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Which is better: Exact Duplicate Content or Similar?

Should you stay away from using PLR articles because Google hates duplicate content???

It’s not that Google hates duplicate content – after all – they index millions of pages that have duplicate content – so if they hate it – why do they bother indexing it at all???

The “duplicate content penalty” myth has gotten out of control! You really need to be more SPECIFIC when you talk about this stuff or tons of people will get scared and take the poor advice on avoiding duplicate content because they think they will get banned or hit in the face with a brick.

Simply not so.

So – does that mean that Google LOVES duplicate content – or do they just hate it but tolerate it???

I wrote a few articles that will give you insight – I suggest you read them because they have all the dirt! I’ll link them at the bottom, but let’s try to get one of those summary type statements in the mix.

I say that you need to look at it like Google and the other search engines do – they want to rank a page on top – so they do their calculations and stuff and make decisions.

Do they do something DRASTIC when they see a page that  looks like another page in their index???

NO! They don’t PENALIZE you just for being similar to another page – but they might penalize you for something else!

Yes, Google most likely prefers content that is NOT “EXACT DUPLICATE CONTENT”!

Ahhhh… so that means similar content is better than EXACT, right???

YES! That’s the best way to look at it! (continued – read more of this article…)

Google Proxy Hacking and Duplicate Content

Google Proxy Hacking and Duplicate Content

Thanks to Article Underground member Aitch for bringing this great article by Dan Thies on Google Proxy Hacking to my attention. It explains what it is and how by getting proxy sites indexed with web content from our web sites, it gets them indexed by Google and therefor creates exact duplicate content. Google sees this and penalties and all kinds of problems may occur. mAINLY, THE PROXY OFTEN BUMPS YOU FROM YOUR TOP RANKINGS! oUCH!

I’ve had this happen with my sites in the past. In some cases when notified of the offending malicious proxy, Google removed them from their index. But this was only with intentional malicious indexing of hijacked content. Google still lets some of the proxy sites get a free pass and allows the content to be indexed.

Well, I could go on explaining it to you but Dan’s article does such a terrific job I will let you go over there to read up on this disturbing subject.

>>>  http://www.seofaststart.com/blog/google-proxy-hacking (continued – read more of this article…)

PLR Articles: Similar Content or Exact Duplicate Content???

I just got an email asking if there was any profit potential with Article Underground PLR Articles because of “duplicate content penalties” causing problems with getting traffic.

Ahhhh…. looking at the galss half empty instead of half full… As I have said before – it’s all in the way you look at things.

When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change!

Absolutely there can be profits using PLR articles! You can use the articles in many creative ways that will snag you targeted traffic that buys products or clicks! 

You need WORDS on your web pages and lots of them IF you want lots of free search engine traffic! PLR articles can be a great way to build up web sites and create high value real content pages that people will want to visit!

PLR articles are great inexpensive tools you can use to build web pages that will bring your web site(s) more targeted traffic!

Not ALL PLR Articles are crap! Article Underground articles have real value to visitors. That’s what you should be concerned about. Will people be happy when they visit my web site?

It’s how you use PLR articles though that can help you get more traffic than the other guys who may be less fond of working. It’s not hard work even – it’s smart work that makes your web pages better than the Average Joe’s!

Using a PLR article on a web page is not in itself going to get you #1 on Google! It’s how you use the article to build a web page with good profitable words and real value for the visitors – you need to find your audience. You need good quality links pointing at the page!

There are variables that make one page better than another. Variables that make one web site more powerful and authoritative than others.

The best of us will find ways to make our web sites better.

So – what about duplicate content?? Isn’t it a problem?

There is a big difference bewtween SIMILAR content – such as pages incorporating PLR articles – an EXACT DUPLICATE CONTENT – such as identical pages.

I’ll share some info that you should find helpful and at the bottom I’ll include links to some further discussions. Dupe content is a hot topic!

First off, Article Undeground members join for a number of reasons. The articles may be one of them. There are many other features that are worth the price of the subscription. Links in the blogs may be enough! Also great research and tutorials and a killer private forum.

AU Members see value in many of the benefits. That is why I still have many members from back in Feb. of 2006. They stay members because they keep getting value.

