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A Software Tool to Help You Rank Your Videos

Rank Your Videos on Google’s First Page by Targeting the RIGHT Keywords 100% of the Time

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner from Blogging Underground with a quick heads up on a very cool new software tool to help you rank your videos on top of Google!

It’s called Video Keyword Spy Pro!

With this inexpensive tool you can identify the really EASY keywords to target so that you can rank on page 1 of Google.

It’s still possible to get on page 1 but ONLY if you target the right keywords and stay away from the impossible to rank keywords that are a waste of time and effort!

This killer software steers you away from the difficult and helps you focus on the easy top rankings so you get more traffic with less effort! (continued – read more of this article…)

Get Links That Count!

Blogging Underground Specials – Get Links That Count!

August is a great time to start planting seeds to get ready for the rush of traffic that comes with Back To School, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas.

If you start linking now you’ll be in a great place when all the action heats up!

There are two specially priced article and linking packages I have created that can help you get more of the traffic you deserve from the search engines.

> Blogging Underground Article and Linking Packages

While it is true that Google has clamped down and made it more difficult for spammers to rise up in the rankings by over optimizing and blatant hammering, it is also true that good high quality text links are more important than ever to let them know your pages have valuable content.

When we post articles linking to our pages the right way, we are sending the exact kind of signals that Google wants to see before they’ll even consider ranking you for keywords people search for.

Posting articles in our network of high quality blogs with keyword targeted text links to your newest articles and most important pages will help insure you have the kind of link juice and relevance reputation needed to be found when people search for your keywords.

A lot of Blogging Underground members have found that it is especially effective to use the network of blogs to get links to fortify social posts and other content that already links.

We call this “backlinking our backlinks” and it makes ranking much easier when they see that our links are on pages that get links.

You see links will always be a big part of the formula they use. They’re just using it smarter than the old days when reckless spammers could blast away and bully their way to the top.

Now they look for quality and that’s why links from Blogging Underground are more important than ever!

Right now we have around 200 blogs you can post articles in and they are all indexed by Google and crawled constantly!

There are lots of relevant topics and categories and you can even use your target keywords in up to 5 tags per post to make sure the links carry the max relevance boost!

Here is the link to the special offer that includes thousands of articles and full access to Blogging Underground’s blog network!

> Article and Linking Packages

It’s much easier to win the game when you have a Blogging Underground membership! Check it out and join today so you can plan ahead for a great 4th quarter!

Best wishes for your online success!

Unlimited Traffic Free Report

A dream come true for affiliate marketers! Unlimited traffic!

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here with the link for a free report from a good friend of mine Gauher Chaudhry, who is one of the smartest marketers I know!

> Grab the Free Media Tactics Report Here

This is not your typical weak content, hyped up PDF report like some lame marketers pass off! It is actually filled up with 49 pages of excellent current info on getting targeted traffic!

Gauher himself is an affiliate marketer like us and really knows how to get traffic and more important to convert it into sales!

You’ll be steps ahead of your competition after reading this gem of a free report!

Me, I’m totally into remarketing and this has some great info on that and much more!

Optin and grab it! It’s free!

> Grab the Free Media Tactics Report Here

Best wishes for your online success!

Fluctuating Rankings on Google

Rankings fluctuate more on new sites that have not yet earned authority status.

It’s pretty normal for a new site to go up in rankings and then come back down. It’s not unusual.

The best way to get your site to stabilize is by earning trust as explained in my new article Fluctuating Rankings

Stop by and check out the article and if you can please leave a comment!

Also, in case you missed it – I posted the replay from the “Achieving Critical Mass ” webinar event along with a special double bonus offer when you join Blogging Underground.

I originally put a deadline on the webinar special offer, but as several of you have asked about it – so I am extending the special webinar offer and double bonus.

If you take advantage of either the Quarterly deal – or join the Annual Deal i will give you double the PLR Article Zips. Simply join Blogging Underground and send me a support ticket and I will hook you up with the coupons to go select your bonus zips from the Underground PLR Back Issue Store!

Best wishes for your online success!

