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Adsense Money or Affiliate Commissions?

Should you promote Adsense ads or affiliate products?
Or should you add an affiliate offer in addition to placing Adsense ads on your site?

I just posted an article on the Blogging Underground forum that has some great info on monetization and how to get really big paydays by promoting a product or offer on your web sites.

>>> Adsense Ads or Affiliate Products

It all started with a BU member asking about all the gurus out there complaining about losing their Adsense accounts.

I answered his question about whether he should be “really careful” and it led to some great ideas about how you can make a lot of money by also promoting affiliate products that match the content of your web pages.

It requires a little extra effort – but the big paydays are usually worth it!

Adsense is great for a lazy quick buck here and there – it really can’t be beat for ease of use – but the big money often comes when you create a keyword targeted web page that gets a top ranking for an exact match keyword and then gets a ton of traffic – and – WHEN you have a perfectly matched affiliate product that is prominently featured on the page – well – that’s a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN! (continued – read more of this article…)

Site Speed Counts! Slow sites beware!

Is your web site fast enough?

Uh oh… this one kind of slipped in under the radar but get a load of this – GOOGLE announced on April 9th that they are now using site speed to help determine web search rankings!

Yes – Google is obsessed with speed and now it’s more important than ever that you are aware of how fast your pages load.

I’ll put the links to the source material below – but let’s take a look at what Google is telling us:

“Our internal studies show that visitors tend to spend less time on sites that respond slowly, and additional recent data shows that improving site speed also reduces operating costs. For these reasons, we’re now taking site speed into account in our search rankings.”

That’s true. There is nothing worse than a web page that sucks away time as we wait for it to load. (continued – read more of this article…)

Most Expensive Keywords

It may be Summer but there are still niches that are very lucrative to go after. What are the most expensive keywords right now???

I have compiled a large amount of Google URL research data showing keywords and their estimated average cost per click for Google Adwords advertisers.

The reports not only include bids, but also approximate average search volume (Last month + monthly average).

The data accumulated is eye opening and shows some potentially lucrative markets that have fierce competition. When advertisers are willing to bid high dollar amounts for a keyword phrase, it usually indicates there is a lot of money to be made from keywords in that competitive niche.

Insurance and Web Hosting for example have 1,000’s of keyword phrases that people are currently bidding as much as $39.23 per click. (continued – read more of this article…)

Adsense Alert – Graphics

This is an important Adsense Alert regarding individual site’s Adsense accounts being suspended by Google.

I know it is happening because it happened with 2 of my sites. Please pay close attention to see if your sites could potentially be affected.

Do you have any Images that are “too close” to Adsense Ad Blocks?

I was just monitoring one of the Article Announcements blogs and saw that a member posted a link to his web site and his article page had a graphics block above the Adsense Ads that I know Google will definitely find objectionable. This ad will cause trouble if they find it!

Example screenshot from page:

click for full size image

That’s it – up above – I guarantee that when Google sees a page like the one above it will suspend your Adsense earnings on that web site and possible suspend your account. Change it fast or else! (continued – read more of this article…)

I’m Down on Cookie Cutter Adsense tm Web Sites

I’m down on Cookie Cutter Adsense tm web sites, but am I wrong about that? It’s just that it seems next to impossible for them to get any traffic…

With Article Underground I encourage members to make unique web sites that have their own creative touches and personal character sprinkled all over them. I show them many techniques to make sure their pages are not duplicates of others that are out there.

But an emerging trend seems to be people buying cookie cutter pre-made Adsense web sites that are completed and ready to publish as is.

Complete with articles and template and even links. Some even have the same ebook giveaways.

Did you know that Google and the other search engines originally developed DUPLICATE CONTENT FILTERS to filter out IDENTICAL and EXACT DUPLICATES???

They don’t care so much if many web sites are using the same articles, but they do care if MANY pages are clogging their indexes and the pages are IDENTICAL. (continued – read more of this article…)