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>> Viral PLR (continued – read more of this article…)

SEO Tip: New Place To Get Free Links

Who doesn’t need more good links??? Everyone benefits from good links!


I’m always on the lookout for new places that Google loves that we can go to and sign up for free and then be able to create web content that we can publish that contains our links.

One such place you may not know of yet is called soup.io and it’s a PR 5 site with over 35 million pages indexed by Google.

Sign up for a free account and play around and drop in some of your links. It will send your sites some good link juice!


It’s kind of like Tumblr but quirkier. Once you get past the quirks it’s pretty easy to post and drop in your link.

Then when you’re done creating an account and starting a free soup blog with some posts – get it’s rss feed URL for your soup blog (just add /rss to the end of the blog address) and copy the URL and add it to http://www.rss6.com to make sure it gets crawled and indexed fast!

I just created a new account on soup and added it to rss6.com

You can see the free listing at rss6:


Since rss6 gets crawled constantly by Google my new soup blog will certainly get indexed fast so those links will start sending juice!

soup.io is just one place to get free links – you can also do this with tumblr.com and wordpress.com and other free hosted blogs and social sites.

From time to time I’ll let you know about new ones I run across!

If you know of good places to get good free links – let me know!

Now – of course – if you need good relevant links fast on domains that Google loves and indexes like crazy – you should be posting in the Blogging Underground network of blogs!

Right now there is a special holiday offer at Underground PLR with 24,000 PLR Articles that includes a 1 year membership to Blogging Underground!

It’s an amazing package and is 100 bucks less than if you just bought 1 year of BU by itself! Check it out!

I hope you are having some fun out there! It’s busy and crazy for sure!

Best wishes for your online success! (continued – read more of this article…)

Blogging Underground and Facebook

Facebook is great but I must say I regularly have moments where I go – “huh – what is up with that?”

OK, so I admit it. I got caught in this confusing merry go round of a mess trying to get what I would call a “vanity URL” for my Blogging Underground fan page at Facebook. You know a short easy to remember URL (web address).

I already had one for my “personal page” at Facebook and that all made perfect sense:


But what about the business page aka fan page I created for Blogging Underground? It was a long-ass URL that no one would remember.

I wanted to brand my Facebook Blogging Underground “fan page”.

I wanted that URL to be short and sweet too…

Well, I finally figured it out and I now have the URL on Facebook that I have wanted.


Now, I like to think I am pretty sharp – but hey – I’m a busy guy – so I feel like Facebook really gave me a runaround on this whole facebook web address thing and it took me longer than it should have. (continued – read more of this article…)

Twitter Search? Give me a break!

So what’s all this noise about Twitter Search???

Is there really a TWITTER SEARCH??? Oh… OK – I searched for it on Google and found it.

It’s at: http://search.twitter.com/

Twitter Search Sucks!

I could not find Twitter search on my personal twitter page:


(Follow me by the way – I’m clever at fitting in a lot in that cryptic space!)

So what is the big deal about Twitter Search (or is that search twitter?)

It sucks, right???

I keep hearing the web 2.0 gurus out there praising Twitter and on several occasions they proclaimed that Google better watch out becuase Twitter Search is the future.

If you asked me – Twitter itself is lame and Twitter Search is even lamer.

I searched TwitterSearch for best plants for indoor pollution

No results found for my 5 word query??? NONE!

Ohhhhh. was my search above the 160 allowed characters??? Who knows!

 Twitter is less as in USELESS and trust me – in this case LESS is not MORE. It’s just less.

Uhhh… do people search for single words anymore? It’s 2010 for Crissakes.

If you want to find out about something other than single words like dogs or cats you better not waste your time on Twitter. Maybe a 2 workd search like “oil spill” but geez – who wants to get their info from Twitter on an oil spill??? I’m sure there are some clever 160 character pieces on that – but geez – not likely :’> Sorry… I’m starting to sound like Andy Rooney.

I mean c’mon – they (Twitter founders) never really thought this thing out – you know the 160 character limit… I mean hey – most of my URL’s take up the bulk of the post and I am usually scrambling to get in what I want to say in as few words as possible because my URL has already snatched up the characters.

Sure – I could get a shorter URL to use – but isn’t that a hassle to do? IT doesn’t exactly encourage spontaneity when you gotta shorten your URL before tweeting.

Now – I might be missing something here – but if you ask me LIMITS are for sissies! They suck! (continued – read more of this article…)

Twitter – ing about the web

I finally just discovered and experienced Twitter for myself after reading about it often enough.. but now I’ve used it and I actually have an understanding about what it is.

What is Twitter?

Well, I must admit, it’s not exactly what I thought it was.

Follow or be followed….

Twitter is a place online to let people know what you’re doing! It’s a place to let your followers follow what you’re doing or you can follow others.

Sure, I had a vague idea that you could input short bursts of sentences indicating in 140 characters or less what you were doing. But I didn’t quite undestand the part where people would follow you or you could follow other people. It’s all starting to make sense.

I signed up yesterday

LINK > Here is my twitter page for Mike Liebner

(continued – read more of this article…)

Social Bookmarking Wish List! I need your tips!

Social Bookmarking Wish List – I need your tips, comments and suggestions! 

Hi everyone! I need your help!

I am in the process of developing a collaborative software application to help AU members and Article Marketing Newsletter subscribers to easily help each other out with bookmarks and links at the best web 2.0 sites. It will include a rewards system!

The application will be available for free to both Article Underground members and Article Marketing Newsletter subscribers.

As you may already know, Article Underground members have had a collaborative bookmarking section in the private AU members forum, and have been helping each othr with links and bookmarks. But we want to take it a step further and really make it easy for everyone to get as active as possible!

The idea is to reward those that help others the most. That way everyone has an incentive to make an effort to bookmark and link each other!

What I need your help with is ideas on how to make this work the best it can! I also want your suggestions on the best places we need to help automate the linking/bookmarking process.

What sites should we include? What features would you like?

(continued – read more of this article…)

Web 2.0 Obsession – Fast Track Ebook

If you are OBSESSED with learning as much as you can about “Web 2.0” like I am, you may want to consider buying this ebook I found called “Web 2.0 Traffic System”


I just bought it myself and while it’s $47. to buy (at least it’s not $497. like some other web 2.0 products out there!), you will definitely get on the fast track with this report. It also has a nice bonus.

The section on Squidoo is very thorough and will help get you up and running fast!

If you like to research before you leap – this PDF is worth investing in!


I’m Going Web 2.0 with Squidoo

I’ve been quietly studying “web 2.0” in the shadows, but am now coming to the surface and ready to add social bookmarking and web 2.o tactics to the training I provide here on my blog and at Article Underground and other projects in development.

The interesting thing for me about “web 2.0” tactics is that it brings me back to the earliest days of the web (in 1995 for me) when the goal was to publish a web site with real valuable content. That was before we figured out that ranking on top of the search engines for a word could bring us boat loads of money.

Back then it was just TOO EASY to get top rankings than to have to be concerned about creating “valuable content”. As a result time shifted from writing to creating pages with the intention of ranking.

Ironically here we are 11 years later and the trend now is to go back to the basics and provide REAL VALUABLE content and “become an expert”. I’m happy that’s the case!

And you should be too as I’m certain that you are an expert on something!

In the days ahead I’ll be covering the new trends in traffic generation as well as unveiling some interesting projects. I can’t wait to tell you about them.

One of the most exciting Web 2.0 sites I have found is SQUIDOO (how do you say squidoo?).

I’ll be setting up more lenses in the future but for now added one on the Article Underground Content and Traffic System. (continued – read more of this article…)