Google Top Rankings Screenshots

Look I’m ranking # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and even #7 on Google!

It’s nice to see what we are doing is working! Google loves my site!

I want to share some screenshots with you that shows a current example of how one of my sites is hitting Critical Mass on Google.

Take a look at the screenshots that I just took of my site on Google

The screenshots show how this simple neglected example site, which I built from the ground up in the Blogging Underground training videos, is dominating Google!

Have you ever had the top 5, 6 or 7 spots on Google for a high profit high volume keyword?

This is what happens when our sites hit CRITICAL MASS and Google falls in love with them!

That’s the kind of stuff we do here at Blogging Underground!

I also show you the Google Analytics info for the site along with the Adwords data so you can see the whole picture of what it looks like when we dominate Google! See for yourself! Google loves this site!

Introducing the all new Blogging Underground

I have something very special for those of you who have been kind enough to be a part of my blog and membership sites over the past 4 years. It’s time for a huge announcement of a really big addition that I can already feel is having a huge impact on my life and those around me.

Introducing the all new Blogging Underground!

Words Equal Money is now making room for BLOGS EQUAL MONEY as I introduce the all new Blogging Underground, my innovative new membership web site that takes web publishing to a whole new level!

I will be releasing Blogging Underground and Blogs Equal Money to the public – BUT – since you’ve been with me I am dropping it on you right now before it hits the streets!

I have a pre-release video tour for my friends and followers, plus some of the training videos from the membership so you can really get a feel for what we have coming!

Stop by this page for the SNEAK PEEK VIDEO TOUR of Blogging Underground!

I hope you have some free time because I have hours of brand new “Blogs Equal Money” videos for you that I think you’re going to eat up and devour! If all goes according to plan – these concepts will change the way everyone uses blogs to make money!

I recorded a very special personal video tour of Blogging Underground that I would like to invite you to watch PLUS I am also linking some of the earth shaking training videos before the course is even released so you can get a jump on the revolutionary new tactics that I am sure will have a huge impact in the weeks and months ahead.

Now as I mentioned, Blogging Underground is NOT YET open to the public, but currently I am giving away complete access to Blogging Underground to all Article Underground members!

If you are a member of AU or pick up one of the FIRE SALE memberships I am offering right now – you get Blogging Underground for free!

Watch the videos so you’ll have a much better idea of what Blogging Underground is all about – but – let me just say this – we’ve taken the “announcement blogs network” from Article Underground and taken it to a whole new level with a brand new “Blog Post Utility” (aka BPU) that manages all of your links and posts in the hundreds of blogs we have available from ONE CENTRAL PLACE!

Hey – this alone is a real MIND BLOWER – the BPU is blowing people away with how easy it is to get top rankings from the right kind of backlinks! You can see it for yourself in the videos I have for you up above.

As we get closer to August 24th I’ll be sharing more info with you – but of course – as I mentioned – if you want to get into Blogging Underground right now before the public can get in – simply sign up for Article Underground and you will get in for free.

I’ve created some special pricing for AU with the “Final AU Fire Sale” so there will never be a better time to get in and start linking your butt off in Blogging Underground!

Hey – why not get linking now and start snagging those top rankings before the general public even gets a clue on how easy it is to dominate the search engines and get top rankings with BU!

Get started now! The Fire Sale is HERE

The sneak peek videos are HERE (for a short time only!)


Does Google Trust You???

Does Google Trust You??? Or are they watching every little thing you do?

All too often – us “seo types” will rush out and try to grab the big prizes without putting in the proper time and going at a natural pace. I’m guilty of it too on occasion. It’s hard to restrain myself… but I have learned – that when setting up and introducing new domains – sometimes it’s better to back off and take time instead of hammering and cranking fast and furious.

Do you know what I mean?

For example – you don’t want to come out of nowhere and add a zillion pages to a brand new domain.

You don’t want to have TOO MANY backlinks pointing at pages that just were released. An on and on.

That stuff simply is NOT NATURAL and raises flags and alarm buzzers start going off.

Patience and restraint in the world of SEO can go a long way.