Not all of the 350 AU members actually download each months zip. Generally it is about HALF.

Current – as of today – 24 days after the current sets were released – downloads are as follows:

April 16, 2007 Article set 1 – 127 of 350 downloaded
April 16, 2007 Article set 2 – 108 of 350 downloaded

And of those 108 that downloaded set 1’s 400 articles – not every member will use each one of the 400 articles in the zip. Even if they use MANY of the articles there is a good chance they will modify the articles at least a little. It pays to spend a little extra effort on tweaking.

Even if they do not modify, tweak or creatively use the articles (they do) – a duplicate or “syndicated article” does not in itself cause problems with Google. It depends on the application as to whether Google will want to index the page.

Also, there are a million and one ways to creatively use the articles. It’s too easy to midify them and make YOUR web pages more unique. It is a rare chance that 2 members will use an article in exactly the same way. It is rare that 2 web pages are identical. AU offers tutorials on how to customize articles and create unique web sites that have YOUR PERSONALITY stamped on them.

Duplicate Content can be looked at in several different ways. It’s not a death sentence in itself to have an article that someone else has on their web site – in fact – there is no reason to worry about posting a PLR or syndicated article on your web site – that in itself is not a problem. It’s SIMILAR CONTENT not an EXACT DUPLICATE web page.

That’s how newspaper sites do it when they syndicate their articles. There is no penalty as such against that.

So what kinds of so-called “duplicate content” are there out there???

1. Similar Content – PLR Articles – News Syndication – Original Articles on more than 1 site – (parts of a page are the same as pages on site or on other sites)

2. Exact Duplicates (same web pages 100% as others on site or off site)

3. Public Directory Article Syndication (when 1,000’s of people use the same exact articles unmodified and with the same author box and external text links – as in the case of goarticles.com and ezinearticles.com)

I’ll give you my take on each:

1. In the case of similar content with PLR articles or articles you have written and use on more than 1 site – there should be no concern. Use your own template or design your own web page for each site that will include an article. (continued – read more of this article…)

What does Google have to say about duplicate content?

What does Google have to say about duplicate content?

Ooops… I should not have repeated/duplicated the title… hope they don’t penalize this blog!

Happy New Year! Wow! It’s 2007!

OK, so I have been doing a good amount of research recently on Google and Duplicate Content.

It appears that they finally have addressed the issue publicly and their policies have been quietly unveiled.

If you would like to read more and get in on the conversation, please visit the AU Members Private Forum and discuss it with us!

We’d love to hear what you think!

So far I just created 3 posts on this topic.

1. My conclusion about how “boilerplate repetition” as Google puts it, may be the reason some of my pages have been delegated to “supplemental status”.

Uh oh! Templates and blocks of text repeated throughout a site may be hurting us! Are you using disclaimers or privacy policies in your template? Or maybe have repeating tips and or resources??? That may just trip an alarm!

“Minimize boilerplate repetition: For instance, instead of including lengthy copyright text on the bottom of every page, include a very brief summary and then link to a page with more details.”

Wow… that made a light bulb go off…

“bolierplate repetition”

OK, this could be a problem for us… Google appears to be cracking down on the use of ‘boilerplate repetition” and cookie cutter premade sites and templates in general – especially ones that have footprints… ie easily identifiable sections of code/text that may have been used by “abusers”.

So if they find a SPAMMER who had pages that they penalized and/or banned a site and they noted an identifier such as < -- insert your spam content or article content here --> they can use that to find other spammers.

That’s a footprint. Any repeating block of text or code is. That includes HTML code. (continued – read more of this article…)

Duplicate Content is an Urban Legend

Duplicate Content is an Urban Legend… kinda!

Do you have web pages that are IDENTICAL to other pages on the web??? Identical as in EXACT???

I hope not! IDENTICAL is NOT GOOD!

OK, I have had many conversations with some of the top people in the business of internet marketing and we have come to some conclusions about why “duplicate content” is an overblown concern that just has too many implications to answer with a yes or no or black or white answer.

First off – everybody has a different idea in their head when they ask about it…

When people ask me about duplicate content they usually frame it in questions such as:

“Your system sounds great BUT how can 350 people all rank #1 with the same article?”


