making more money online the secret is getting more traffic to your web site! In the video I show you how to get more top rankings and lots of free traffic!

Register at Blogs Equal Money Newsletter and I wll send you the video!

Whether you are a beginner or a web traffic professional, I think you’ll agree the 48 minute “Link Your Way To The Top” video is loaded with great ideas and techniques to help you get to work on snagging some more of that sweet targeted traffic that a number one ranking on Google will bring you!

You can download or watch the brand new 48 minute video for “Link Your Way To The Top” after signing up for free at Blogs Equal Money Newsletter

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  13. Mike, you always put out great information. This is a terrific blog with al kinds of value. You’ve walked the walk and you know what you are doing.

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  14. I’ve joined your network Mike and read through Pages not Posts. I really like the way you spent time diluting the rubbish that’s out there at the moment and encouraging us to keep it simple. The information overload out there is brain frying material. I believe your one of the good ones. Found you through James Schramko.

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  19. Hay Mike,

    I 100% agree with you my friend, the exact match is what you should be looking to rank for no the broad, I have also noticed myself that, the exact match have at times less traffic them the broad, mostly because of the fact it is exact, i also tend to try and target keyphrases of more then three words they seem to rank better just like you did for “internet marketing blog”.

    Love the value you have provided here.

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