We need to be earning our places by doing things the best way – not always the fastest way. Now don’t get me wrong – automation and speed have their places – but unfortunately – that’s something that usually goes hand in hand with hardcore site spamming.

Some tools used in moderation would be fine – but in many cases when you give a person the power – they want to use it and abuse it and that will bring attention to the patterns of the particlular processes. (continued – read more of this article…)

Top Rankings? Traffic? Both?

Why do you do what you do? Do you want TOP RANKINGS???

Do you want TRAFFIC???

Ideally you want BOTH!

One is not good without the other!

In our quest to build successful web sites with lots of keyword packed content, we often get sidetracked and spend time on things that aren’t really doing much in the way of ROI.

Return on Investment

ROI is not just for ad spending like PPC – it’s also a “return on investment for time spent on a task” or if you like acronyms – let’s call it ROIFTSOAT.

The reason I bring this up is that I regularly see Article Underground members targeting keyword phrases that are either TOO EASY or TOO HARD.

The keywords that are too easy usually bring in very little traffic – even with a number one ranking.

The keywords that are very hard to rank for (on the first page of Google) also usually bring in little or no traffic unless you’re ranked near the top. These ULTRA competitive keywords can be almost impossible to get a top ranking for! Everybody wants to be on page one!

What I am trying to convey here is that it’s not where you RANK or what you are targeting that veryoften will bring in the most traffic and make you the most money.

In fact – if we’d slow down and snoop around our stats a bit we would most likely find that there are MANY keywords bringing us traffic that we have NOT targeted. (continued – read more of this article…)

Not All Backlinks R Created Equal

Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal – some are simply better!

Here is the link to a very detailed and info packed article I just wrote on the AU article blog that should finally put to rest any confusion about IP Addresses and how they affect backlinks.

>>> IP Addresses and Linking
– stop by to read it and leave your comments please!

OK, now let’s talk briefly about IP Addresses and Linking and my new article called “Not ALL Links are Created Equal – IP Addresses Matter – A Lot!”

Click Here for article >>> IP Addresses and Linking

I am in a very fortunate position as I have a direct connection with you guys and hear about the things you guys face out there in the trenches. Every once in a while I run across a member asking for help who can’t understand why their page or site has dropped off the top 10 or has disappeared completely.

9 times out of 10 when I analyze the site and start poking around I will find some obnoxious and over zealous linking patterns leading to the site. It could be some kind of spam link directory scheme, or automated article submissions with obvious spammy resource box linking, or it could be excessive linking from the same places without natural “real world variety”, or it might just be lack of variety in the text used in linking. (continued – read more of this article…)

Christian Weselak Interview – Free MP3 File

The PPC Ninja Talks – My Christian Weselak Interview – Get the Free MP3 File!

I just recorded a conversation with Christian Weselak from Pay Per Click Ninja about making money online.

You can listen to the streaming audio or download the 31 minute MP3 file for free by CLICKING HERE

The MP3 audio file has some great info on how Christian approaches advertising and buying traffic. (continued – read more of this article…)

3 Free Keyword Tools You Can Really Use To Get More Traffic!

I have some helpful information on 3 free tools that you can really use!

1. AUKDAT – for finding keyword density and more!
2. Typo Generator – you’ll be amazed at this one!
3. Keyword Manager – scrubs, combines, wraps, rearranges and more!

1. First and foremost is the incredible and free AUKDAT!

The Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool.

You’ll want to bookmark this free tool because AUKDAT is great to use to find out WHAT WORDS are on your individual web pages. That’s powerful info – right???

Think about it – why guess what keywords are best to link – use AUKDAT to find out which KEYWORD PHRASES appear most often and link these in text links in as many places as you can (ideally externally on other web sites – but of course – INTERNAL LINKS are good too!!!

Ahhhh…. keywords in link text… yes – that is a secret weapon we can use to get MORE FREE TRAFFIC!

This is far more powerful than it may appear on the surface, because not only does AUKDAT show you the “single keywords” that are on your analyzed URL – BUT – it will also show you the TWO WORD PHRASES and THREE WORD PHRASES that are on your web page and tell you how many times they appear!