“Won’t Google penalize me if I have duplicate content on my site”


“If everybody else is using the same articles as me won’t I get penalized for duplicate content???”

The short answer is NO! NO! NO NO NO!

And I will elaborate on this so we can get some things clear.

DUPLICATE CONTENT should be a concern if you are STEALING an exact web page or article that you do not own.

In that case the copyright owner can ask Google to remove you from their index and they will. Not because it is a duplicate, but because it is STOLEN CONTENT!

Look at the phrase “DUPLICATE CONTENT PENALTY” and tell me what that means to you???

Is there a penalty???

Will they ban you???

Well, if there is a penalty there should be a Google webmaster guideline somewhere that says something like “NEVER use any content that appears on another web page or we’ll hit you with a penalty or ban your ass.”

Whoaaaahhh…. he said “ass” Chuckle…

If that were the case all the big PR 7 – 8 and up newspaper web sites would be purged from Google’s index for using all the exact same syndicated articles! That’s just not going to happen!


The web is founded on the principal that people share good things… they share clip art, pictures, music and WORDS!

How many times have you seen a blog that will reprint a newspaper article or press release??? Are they getting banned???

The nature of the web lends itself to sharing.

So, if that is the case, why would Google penalize a site just because a web site has a page that may have some of the same words… did you notice how I said SOME of the same words???

SOME because almost every web page on the net has OTHER words than the ARTICLE it is publishing.

My point is that pages in real life are almost never EXACT DUPLICATES! They all have different templates, different author boxes and links, different bios, different navigation links, different advertisements… I mean c’mon! The pages should have some identity of their OWN other than just copying and pasting an article. That isn’t smart. Add something!

If you are so concerned about other web pages having the same articles – add your own twist! Tweak the pages! Add your own words to make the page your own!

It’s so easy!

Simply add an INTRODUCTION – a middle COMMENTARY – a SUMMARY or CONCLUSION in your own words!

Maybe even add an extra paragraph!

How about adding some personality to your pages and don’t just settle for copy and paste! It’s really easy! Add your own words and you will rise to the top!

OK, now that I got that out of the way… let me show you an EXAMPLE where DUPLICATE CONTENT can get you in trouble (maybe not a penalty or banned, but maybe points off…)

There is a trend among lazy webmasters out there to build these huge MONDO DIRECTORY sites that use articles from the PUBLICLY ABUSED article directories (such as goarticles.com etc.).

These webmasters have a program or use a script that simply takes the articles as they are and adds them to a web page. Usually their template is sparse at best, and usually has very few extra words other than category links… (NEAR Empty templates are not good – they leave footprints – especially when 100’s of other “button pushing” webmasters are making huge directories with the same sparse templates and publicly abused articles! Can you say FOOTPRINT? It’s like saying hey – look at me – I’m pushing a button too!)

Now this case is a problem… because the sites will have hundreds or even thousands of “me too pages” and they’ll all have many factors in COMMON – not just duplicate content.

Now, it isn’t really the CONTENT/ARTICLE that makes it so easy for Google to find these “machine generated sites” – it is the AUTHOR CREDIT BOX – ie BIO!

The AUTHOR CREDIT is required by the author of the article and may not be tampered with. It’s terms and conditions state that you can use the articles on your sites BUT you must leave the author box INTACT links and all.

So what happens???

Hundreds and even thousands of pages with the SAME WORDS all have the same IDENTICAL AUTHOR BOXES and same exact TEXT LINKS! Many of these text links even point at pages that are on domains banned by GOOGLE! (continued – read more of this article…)

Nichebot audio file plus Special Deal (double credits)

Do you have a couple of spare hours to listen to the new audio file on duplicate content?
Jim Morris and I did webinar on May 7th for Nichebot subscribers and Jim was nice enough to allow me to share the MP3 file with Article Underground members and Words Eqaul Money newsletter subscribers. I’m also announcing it here on my blog!

>>> MP3 Audio Download

(continued – read more of this article…)

I’m Down on Cookie Cutter Adsense tm Web Sites

I’m down on Cookie Cutter Adsense tm web sites, but am I wrong about that? It’s just that it seems next to impossible for them to get any traffic…

With Article Underground I encourage members to make unique web sites that have their own creative touches and personal character sprinkled all over them. I show them many techniques to make sure their pages are not duplicates of others that are out there.

