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Does Google Trust You???

Does Google Trust You??? Or are they watching every little thing you do?

All too often – us “seo types” will rush out and try to grab the big prizes without putting in the proper time and going at a natural pace. I’m guilty of it too on occasion. It’s hard to restrain myself… but I have learned – that when setting up and introducing new domains – sometimes it’s better to back off and take time instead of hammering and cranking fast and furious.

Do you know what I mean?

For example – you don’t want to come out of nowhere and add a zillion pages to a brand new domain.

You don’t want to have TOO MANY backlinks pointing at pages that just were released. An on and on.

That stuff simply is NOT NATURAL and raises flags and alarm buzzers start going off.

Patience and restraint in the world of SEO can go a long way.

We need to be earning our places by doing things the best way – not always the fastest way. Now don’t get me wrong – automation and speed have their places – but unfortunately – that’s something that usually goes hand in hand with hardcore site spamming.

Some tools used in moderation would be fine – but in many cases when you give a person the power – they want to use it and abuse it and that will bring attention to the patterns of the particlular processes. (continued – read more of this article…)

PageRank Update in Full Effect

It appears there is a Google PageRank Update in Full Effect

Today 4-30-07 as I was working on my PC I noticed one of my web sites had dropped in PageRank. It appears to be a GLOBAL down-trend affecting a lot of people I have talked to.

At first, I didn’t think much of it as sometimes the PageRank on a web page will fluctuate. But as I showed one of my sites to someone I noticed it too had dropped in PageRank! Holy bat cave! A PageRank Update is in full effect.

For those of you who may not know about it, Google periodically updates the PageRank that the public will see in the Google Toolbar and other places (PageRank Checkers). Back just a year or so ago it was around every month or two but has changed to every 2 or 3 or 4 months for a complete update.

Regardless of the timeframe of the public update, it’s important to know that Google PageRank is constantly updating in real time, however we don’t always get to see that ourselves until they do the ‘public update”.

So what does all of this mean? Well, for one it means that we can see PageRank on our newer sites and also see what progress we’ve made on our older established sites.

Unfortunately today – it appears that there is an “internet wide” global drop in PageRank. In other words, MANY web sites (not all) have gotten their updated toolbar display of PageRank and have seen a drop of 1 PageRank point (on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being best). While I am happy to say MOST of my sites stayed the same – several of them have dropped and a few of them that should have zoomed up high stayed the same. All new sites WENT UP SIGNIFICANTLY.

http://www.articleunderground.com has been a strong PR 6 with boat loads of traffic and a high Alexa rank of 16,000 and hey – it dropped from 6 to 5… that aint right! It’s never been stronger from a popularity and incoming link standpoint.

As I looked at a few more of my sites to see the new PageRank I saw a few drop that should have gone UP…

Hmmm…. was it just me? The more I checked on other sites than my own, the more that I saw drop 1 or 2 PR.

In fact very few sites I looked at from the general public had the same PageRank. Almost all the sites I looked at had dropped.

goarticles.com was now a PageRank 4…. hmmm… wasn’t that a 6??? WOW!

PR 6 to PR 4 is a HUGE DROP! And that has long been thought of as an AUTHORITY site (it’s not my site).

Other sites from other people I looked at had dropped as well… in fact almost every site that was documented in my Directory Submission lists were down on average 1 or 2 points!

linkstraffic.net down to PageRank 4 from 5…

siteinclusion.com down to 4 from 5….

(those are NOT my sites)

OK, I’m starting to feel better as it is APPARENT that globally the web has had a drop in PageRank. NOT EVERYBODY but almost every site I have looked at. (continued – read more of this article…)

Linking and Diluted PageRank – the Problem and Solution

Do your URLS to your web sites have the www in the address? Or do they not have the www? Or do they have BOTH?

Do you have pages that are indexed with BOTH the www and without???

That is a Common Mistake that dilutes PageRank but can be solved with the Rewrite Rule which I will sahre with you.

As a web publisher it is our goal to get our web sites and web pages as much free exposure on the free search engines as we can. Top rankings on Google, MSN and Yahoo are what makes us the easy money.

This is accomplished by creating web sites with many real content pages and making sure that we have lots of high quality LINKS pointing at our home pages and inside pages – ideally with LINK TEXT that not only passes PageRank juice, but also establishes the reputations WE WANT for our pages.

How do you get PageRank??? PR is passed via links – both external and internal links will pass the magic juice. External come from other sites – internal links come from your own web pages on the same domain. YES – they both send PageRank! >>> Would you like the solution??? >>> (continued – read more of this article…)

Online Tool to see PageRank on Your Backlinks

It’s important to get high quality links pointing at our web pages.