In fact – you can also use AUKDAT to help you find keywords on your web page that do NOT appear often enough. Simply add the phrase a few more times on your page in sentences, resource boxes and links, and the keyword density goes up! This is another powerful secret weapon that will get you more rankings for your page! ADD MORE WORDS! It’s easy to do with AUKDAT! (continued – read more of this article…)

Words Equal Lots of Money in January (and the first quarter!)

2009 is here! It’s time to think positive!

Right now is a great time to make money as a web publisher with your online business!

Here is a thought…. Your words can equal a lot of money in the first quarter of the year!

Mike Liebner here wishing you a Happy New Year! I would like to send you sincere wishes for you to fulfill your hopes, dreams and goals in 2009!

Success can be yours if you want it!

I know it can be hard sometimes to focus on the positive and dream of success with all the panic, whining and news of gloom and doom out there – BUT HEY – there is still a world of tremendous opportunity out there!

People are still buying stuff! People are still consuming products and services!

In fact – here is something positive to think about…

Based on my 13 years of internet marketing experience – the first quarter of the year is ALWAYS the one that makes us web publishers the MOST MONEY!

It’s a monster! Huge amounts of traffic! January is always a busy month!

That’s right – many look forward to the FOURTH quarter as the “big one” – and YES it usually is pretty big in volume and sales for all businesses – BUT – from my personal experience as a ‘web publisher” as far as getting traffic and earning money from web sites, the month of JANUARY is always the BIGGEST of the year! February and March are often close behind! In fact the traffic and buying boom usually continues right up through April, which is often the SECOND BIGGEST month of the year! (continued – read more of this article…)

Cheap Traffic is the key to the Arbitrage Conspiracy

What is the Arbitrage Conspiracy??? Is it hype??? Is it filled with lies???

Arbitrage Conspiracy is a product launching today (Dec. 10, 2008) that has really got me and a lot of other people excited.

Yes, I know some people are going NEGATIVE BIG TIME and ragging about the $50,000 to $100,000 per day that Aymen, the Arbitrage Conspiracy guy, claims he is making.

Do I believe he is making that kind of money? Yes, I do.

Why do I believe this? Not because Aymen or Brad Fallon or Mike Filsaime says so, but BECAUSE I am close to a person from whom Aymen learned a lot of what he most likely will be teaching about. I am currently in a training course that teaches this same exact stuff. And it really is a secret kind of system. Secret in the sense that very few people are doing it.

Doing what? Read on!!! I’ll tell you! (continued – read more of this article…)

Getting Links and Traffic from Announcement Blogs

I have a brand new Article Underground training video for you. The video is called Getting Links and Traffic from The Article Underground Announcement Blogs.

>>> Click for the Article Announcement Blogs Video

If you’ve ever been curious about the AU Article Announcement blogs this is your chance to get an inside peek and see how powerful they really are!

I’ll show you how the blogs are simple to use to get instant backlinks and traffic for your web sites and deep inside pages!

In the free 24 minute video I show you the complete traffic snagging process in easy to follow steps as I use one of my own article web sites. I show you how I make an article page with PLR articles and then use the AU Blogs to announce it!

It was a little embarrassing though, because as I was trying to FTP a file in the video the server was having problems – stay away from that host – you’ll see who the host is in the video… Don’t worry – I edited out my harsh words to the host!

>>> Click for the Article Announcement Blogs Video

The 33 AU blogs we provide, plus those 80+ members contribute now bring the total number of domains you can get links on to over 110 strong! The blogs are on web servers all over the world and allow members of Article Underground to quickly and easily get traffic and backlinks to help any web page get indexed by Google and start it’s way up the rankings! (continued – read more of this article…)

Power of RSS & Dynamic Content

Need dynamic content on your web pages?

How about using RSS feeds to put some great words on your web pages???

The Article Underground article announcements blogs are perfect for getting feed data that will put excellent words on your pages!!!

> LINK to Power of RSS Video

(continued – read more of this article…)

Stop OVER analysis PARALYSIS & Information Overload

How to Stop OVER analysis PARALYSIS & Information Overload

Stop wasting time! Stop wasting time on the little things and focus your energy on things that make money! This is the key to success!!! Really!