But an emerging trend seems to be people buying cookie cutter pre-made Adsense web sites that are completed and ready to publish as is.

Complete with articles and template and even links. Some even have the same ebook giveaways.

Did you know that Google and the other search engines originally developed DUPLICATE CONTENT FILTERS to filter out IDENTICAL and EXACT DUPLICATES???

They don’t care so much if many web sites are using the same articles, but they do care if MANY pages are clogging their indexes and the pages are IDENTICAL. (continued – read more of this article…)

Internet Marketing and Better Backlinks

If you are interested in getting more free web traffic from search engines you will want to read this!

Hi it’s Mike Liebner and I am proud that my most successful online SEO project Blogging Underground, has matured into a full featured membership with a large list of features and benefits (most notably providing better backlinks!) that are helping business owners, internet marketers and webmasters of all types make more money from getting more targeted traffic to their websites!

Our traffic generating strategy is very powerful and is working very well now in 2014 and will be just as effective in the years ahead! In fact – this most recent algo update makes our primary technique of relevant contextual backlinks even more powerful than ever!

Blogging Underground aka BU, has really blossomed into a valuable asset for many web publishers who are getting lots of free search engine traffic from top rankings from posting articles in the BU blog network.

I was just recently asked a question about the blog network and the backlinks from Blogging Underground and I wrote a detailed response and decided I would like to share it with you here at my Internet Marketing Blog.

The question was: “How is Blogging Underground different than other blog networks?”

Thanks for asking! I could fill a few pages responding!

The simple answer is that Blogging Underground is very powerful because it allows members to post articles and get links within the content of their articles which are published immediately (or can be scheduled).

Links from articles with relevant content are very powerful and Blogging Underground makes it easier to get these kinds of super powered in-content text links!

There is no denying it – if our best web pages on our websites have keyword relevant text links pointing to them from relevant articles on other websites than our own that are indexed and trusted by Google – our linked pages will have substantially better rankings for keyword searches relating to the content!

Usually it is pretty hard to get these top shelf kinds of links.

Blogging Underground members have it easy with a Blog Post Utility that gives instant access to post any time they want in any of the 200+ blogs in the BU network.

Because it is so easy to post articles in the Blog Post Utility (BPU) which has a familiar WordPress like dashboard, Blogging Underground is much more fun to use than trolling for link partners or submitting articles to spammy directories!

Blogging Underground makes it easy to post articles in any of over 200 high quality blogs, with themes and categories to select from covering a wide range of topics!

These high quality blogs are spread across the globe on many different servers, ip addresses and hosting plans, giving us an even bigger boost to our pages that are linked!

It’s never been easier to get links fast and members who take advantage of the blog network as a part of a top rankings process can gets fantastic results very quickly.

Really – there is no other place like Blogging Underground right now – so almost everything is different compared to the other kinds of “blog networks” and automated link schemes.

Blogging Underground links are instant and work and are safe to use on your best and most important web sites! Of course they are also very good for linking to buffer and feeder sites too, such as free hosted blogs or social sites.

Not all links are created equal. Ours are the best!

More than ever after penguin and panda we need to be aware that some links, especially when in large quantities, are not only “low value” links that have little or no benefit, they’re also just plain dangerous and risky and can jeopardize the work you’ve done and the success you may enjoy with your sites.

The strategy at BU is to NOT BLAST LIKE A ROBOT or do other risky linking tricks.

Sure you can get a huge number of links from some other places, which may seem on the surface to be smart, but in reality they often have footprints associated with them and can really cause more damage than good! Comment links for example!

My intention is NOT to knock the other places you can get links. They are often OK for many purposes and adequate to use on feeder sites or lower value sites that are not your main money makers. The problem with a lot of the other places you can get links is the methods they use are risky. Blasting is NOT always the best to get to the top (and stay on top!).

With Blogging Underground helping you get backlinks, you need less links to get #1 rankings because the links from BU are better. Much much better. The kind of links you get as a member of Blogging Underground are the kind of backlinks Google likes the most because we do all the right things and do not do any of the things they do not like. We do not try to trick them or blast them for a quick short term gain.

