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What should I do – set up new DAW Digital Audio Workstation?

Dear Ann Landers,

Hey I need some help!

To make a long story short, I pretty much gave up music making and composing songs for the past 2 years as I focused on creating success and wealth with my internet marketing projects.

Well the good news is I am doing very well with my business! Now I need to play a little more and do more of the things I love! Music creation is one of those things!

So, one of the things at the top of my list is getting back into digital recording and creating my own new original music (and also sound design – creating loops and noises and such).

I still have all my music gear, software synths and midi audio stuff, but it’s time to build a new recording set up from scratch that refelects the state of the art.

So here I am all confused.

I need help from someone who can clear up a lot of confusion on the state of midi, PC audio, Pro Tools and non-pro tools systems and what is the best way to go.
Budget is not a problem, I just want something smart and that will fit in with my way of doing things. I am not trying to save money or be cheap. I really want the best for my situation, not the best money can buy…

Before I slowed down 2 years ago I was using a PC with the MOTU 24i on Cubase with practically every VST software synth instrument and effects plugin available (I was doing product reviews for Beat Mode and as such got practically every piece of music software to review (NFR). Some of that stuff needs upgrading and there is a lot of new stuff I want. (continued – read more of this article…)