Wouldn’t it be great to quickly at a glance see what the PageRank is of sites that link to our sites and/or pages?

Well, there are a few options to find out this kind of info. Some are online and some are applications.

I just found a new way to check PR of links online thanks to Marcus Westerberg – I ran across this great tool called Backlink Checker 

Give it a try and see who is linking to this blog:


Very cool!

The old way is to do your search on


(continued – read more of this article…)

Google says it listened – now showing improved backlinks data

Improved backlinks statement from Google

It appears that Google may now be catching up with Yahoo and MSN as far as showing a more accurate picture as to what pages are linking to your web pages. 

Check out the post at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Google says: “You asked, and we listened: We’ve extended our support for querying links to your site to much beyond the link: operator you might have used in the past. Now you can use webmaster tools to view a much larger sample of links to pages on your site that we found on the web.”

Read the full post for more info.


High Quality Article Announcements Blogs for you to post in

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And you thought Article Underground was just another PLR article site??? It’s far more than that!

An Article Underground membership delivers more than simply great keyword optimized article content for your web sites. AU members are getting some of the best backlinks available to their web sites and deep inside pages! And it could not be easier! (continued – read more of this article…)

Relevance Rules! More Powerful than PageRank?

Relevance Rules!

But is Relevance more powerful than PageRank?

Linking your articles properly on your own web site can make the difference between getting a good amount of traffic and getting jumbo sized boat loads of traffic from top rankings for all kinds of keywords, even the more competitive ones! 


I was recently asked by an Article Underground member how they can organize their sites so that visitors can find all the articles.

The first suggestion was proper use of CATEGORY MENU PAGES and proper use of article excerpts.

But does linking for a visitor and linking for a search engine have the same requirements?

Yes… more than you’d think! 

This prompted further discussion on what kinds of text links are the best.

It made me realize once again that while PageRank is important and will help a page get top rankings, what is perhaps even more important than that is the surrounding text and relevance of the words on the linking page.

Google rewards for RELEVANCE!

It makes sense! Links from pages with the same/similar keywords should be counted as MORE RELEVANT links than a say an unrelated link for a TACO RECIPE coming from an ANTI-SPYWARE site.

Yes, it makes sense!

You can use this to help you organize your site so your visitors have a better experience with the bonus effect of showing Google that your linked pages are RELEVANT and deserve top rankings because if the linking page’s REPUTATION.

Ahhh…. yes, the text link and the relevance of the page that is linking it… it is the SECRET WEAPON I have been telling you guys about it for some time. (continued – read more of this article…)

How many links can you put on ONE web page???

How many links can you put on ONE web page??? 

This question just came up in a discussion in the Article Underground Members Forum and I thought it’d be nice to share with you guys too.

The AUKDAT tool aka Keyword Density Analyzer , does a lot more than just tell you density of text.

One of the things AUKDAT does is give warnings on content and tag data. One such warning is when it analyzes a page that has MANY LINKS… TOO MANY LINKS…

This warning is just a friendly one, it is not based on science or fact.

So, when asked by an AU member if they should worry about their web pages having TOO MANY LINKS it made me think about it and suggest the following thoughts.

It has been generally accepted that web pages with more than 100 LINKS on it would piss off the search engines and cause a penalty.

This is NOT necessarily true as I have seen many sites that have MANY more LINKS than this that get high PageRank and enjoy top rankings.

BUT remember that one common thing most spammer sites employ is EXCESSIVE LINKING – both internal and external.

So your page CAN contain lots of links provided they are presented nicely and have a positive benefit for your visitors.

Too many links on any page will dillute the PageRank, which may or may not harm the web page… >>> (continued – read more of this article…)

The Undeniable Power of Google’s PageRank

The Undeniable Power of Google’s PageRank

At least it should be undeniable!

Quote from a POST in the Article Underground Private Forum:
“I have heard in the training of 3 seperate “SEO experts”
that PR does not influence your SERP.”

OH BOY! This Article Underground Forum post opened up a can of worms! Can of worms in the sense that it got me going on a very important subject: PageRank.

In this post I will share some of my responses in that post from an Article Underground member who said that

“I am beginning to question the value of PR as it pertains to
linking. I have heard in the training of 3 seperate “SEO
experts” that PR does not influence your SERP. So I am
left to wonder why we spend so much time and money
trying to accquire links from high PR sites.”

Please do not question the value of PageRank as it pertains to linking. There is no evidence that “it has no influence on rankings”

I’ve only seen evidence to the contrary. PageRank in links pointing at sites has a huge impact. (continued – read more of this article…)