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Bloggers List of Links to Free Photo Sources

Need to use images in your blog posts but don’t want to steal or pay for them?

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner from Blogging Underground and I just found a great article that has links to some photo services that allow you to download and use images on your site for free!

I posted the link to the article on the Blogging Underground page at Facebook.

Stop by and have a look and check out the article with free photo sources. If you haven’t yet liked the page – please do!

Also a reminder that we’re still offering the big bonus package of 1 year of Blogging Underground for free when you buy the big PLR Article Package!

We have around 200 blogs you can use to post articles and get links so your pages will get some link juice! (continued – read more of this article…)

Canon takes yet Another Step Backwards

I am very frustrated and do not know who to reach out for help and understanding, but maybe someone at Canon will see my point and pass this along to someone who cares about customers getting what they expect when they UPGRADE and buy new cameras.

Right now I own 3 Canon cameras. The older Powershot A95, the EOS 20d and the recently released Canon A620.

I have been very happy with the older Canon A95 and also the EOS 20d which I also own and use professionally.

When I saw the new compact model Powershot A620 with vari-angle LCD and saw it’s improvements I bought it.

I have been very disappointed.

In many ways it is a better camera than the A95 with better resolution and a longer optical zoom, but in use it takes many more blurry and shaky pictures than the A95 or EOS 20d.

This is because for some odd reason Canon has removed the sports action setting (on the dial).

They’ve relaced it with a bunch of silly color settings but the camera now has less settings on the dial than the older A95 model. (continued – read more of this article…)

Exploring Newport Beach with Milo

As you may already know, I live in Newport Beach, California.

Milo and I live here on the Peninsula, directly across from a one block stretch of beach on the harbor side. 

While I thought that Milo and I had walked almost every inch of the Peninsula in the year and a half that we have lived here, I was pleasantly suprised the other day.

Milo found a new beach

We took an unusually long walk along the ocean walkway and on the way back we crossed Balboa Blvd. and Milo dragged me towards the tennis courts.

He seemed to know where he wanted to go and took me past the little park where the children were playing and soon we were behind a bunch of governmental looking buildings.

I thought this area was off limits but we soon were on a long stretch of beach that actually butted up right next to a boatyard right next to the American Legion hall on 15th street.

I’d never seen it from this perspective but it was quiet and apparently a well kept secret.

Digital Art & Painting With Light

Several people have commented on the photo backdrops I use for my videos. Thanks for the compliments! Yes, those are pictures I have taken and they are displayed as backgrounds on my PC desktop. I have a zip for ya so you TOO can display them on your computers!

While I am not a full-time “professional photographer” I have been at near pro status several times over the past years.

I recently committed to the art form and bought a Canon EOS 20d, my first Digital SLR. I just wish it wasn’t so darn large :’>

While I tend to dabble and haven’t committed to going after a full time pro career in photography, I still enjoy creating digital art and taking photographs.

One of my galleries is at

Digital Art Wallpaper Gallery

There is a zip of all the pics, ideal for using as a background on the PC.

I’ve shot several weddings and even a bar mitzfah, but I haven’t dived in and went after the candid photo scene.

I’ll put up a portfolio some day (you know what they say about “some day”, right)