Over analysis paralysis – it happens to the best of us.

It is usually a result of information overload. I know all about it – it happens to me all the time!

The best way to get out of this rut is to take a step back and simplify what you do.

Spend your time on the tasks that bring you the greatest return.

9 times out of 10 a lot of what we spend time ANALYZING does not affect our bottom line. It’s nothing more than “busy work? that wastes time.

So how you get out of the over analysis paralysis mode???

The solution is to focus as much energy as is possible on doing the things that really makes us money.

It sounds so simple – but we all get distracted. Email – web pages – audio – video – all that stuff is vying for our attention.

I’m not suggesting you abandon all of the things you do – BUT _ what I am saying is that you can be more successful and you can do this by simply focusing on things that have been proven to work!

In the case of the Article Underground approach to web publishing the following are things that work!

1) Build Web Sites with lots of pages with great words on them – more is better! Keep sites fresh! Add new pages regularly! Every page you add is another income opportunity! If 10 is good 20 is better! Don’t just put up a few pages and then forget the site. Keep it fresh!

2) Get text links – lots of text links to both the home pages of your sites and the inside article pages that have all those great words on them! Links bring top rankings and traffic! You need fresh links! Today and in the future! Every page has the potential to rank on top and bring you traffic! But unless you get good links coming in and pointing at them they will never rise above the competition! Get some links!
3) Analyze stats to see where traffic comes from – this one is huge! Study your stats! It is my secret weapon and makes all your other work pay off HUGE!

Our goal is to improve the rankings for keywords that already bring us traffic!

This one is HUGE! You have the power to turn 10 visitors into 100 – often simply by getting a few more text focused links pointing at a page that already is ranking high enough to bring traffic. Make it rank higher! It’s easier than you may think!

The key to success is to avoid wasting time… stop analyzing things that have no impact on success.

Forget about all the other little time wasters and tiny trivial things and focus on what works!

For example – checking your rankings for a list of keywords just because you want to know their rankinsg is a waste of time – I say ONLY check rankings of keywords that bring you traffic – other keywords are worthless – stop wasting time on trivial things!

You find out which keywords bring you traffic by analyzing your stats and looking at the referral URLs!

(continued – read more of this article…)

Can you feel the “online surge”??? It’s starting!

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner from Article Underground and I have a few items to share with you.

1) Discussion of the big surge in online activity for the holidays and beyond

2) Podcast transcript now available to print and run!

3) New set AU articles coming on the 16th with a special bonus gift for current AU members.

It’s getting close to Christmas and New Years and that means that sales, clicks, transactions and online activity in general will start going through the roof very soon.

It also means that many people and businesses will be in a state of chaos and will be distracted with many folks disappearing to go gift shopping, decorating, fooling around, or go away on vacation for the holidays.

That means that the next few days and possibly into next week will be the quiet time before the “online storm”.

From past experience I usually see a huge spike occur right around the 26th of December (day after Christmas) and it continues through all of January. It’s a wonderful thing for those of us that make our living online!

January has always been my best month for making money online (for over 12 years now) and the one I earn the most in. December and April are usually the next most profitable. So don’t worry if December is passing you by, because January is a monster and after a brief slowdown in February it will stay busy until April when it will once again peak and explode! After that – May starts the slowdown until Summer hits when many online businesses have the least activity (not all – some seasonal businesses have other peak months).

Now is the time to work hard and plan for the surge in activity that is coming at us!

Are you ready for the storm?

Do you have web pages up and indexed by Google that have the words that people will be searching for???

For those of us selling infoproducts, eBooks and affiliate products online, there will be a huge amount of newbies with computers who will be looking for information and more importantly to buy things!

Why not be the one to hook the newbies up with what they will be searching for??? They have a lot of money in their pockets from Christmas!

Create keyword rich web pages that have information about the products and services that you know the new computer owners (and cell phone owners and high tech gadget owners) will be seeking out.

Make sure your keyword loaded article web pages have relevant links to affiliate products so that you get a commission when they buy!

And they will buy!