Like I said earlier, not all links are created equal. Our links are the best kind! A few links on the Blogging Underground blog network go a long way!

Links from the Blogging Underground network of announcement blogs are the best kind of permanent relevant links that help you rank #1 for an exact keyword phrase.

  • The backlinks are featured prominently right in the body of the relevant content that YOU are 100% in charge of – and if you want – YOUR blog post content can be whatever you want it to be (original and unique on each post if you want, or snippets cut from good quality PLR articles work well with little effort).

You’re not stuck with the waiting and restrictions and duplicate crap that most other places pump out.

Most of the other places are too risky – we do exactly what Google likes the best – in fact – getting the right kind of links from BU is sort of like having an insurance policy to make sure they see good links coming in to your site – not just the same old garbage links that a lot of people blast their sites with.

Sure – a lot of people are happy to push a button and get a blast of 100’s or 1,000’s of backlinks – BUT – face it – Google is very smart and they know when that kind of stuff happens. They’re too smart and can see the patterns and they will not count those massive low quality links for much if anything – in fact – if you do too much too soon and too much like a robot – they may penalize you and put you in the penalty box – or worse yet – BAN YOUR SITE – or in extreme cases BAN YOUR SERVER (all of your sites).

Me, I don’t want to deal with all that stuff. I’d much rather give Google exactly what they want and give them the right kind of backlinks and NOT try to trick them by blasting them with massive low quality link spam.

I can make too much money by building sites the right way and linking them the way I know will safely get me number one rankings and keep there for a long time! That’s why I created the Blogging Underground network of announcement blogs – so I could safely link and stay out of trouble with Google.

Being a member of Blogging Underground with access to the growing network of announcement blogs is like having your own HUGE network of blogs that you can post in ANY TIME you want!

You can get the BEST KIND of RELEVANT BACKLINKS instantly any time you want! The posts are published right away. No waiting.

You get full access to every blog (over 200 right now and growing) from one central login and can post exactly the best way to get top rankings.

The blogs are all aged and have been indexed and respected by Google for a long time and are on servers and IP’s all over the world. Our members are getting tons of top rankings fast and easy and more important they stay on top because our links are valuable for a long time!

I could go on and on because I put a lot of time and effort to make this Blogging Underground network of announcement blogs work the right way.

Just think of it this way – if you tried to build this kind of blog network yourself it would cost a fortune. I know because I spent a lot of money over many years to get the sites indexed and respected by Google. Every month I gladly spend thousands of dollars on dedicated servers and domains.

I gladly share the hard work and give access to my network of blogs so you too can get top rankings fast and easy by posting and getting links in the blogs!

You do not need to build your own network.

You can just join Blogging Underground and use as many of the blogs as you want right away like they were your own without having to wait years for them to get a good reputation and pay all that money to keep them up.

The bottom line is – the links you get from Blogging Underground are the kind Google loves and they trust our blogs!

Well, I hope that answered the question and gives you a better idea about how Blogging Underground is different and BETTER than the “other blog networks”!

If you want to see the current number of blogs we have in the network – stop by to see the blog counter at:

Blogging Underground

Right now it shows 336 blogs at the time of this message, but hardly a day goes by that we don’t have new blogs added!

You’ll also find some great free training including a free PDF called “Pages NOT Posts” along with videos at my Blogs Equal Money site:

Blogs Equal Money

I hope you’ll stop by to sign up for the news updates and check out the free training! It’s worth so much more than free and I am constantly sending out new videos and training to those that register for updates!

Thanks for reading this!

Mike Liebner

Please see my new article on Exact Match Domains

Bloggers and writers check out this new article with backlinking tips – some techniques are so easy and so rewarding they really shouldn’t be passed by!

Change is GOOD but Damn that penguin!

Is there an angry Penguin bearing down on you?

Change is GOOD (but Damn that penguin!)

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here with a few words on the ever changing SEO landscape.

There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation going around these days regarding changes Google has made to their search engine results. It started about a month ago with the deindexing of a lot of websites and once again the past week with new changes how Google is ranking websites in search results.

A lot of confused people are speculating about things that don’t have any real world proof of and are passing the info around as if it is factual.

Google loves when people pass around all kinds of bad intelligence because the NOISE helps make it more confusing for SEO type people to “manipulate Google” for top rankings.

