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Boost Email Open Rates

6 Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Open Rates

With email marketing, an important challenge that faces the sender is to get the message delivered reliably to the recipient’s inbox and then noticed, opened and read. Email open rates measure this efficiency.

No matter how good your email open rates are, there are ways to improve them. And there are many different ways to boost your open rate. While some are quick fix solutions that start working almost immediately, the more reliable and long-lasting ones take a little longer to kick in.

Let’s look at ways to improve your email open rates.

Changes That Create An Immediate Effect

1. Email Subject Lines

In email, the subject line is equivalent to a headline for sales letters. It is the factor that, above everything else, impacts open rates of email. Bad or poorly targeted subject lines will leave your audience cold and unresponsive. Ones that speak to their deepest problems or desires elicit the opposite reaction.

Along with the subject line, other elements that show up in the recipient’s inbox, such as the ‘From’ line, can also have an effect on email open rates. If your name is one the recipient recognizes, the chances of your email getting noticed, opened and read go up steeply.

2. Timing of Your Emails (continued – read more of this article…)

Opt in – or – opt out from newsletters?

Internet Marketing related newsletters can be a great source of information. I try to keep on top of what other people in my business are doing. 

Yes – I know – a lot of the “email lists” from gurus are mostly sending out junk or selling stuff. I agree those suck and those kinds of emails are a big waste of time!

However – a LOT of the email I get from internet marketers lists I have opted in to receive emails from give me ideas and often actually inspire me!

I think it’s good to be aware and newsletters are a great way to keep on top of what is coming out and going down in our business!

 Not everyone feels this way.

I just saw a member post in the Blogging Underground members forum giving advice to “resign from all the other marketing lists you happen to be on”.

He also said “Get rid of all those emails that are hurting your plan and keeping you from being laser focused on your plan.”

I’m not sure that is the best way to put it… I do not agree completely.

It’s good advice to try and focus on doing the things that bring you the greatest return on your efforts – so it is good to spend LESS time with email in general – that is good sensible advice!

BUT that doesn’t mean you should cut yourself off from what is going on and get OFF of all marketing email lists. You can learn a lot from those emails!

I have long heard people give advice to opt out of all newsletter and email lists and for me – it’s not good advice. :?

People who are informed and knowledgeable are more likely to succeed. The more you know – the more opportunity there is.

Personally I feel if you are serious about what you do and want to be an expert in your industry you need to absorb everything you can and be aware of as much as possible if it relates to what you do to make a living.

I personally try to get on almost every list I can (if it’s in my industry) so I can keep up and be aware of what other people in my industry are doing.

 If I get spammed or INSULTED by what someone sends me I will OPT OUT for sure. But even then I learn a valuable lesson and am reminded what NOT to do to people on my lists – so it was worth opting in.

I also use FILTERS in gmail and for the most part only get exposed to important stuff UNLESS I go digging into my folders.

I try to NOT waste too much time reading email UNLESS I am looking for something or want to see what people in my biz are doing.

If you use FILTERS properly you can sign up to as much as you want.

I’m not suggesting you waste time or follow many different peoples advice or training – but I do think you’ll be well served by keeping on top of what is going on in marketing and occasionally reading the emails being sent out there – especially if you have web sites that try to sell things. :o

Now before you try to set me straight – remember I am the guy that brought you the whole over-analysis paralysis discussion over 5 years ago along the phrase information overload and all that stuff.

>>> Over Analysis Paralysis – stop wasting time!

I still believe that – but – for me – I would rather KNOW what is going on if it relates to my business.

Newsletters are free and often give a great insight to trends in our business.

I suggest you learn to FILTER better rather than OPT OUT :)

Magic List Bot – list building tool

I just found Magic List Bot! A great new list building tool!

Magic List Bot is one of those cool and unique programs that kind of just flew out of nowhere and took over my consciousness. I just bought it for 77 bucks on Clickbank and must say I am a little overwhelmed by it, but am really excited, as it truly is an automated solution to quickly build a free list of opt-in subscribers. (continued – read more of this article…)

Big List Builder – Cooperative List Building Effort

With the creation of Article Underground in February 2006 I came to the realization that building a customer and subscriber list is one of the most important elements to creating a successful web publishing empire!

I am now very fortuante to have a great customer list including members and opt-in subscribers for my free special report and newsletter “Ban Proofing Your Web Sites (and make long term money with article marketing)”.

Now that I have a wonderful and responsive list thanks to the forward thinking JV partners that have helped me achieve success, I would like to give back and help my friends, partners and new associates gain new subscribers. 

I’ve just created a new site – Big List Builder – and list building project with a ring of 4 supporting sites that will focus on bringing together internet marketers with sizable customer/subscriber lists whom desire to share some of their “leads” in exchange for an opportunity to gain new “leads” from the cooperative efforts in a list building project.

Boy, that’s a mouthful.

It’s really quite simple.

6 to 10 marketers partner in a “coop-offer” to give away a big batch of valuable products and prizes and in return get to share in the opt-in subscribers that take advantage of this offer!

The basic premise is outlined at the “project site” which is called Big List Builder. 4 satellite sites will present varying offers with different groups of partners.

If you would like to gain more subscribers and have some that you’d be willing to share, please visit the site and look over the presentation!

 More info at Big List Builder