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Most Expensive Keywords

It may be Summer but there are still niches that are very lucrative to go after. What are the most expensive keywords right now???

I have compiled a large amount of Google URL research data showing keywords and their estimated average cost per click for Google Adwords advertisers.

The reports not only include bids, but also approximate average search volume (Last month + monthly average).

The data accumulated is eye opening and shows some potentially lucrative markets that have fierce competition. When advertisers are willing to bid high dollar amounts for a keyword phrase, it usually indicates there is a lot of money to be made from keywords in that competitive niche.

Insurance and Web Hosting for example have 1,000’s of keyword phrases that people are currently bidding as much as $39.23 per click.

So if you are savvy and willing to go up against the big guns, you should be able to easily grab a small slice of that large and lucrative pie.

Going after longer tail keywords in those same big money niches is one way to do it. Or go after the top keywords and be prepared to stay in it for the long haul. Or both approaches combined.

Wanna see what keywords are big right now???

The Adwords keyword Tool can be found at:


Bid data is hidden unless you “unhide? the data for Average Cost Per Click.

So make sure to select the option to show that data. Then after it gives you a list of keywords and data, save it as a .csv file (for excel). It can then be opened as a spreadsheet and sorted in several ways. By traffic or by bid. Both reveal a lot of potentially lucrative markets.

See how this works in my video file Fishing for Profits

To get a good idea of the current most lucrative niches/topics in the broadest sense, I compiled all of the reports into one large master report and then cleaned out duplicates and low bid keywords. I only looked at 5 dollars and greater. Project one had over 14,000 keywords sorted according to bid amount which I printed out and studied from the top down to see which niches were represented the most.

I created a list of topics/categories for which keywords would fit in. For example INSURANCE represented hundreds of keywords and was the most competitive having the highest AVERAGE bids.

The list I show here is not complete and only reflects data I personally accumulated. So there may be additional subjects and niches that have not been tapped yet.

In addition I am making some of this data only available in the private forum for Article Underground members.

I’ll continue compiling research to find more niches, but here are some of the top niche topics at the top of the list in order of keywords with the most expensive bids. This is a list of topics – NOT KEYWORDS – you need to look at the actual reports to find the individual keywords.

I’ll include a handful of them so you can get an idea of some of the keywords and their bid amounts.

Full list in in the private forum for AU members.

Insurance – Car Home etc
Hosting and Domain Registration
Online Degrees – Nursing
Lawyer Attorney
Credits Loans Mortgages
Software – CRM and Accounting
Network Security
Document Storage and Scanning
Search Engines Web Site Marketing and Traffic
Stock Investing and Mutual Funds
Plastic Surgery and Liposuction

Those are just a few of the topics.

They represent a lot of money spent by advertisers just to get a lead to visit their page. If you have domains ready and can populate with content that fits those categories you can clean up and get some good money from Adsense. All you need is a little traffic and that should be easy.

See the companion file – top 500 expensive keywords to get a better idea of the exact phrases people are paying big bucks for.

_top 500 expensive keywords.xls

NOTE: this excel keyword file is only available in the private forum for Article Underground members. You can get it by joining for $9.95


You can see the keywords in the AU Training video file “Fishing For Profits”

>>> Video Link Here

The $9.95 trial gives you 21 day of full access and includes 400 articles plus access to all features including the 110 announcements blogs in whcih you can get text links to your web pages.

If you have a decent stash of PLR articles, it should be easy to compile a good number of them which could be the basis for an insurance or web hosting site, or whatever niche you go after.

Here is the LINK for 21 Day Trial for AU – only $9.95!



I hope you learned something new! Mike Liebner - I have a lot more great training and tips at the Blogging Underground page on Facebook


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  3. I believe the whole deal of finding out which word gives the most revenue is a hoax/fraud.
    If there was something official about it – Google would have had some reference material to it. In the Google website, it is mentioned
    “How much do I get paid?
    How much you earn depends on a number of factors including how much an advertiser bids on your site — you’ll receive a portion of what the advertiser pays. The best way to find out how much you’ll earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages.”

    Comment by Shaw — February 20, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

  4. The most authoritative way to answer this is to use Google’s Traffic Estimator. They will give you the current CPC range and number of daily clicks for keyword combinations you enter.

    I think it’s obvious that the highest keywords will be in the most competitive and high margin businesses.

    Comment by Sharon — February 21, 2009 @ 11:43 pm

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  19. Thanks for sharing the information. I’m glad that google is making the top bid prices public. Remember though, advertisers do you necessarily pay that much. The actual cost per click is determined by the bid below them and the advertisers quality score. Essentially a $40 bid could cost much less if the advertiser has a 10 quality score and the 2nd position is only bidding $20.00.

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