It’s understanding to expect that Google wants to show good results, but the problem is that when major changes such as with this so called Penguin update affect so many legitimate websites and businesses, that people start to yell and scream and panic.

There are actually petitions being passed around to demand that Google do something to fix what they just did.

Good luck with that!

Here is the Google Penguin petition if you want to read it.

I suggest instead of hoping that someone else will FIX the problems you may have encountered that you accept a little responsibility and put some effort into finding out the solutions to any losses that you may have incurred from the algo changes.

Try to focus on what you know is really happening – ideally to you and your sites – and don’t make too many assumptions unless you see for yourself they are indeed fact based conclusions.

If you were impacted by the changes Google has been making I sincerely believe you can make changes and do some sensible things to get things back on track.

Now, first off – if you’re in this web publishing thing for the long haul, which I am, you need to adopt an attitude of confidence in your abilities to do better than most other people who plain and simple do not belong here.

We can beat them even IF the rules change. So do not give up.

Simply do what it takes to get back on top.

So what has happened? Has Google made changes to intentionally rub out small timers like you and me? Are they trying to favor the fat cat established authority sites and big corporations and edge out the little guys from the top of the search engines? (continued – read more of this article…)

Most Expensive Keywords

It may be Summer but there are still niches that are very lucrative to go after. What are the most expensive keywords right now???

I have compiled a large amount of Google URL research data showing keywords and their estimated average cost per click for Google Adwords advertisers.

The reports not only include bids, but also approximate average search volume (Last month + monthly average).

The data accumulated is eye opening and shows some potentially lucrative markets that have fierce competition. When advertisers are willing to bid high dollar amounts for a keyword phrase, it usually indicates there is a lot of money to be made from keywords in that competitive niche.

Insurance and Web Hosting for example have 1,000’s of keyword phrases that people are currently bidding as much as $39.23 per click. (continued – read more of this article…)

It’s a numbers game!

I often get emails from members of Article Underground, or from susbcribers of my marketing newsletter. Occasionally I will include them here on my blog.

Here is a message I got today and the response. It may be helpful for others.

“I would like to ask your advice. I am doing a website on KEYWORD PHRASE. I know this is a massive market but I took your advice and used a mis spelling hoping to get traffic through the back door. I am on the first page of google for this term, but am still not getting a lot of traffic. I have got about 13 articles on there and intend to put lots more on. I am currently going back over the mistakes I made when I first joined AU. EG. changing titles, duplicate posting and link text as I thought this may be the reason. I have also set up 2 other web sites on this theme and 2 blogs which all point to the main site. My main concern is that the market is too broad anyway. I’m not niave enough to know that 13 articles is going to get me hoards of traffic but I wanted to ask your honest opinion  if you think I should stop now and just write it off to experience and concentrate on tighter niches or do you think I should carry on? I don’t want to waste time flogging a dead horse as time is precious and I am already working into the early hours of the morning every day. If you think I should carry on, could you tell me at what stage the traffic should start to flow in more. EG. How many articles need to be on my website and how many articles on average I should be posting on that website per week. I am so focused on making this work, so if I have to start again I will. I just want to get it right and not just be a busy fool!”

Unless you are #1 for “credit card” or “music” you really can’t count on an overwhelming amount of traffic for one keyword. One page or even 10 pages is simply not enough data to make any real conclusions about.

It’s a numbers game!

The key to going after top rankings and free search engine traffic is to put a lot out there. Especially when you are new as many of the larger return traffic phrases need to be earned. It’s a major accomplishment for any new site to get any traffic immediately.

If you are you are on the right track! Search engines reward sites they trust and you earn trust by establishing a track record. So keep putting fresh content out there and earn some respect! Traffic will increase with time. I’m sure if you look at your stats and study the traffic graph you’ll see as you add more pages the trend will be up. That is your goal – always keep the trend up.

Also, some pages will go up – some will go down. Fluctuation is normal. So never rest on one page ranking high as you need to have more aces up your sleeve to slip into place when pages naturally drop. Also – watch your stats so you can catch pages that are dropping and get them back on top by adding more words to the pages (freshness) and also getting the pages more quality text links with the words in them. (continued – read more of this article…)