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Keyword Density Analyzer Tool Tutorial Video

Knowing what words are on your pages can be very helpful!

The free keyword tool AUKDAT will analyze your web page and tell you how many single words, 2 word phrases and 3 word phrases are on your web page (or your competitors). This is powerful information as you can now vary your link text with words and phrases that are actually on your web page! 

The Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool is the bomb! And it’s free!

I just created a new video tutorial for AUKDAT, the free Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool.

Click for the Keyword Tool Video

The tutorial video runs 30 minutes and has some helpful info to get more traffic from the words on your web pages and within the links pointing at them! (continued – read more of this article…)

Avoid Patterns! Use Variety in Your Link Text!

Using Variety in your Link Text Keywords is Beneficial!

SEO Search Engine Optimization Keyword Density Text Linking Tips that will get you more traffic and higher rankings!

OK, I just looked at one of the newest Article Announcement blogs and noticed a member had posted some announcements and when I inspected the links and his site closer I noticed a couple of things about the sites pages and their chosen link text.

Let me say this first – I’ll capitalize it and then later after you read the whole article this will hopefully make sense:


OK, so what did I notice on the announcement blog that prompted me to discuss the importance of avoiding patterns?

Well… I spotted a member who was announcing in a manner that prompted me to take a closer look at their web site.

So what did they do?

They linked using the Keyword Phrase the article was OPTIMIZED for AND that phrase was the ONLY WORDS in his page title and as far as I can tell the only phrase used in their link text on and off their site.

In the real world when poeple link to your web pages – they rarely use LINK TEXT containing your keywords, much less ALWAYS use the SAME EXACT PHRASE! This is a PATTERN my friends.

TIP: if you use the SAME EXACT link text ALL THE TIME it is very likely it will trigger an alarm for a human visit, or get reduced relevance credit or in the worst case the search engines (smart ones) will ignore the LINK TEXT.

It’s easy for the smarter search engines like Google to see patterns like this. Think about it – it’s not natural in the real world for a web page to have a high amount of links pointing at it with the same exact link text.

So why not help yourself by varying the link text at least a little???

Here is an example using the optimized keyword phrase “Link Popularity”: (continued – read more of this article…)

X-Ray Domination Affiliate Keyword Research Alternative

Are you looking for an X-Ray Domination Affiliate Keyword Research Alternative? Huh… what is X-Ray???

OK, unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week you’ve been told about X-Ray Domination – a $997. or $1,497. product that helps boost sales and conversions.

It tracks the keywords people click all the way through the affiliate programs sales page and will show which keywords convert into sales! Excellent keyword research for affiliate sales!

I’ve got a $127.00 alternative that will also track conversions! Read on!

X-Ray Domination Alternative


OK, so you’ve been bombarded with emails trying to sell you X-Ray Domination, the software/product from The Rich Jerk. Yes, I too got hit in the head with a rock or two and took the plunge and bought the $1,497. full use license.

Ouch! $1,497, is a whole lot of money!

Why did I buy it?

Well, for one I really liked their sales pitch and found the reasons compelling enough to invest in it, both for my own personal use and also to keep my subscribers and Article Underground members in the know. I’ll be writing about what it is and if it delivers over the next few months.

BUT in the meantime I have run across an X-Ray alternative that looks to be every bit as effective at performing “some” of what the X-Ray software claims to do at a fraction of the price. Can you believe Xtreme Conversions is just $127.???


I bought Xtreme Conversions too. I’ll be reporting more details after I install and test the software, but for now let me just say that while Xtreme Conversions may be cheaper – it is NOT a knock off or cheap imitation of X-Ray or any other product (as far as I can tell).

It doesn’t have all the hype, training and big promises of X-Ray but what the software does offer is a way to track where visitors are coming from – what keywords they searched for or clicked – AND
– this is the good part – it will tell you which keywords resulted in a SALE of the products on your pages. (continued – read more of this article…)

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool Is Back!

It’s back!

Hello! Mike Liebner here with a quick heads up to let you know that the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool is back and operating.


It’s not certain it will stay around, but just in case I wanted to make sure you knew it was working (at the time of this writing).

Now, there is still every reason to look beyond Overture for your Keyword Research, as Overture has it’s quirks and it’s usefulness is limited.

If you haven’t seen my video on Keyword Research, I do suggest you have a look.

Link: Keyword Research is the Secret Weapon

The 34 minute video gives a great overview of the key benefits of good keyword research to get extra traffic on your existing pages.

Also, if you have time please take the NicheBot v2 tour:

Link: NicheBot Tour

It’s still one heck of a tool and with the 14 day preview offer for just 1 dollar, you can get a taste of how easy your keyword research can be!

Have a look!

Overture’s Keyword Suggestion Tool Bites the Big One

Yes, it’s true.

You’ve most likely heard the buzz about a legendary keyword tool and it’s demise… yes it’s true… the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool is now toast.


That URL is currently not in service and most likely will not return any time soon, at least not in it’s recent form.

But there is no need to panic! Sure it was a great reliable free way to do keyword research, but this is a great time to tell you that there is a much better alternative and while it is not free it is really cheap… NO – I am not referring to Wordtracker…

>>> link >>> NicheBot V2

I am referring to the mighty NicheBot v2 with it’s excellent WordTrend suite of keyword tools.

If you have $1. handy you can preview this killer suite of keyword research tools and see what you’ve been missing.

NicheBot v2 is the bomb! (continued – read more of this article…)

Relevance Rules! More Powerful than PageRank?

Relevance Rules!

But is Relevance more powerful than PageRank?

Linking your articles properly on your own web site can make the difference between getting a good amount of traffic and getting jumbo sized boat loads of traffic from top rankings for all kinds of keywords, even the more competitive ones! 


I was recently asked by an Article Underground member how they can organize their sites so that visitors can find all the articles.

The first suggestion was proper use of CATEGORY MENU PAGES and proper use of article excerpts.

But does linking for a visitor and linking for a search engine have the same requirements?

Yes… more than you’d think! 

This prompted further discussion on what kinds of text links are the best.

It made me realize once again that while PageRank is important and will help a page get top rankings, what is perhaps even more important than that is the surrounding text and relevance of the words on the linking page.

Google rewards for RELEVANCE!

It makes sense! Links from pages with the same/similar keywords should be counted as MORE RELEVANT links than a say an unrelated link for a TACO RECIPE coming from an ANTI-SPYWARE site.

Yes, it makes sense!

You can use this to help you organize your site so your visitors have a better experience with the bonus effect of showing Google that your linked pages are RELEVANT and deserve top rankings because if the linking page’s REPUTATION.

Ahhh…. yes, the text link and the relevance of the page that is linking it… it is the SECRET WEAPON I have been telling you guys about it for some time. (continued – read more of this article…)

My Personal Keywords

Keyword Research: There is more than enough money and riches to go around for all of us that play the Internet Marketing game!

I’ll share my personal web stats for keyword phrases so you can get an idea of how people search!

Curious what keywords searchers use to get to my web sites?

Would you like to know what words make them click???

Check out my article Personal Keywords at Article Marketing News