It may as well be YOU that gets the commission, or click money!

(continued – read more of this article…)

Article Underground Member Contributed Blogs

Do you want to effortlessly add new pages with fresh content to your web sites???If you are a member of Article Underground, then consider contributing a blog for current AU members to post in! It’s easy!

I thought that it’d be a good idea to let you know about the many advantages that you will receive when contributing a blog(s) for fellow Article Underground Members to announce their article pages in.

If you have any web sites that are already indexed by Google, they would be perfect to contribute to our pool of 80+ member contributed blogs and growing so that AU members have more places to get free links. You’ll gain some benefits which I will point out and explain.

AU also offers 33 premium “announcements blogs” that are reputable and high quality. The number keeps growing!

Don’t know how to set up your new blog???

It’s really easy to do! Simply create and install a WordPress blog in a directory of an existing web site OR add a blog to the root of your site and devote that site to the blog. (continued – read more of this article…)

Top 20 Linking Secrets Video

I have some information that will help you get tons of free traffic to your web pages. It’s free.

It’s a brand new video I just recorded in Camtasia! It’s loaded with secret tactics and I am happy to share it with you.

BUT if you watch the videos – you must promise me that you will give your comments right here after this post! Tell me what you think of the videos!

The video is called Top 20 Linking Secrets and is presented in two parts totalling 59 minutes.

Spend one hour with me and I’ll reveal and discuss 20 real world tactics (actually more) that you can employ immediately to kick your linking efforts into high gear and harvest all kinds of fresh new traffic to your web pages. (continued – read more of this article…)

PageRank Update in Full Effect

It appears there is a Google PageRank Update in Full Effect

Today 4-30-07 as I was working on my PC I noticed one of my web sites had dropped in PageRank. It appears to be a GLOBAL down-trend affecting a lot of people I have talked to.

At first, I didn’t think much of it as sometimes the PageRank on a web page will fluctuate. But as I showed one of my sites to someone I noticed it too had dropped in PageRank! Holy bat cave! A PageRank Update is in full effect.

For those of you who may not know about it, Google periodically updates the PageRank that the public will see in the Google Toolbar and other places (PageRank Checkers). Back just a year or so ago it was around every month or two but has changed to every 2 or 3 or 4 months for a complete update.

Regardless of the timeframe of the public update, it’s important to know that Google PageRank is constantly updating in real time, however we don’t always get to see that ourselves until they do the ‘public update”.

So what does all of this mean? Well, for one it means that we can see PageRank on our newer sites and also see what progress we’ve made on our older established sites.

Unfortunately today – it appears that there is an “internet wide” global drop in PageRank. In other words, MANY web sites (not all) have gotten their updated toolbar display of PageRank and have seen a drop of 1 PageRank point (on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being best). While I am happy to say MOST of my sites stayed the same – several of them have dropped and a few of them that should have zoomed up high stayed the same. All new sites WENT UP SIGNIFICANTLY.

http://www.articleunderground.com has been a strong PR 6 with boat loads of traffic and a high Alexa rank of 16,000 and hey – it dropped from 6 to 5… that aint right! It’s never been stronger from a popularity and incoming link standpoint.

As I looked at a few more of my sites to see the new PageRank I saw a few drop that should have gone UP…

Hmmm…. was it just me? The more I checked on other sites than my own, the more that I saw drop 1 or 2 PR.

In fact very few sites I looked at from the general public had the same PageRank. Almost all the sites I looked at had dropped.

goarticles.com was now a PageRank 4…. hmmm… wasn’t that a 6??? WOW!

PR 6 to PR 4 is a HUGE DROP! And that has long been thought of as an AUTHORITY site (it’s not my site).

Other sites from other people I looked at had dropped as well… in fact almost every site that was documented in my Directory Submission lists were down on average 1 or 2 points!

linkstraffic.net down to PageRank 4 from 5…

siteinclusion.com down to 4 from 5….

(those are NOT my sites)

OK, I’m starting to feel better as it is APPARENT that globally the web has had a drop in PageRank. NOT EVERYBODY but almost every site I have looked at. (continued – read more of this article…)