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Add Your Blog Feeds to My New RSS Directory

Need backlinks? Add your RSS FEED and get linked instantly!

I just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of my new feed directory site RSS 6 which I made for you guys to get links FAST for your blogs.

Simply set up a new free account and then login to add your RSS FEEDS.

The site is very unique as it was made from the ground up to be “marketing friendly”! It will link your most recent post on the front page of RSS6 plus it will create a PAGE for your feed with the keyword you choose as the TITLE of your page on Rss6.

The page will also list your other posts on the page for your feed and unlike other directories – the links are actual HTML links  toyour pages. No redirects or cgi mumbo jumbo – just pure links so the pages get noticed fast!

Also – unlike most directories – we actually keep an archive of your posts – they are permanent in that they will alway sremain in our index of post URLS from your feeds – however – a big distinction is that the pages do not automatically update to show your newest feeds. A logged in user must click the REFRESH FEED button in order to add the latest posts on your feed. If the feed was updated it will add your most recent posts to our directory.

This is a lot better than most directories which only show the most recent post or 10 posts.

Stop by and have a look – it’s nifty and cool and a great way to get your pages crawled and indexed fast!

I made a feature tour video of RSS 6 which you will find at:


Please do me a favor though – if you find this resource valuable – please promote it on one of your sites with a link! I’d really appreciate it if you returned the favor and sent a little link juice my way!

I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook

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  8. Hey Mike!

    Thanks for this information, and I really appreciate the subject line.

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  12. it’s good to see folks placing tools and sites like yours on the web that helps us all.

    I’ll make sure Ill add my blogs to your RSS feed site for sure.

    Comment by Jason — September 5, 2010 @ 1:48 pm

  13. Nice to see someone sharing NEW information rather than just regurgitating old stuff and helping out us new guys!

    Comment by Steve — September 15, 2010 @ 4:14 am

  14. Greetings Brother Mike

    I agree, it it’s nifty and cool :D!

    Thank You!!!

    Comment by Gugulethu — October 2, 2010 @ 1:52 pm

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