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Are you making enough with Adsense?

Are you making enough with Adsense?

Are you down on Google Adsense?

Are you looking to squeeze more profits from your high traffic web pages??? It’s easy when you match the pages with related affiliate products!

I’ve got some info that will help those looking to monetize their web sites with selling affiliate products.

I just recorded a new video about selling affiliate products in addition to, or instead of Adsense, plus a tip on an info product that can help you make more money writing articles.

The new Camtasia video covers selling affiliate products and showcases the Article Underground affiliate program.


A few people have asked me lately why I am DOWN on Google Adsense, and in reality I am not DOWN on it – but am looking for alternative methods to monetize my web sites.

Adsense is GREAT if you want a simple and easy way to monetize your web pages. It’s brainless and requires no thought. Just slap on the code and Google will pick the ads and pay you some money for the clicks. HOWEVER if you can spare a few extra minutes doing research and custom selecting affiliate products (or your own products) and putting them on your web pages that get the most traffic – you will be rewarded far greater than the dollars and cents you will get from Adsense clicks alone.

I’m not saying you should dump Adsense, but what I am saying is to go out there and try some other methods of monetizing your web sites. Create your own products, build your own opt-in lists of subscribers, join affiliate programs and promote good products that are targeted to the keywords your web pages are getting traffic for and your earnings will GO UP!

So have a look at the video, and if you have any web sites on business opportunities, work at home, webmaster or internet marketing – please consider promoting Article Underground. It pays you 50% month after month when you recruit new members! It’s really one of the best affiliate programs around and can make you a lot of money!

Have a look at the video!


Mike Liebner


  1. Many people have observed their Adsense earnings dropping since they started monetizing through Google Adsense. A possible explanation could be that some of the sites their Adsense accounts are on have low click-through-rates (CTRs), thus it affects their overall Adsense earnings even on sites which have high CTRs. One can try removing all adsense ads from such low-performing sites, to see if one’s Adsense earnings do improve after a week or so.

    However, quite some internet marketing gurus these days feel that the “Adsense Game” may not be as profitable in the past, and it is a known fact that many people who used to have numerous sites to play the Adsense method have since decided not to renew their domain name subscriptions. A good way of earning through internet marketing would be through List-Building and through Affiliate Marketing. List-building creates a good relationship with one’s clients and customers, and the long term relationships lead to repeat sales and much bigger purchases due to the trust and respect built up over time in servicing and giving value to one’s list members. Affiliate Marketing on the other hand earns you a lot more per sale, as compared to typical Google Adsense clicks which leads the traffic away from your website.

    To this effect, to learn more about the proven techniques and strategies used in Internet Marketing, I would strongly recommend the FREE and value-overloaded online Internet Marketing School. For those willing to pay a small but affordable monthly subscription of USD20, the up-and-coming World Internet Academy portal offers superb step-by-step guidance on all the key foundational subjects of marketing online!

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