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Article Underground Openings & File Names for October

2 days ago on the 16th – Article Underground members were treated to 3 all new sets of 400 articles. Each existing member gets their choice from among 3 sets of 400 articles every month on the 16th. Now – how’s that for having a choice!

Look below for th file names from the 3 sets… wicked!

Also, right now AU has a very limited number of openings.

If you have been considering a membership to the Article Undergrund Content & Traffic System – now is your chance! Stop by the site – subscribe to my newsletter and join if you want to be a part of the membership!

Here are the 1,200 file names for the 3 sets of articles available now to AU members!

0 apr credit cards 03.txt
0 on balance transfers 03.txt
0 percent balance transfers 34.txt
1000 count sheets 16.txt
12 volt heaters 14.txt
50th anniversary gift 34.txt

(continued – read more of this article…)

Your Domain’s Home Page is Like a Magazine Cover!

Think of your web sites home page as a magazine!

Your HOME page is the COVER or TABLE of CONTENTS and should get people to the pages that will make you the most money! 

I would first try to build the sites front page so it accomplishes YOUR goals of getting visitors TO your most important ARTICLE PAGES.

So make sure you have nice TITLE LINKs and DESCRIPTIONs that point to those pages. Put as many as you can without looking spammy.

Then when you are finished type in that URL and analyze in AUKDAT Keyword Density Tool (continued – read more of this article…)

I’m Down on Cookie Cutter Adsense tm Web Sites

I’m down on Cookie Cutter Adsense tm web sites, but am I wrong about that? It’s just that it seems next to impossible for them to get any traffic…

With Article Underground I encourage members to make unique web sites that have their own creative touches and personal character sprinkled all over them. I show them many techniques to make sure their pages are not duplicates of others that are out there.

But an emerging trend seems to be people buying cookie cutter pre-made Adsense web sites that are completed and ready to publish as is.

Complete with articles and template and even links. Some even have the same ebook giveaways.

Did you know that Google and the other search engines originally developed DUPLICATE CONTENT FILTERS to filter out IDENTICAL and EXACT DUPLICATES???

They don’t care so much if many web sites are using the same articles, but they do care if MANY pages are clogging their indexes and the pages are IDENTICAL. (continued – read more of this article…)

Analyze Your Way to the Top!

Get More Traffic – Analyze Your Stats and Get More Top Rankings!

A friend of mine has been doing the AU thing in his spare time for 2 months (newbie) and I asked him how he was doing. He said ok, but he said he wasn’t getting as much traffic as he thought considering how many pages he put up.He had two sites – 1 was a mish mash directory type site and the other a cute little tighter themed fashion site with a nice look and good organization. 

I asked him to show me his Astracker stats (AdsenseGold) and we walked through all the clicks he was getting and where they came from and he must of had 1,000 top rankings for his 75 or so pages on that one site. 

 That site was all stock unmodified AU articles. I showed him how to use his click stats from Astracker to get his rankings higher.

He had no idea he had so many top rankings and it was an eye opening experience to see where the traffic and clicks were coming from.

After looking at the stats he had a whole new perspective and felt like he had made some accomplishments and was on the right track.

Are you on the right track?

Do you study your stats to see where the traffic to your web site is coming from?

Your statistics present you with the most valuable information anywhere on earth! More valuable than my top tips! More profitable than any gurus best advice… Your stats can help you make what you have alreadyy done SO MUCH MORE successful! With very little effort!

The thing was, my friends site was cute looking and his site looked good but the pages were not optimized… he had bad titles, hardly any external text links (much of it WRONG) and still was getting decent traffic with that 1 site (the other site was just not happening).

Another reason to never expect 1 site to be a proper adequate testing ground.

I told my friend that for the length of time his pages were indexed it was actually good traffic and very encouraging to see how many keywords that the search engines were ranking him on… and this was on a PageRank 0 site! It was so new it didn’t even have PageRank yet it was all over Google.

I guess the moral to this story is that you sometimes have to take a step back to see where you are really at. In this case my friend was making decent money, decent traffic and had excellent reputation developing with Google. And he didn’t even do anything such as link campaigns to let them know what his pages were about.

Just a few strategic changes such as adding secondary words to his TITLES + finding words that are raning and adding more occurances to the pages, plus making text links for those phrases in the blogs, could mean the difference between his getting good traffic and turning that one site into a monster!

Funny but people, even smart people like my friend expect everything to just happen for them with no thought or input as to the direction they will go…. and the fact of the matter is without doing anything other than building sites with Article Undeground articles in xsitepro and linking a few in the blogs he already is getting what I consider dynamite traffic and decent click money for a new site with NO PAGEARNK!

A perfect stepping stone to a lucrative career in web publishing if he could multiply what he has already done. Why not make more sites like that?

We analayzed his stats and I showed him a few examples of how to take it to the next level and now he is thrilled and so excited. He never realized that Google alone had him ranking on 200 + search queries.

So, with my friends permission I soon hope to make a video documenting what he has done so far and ofering suggestions on how to take it to the next level. That will be coming soon for Article Underground members.

The question of the hour is how do I help communicate to people who only want to do the simple things with minimal effort and brain power many of whom only want to push a button and make instant money, that if they spend just a little brain power analyzing their stats that they can really push it to the extreme???

I need to think about that a little! That is my challenge! Alot of people get it – but I need to pass on the kool aid so it snaps into gear with more folks!

As I have said before and my friend has helped illustrate “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

What he considered OK is now exciting and full of potential. All you have to do sometimes is look for the silver lining!

OK, if you don’t have stats you better RUN to this page and buy it now. Time is of the essence. The sooner you install it and tack your stats the faster you’ll info to double and triple your earnings agian and again!



Power of Statistics Part 1 – In this video I show how stats will help you make more money. How to get more top rankings by improving what you already have got going for you. Web stats will show you the keyword phrases that are already bringing your web site visitors.


Have you signed up for my newsletter?

Just in case you haven’t signed up yet for the newsletter and 2 FREE PDF Special Reports – 1. Words = Money 2. Ban Proof Your Web Sites – I thought I’d entice you by reminding you of all the free videos you’ll be seeing…

Free videos??? Yes! As an Article Marketing Newsletter subcriber I will regularly send you links to special videos I have recorded in addition to the huge 3 hour plus libray of multimedia included with “words = Money”!

Here is a video I just notified subscribers of on Sunday. It’s pretty cool!

New exclusive video on “Your First 5 Sites”By popular demand I have created a new 30 minute video showing my suggestions for how to start your future as a web publisher! I’ve often been asked “how many domains” “what host do I use” and “which HTML editor is best” so I broke down and decided to do a comprehensive beginners video where I walk you through getting started with 5 domains.* how to quickly brainstorm and select the best domain names

* how to get hosting quick and easy

* how to set up your first pages and get them indexed fast by Google!

While the video is specially made for beginners, even the pros out there may discover a secret nugget or two as I reveal my personal strategies and methods.

“Your First 5 Sites” is available at the “Words = Money” Multimedia Library page:


It’s 34 minutes long and is intended to help beginners get a handle on how to get their first sites up and running.

It’s 34 minutes long and is intended to help beginners get a handle on how to get their first sites up and running.If you haven’t yet subscribed you can register at:

It’s 34 minutes long and is intended to help beginners get a handle on how to get their first sites up and running.If you haven’t yet subscribed you can register at:Article Marketing News

Article Underground is Selling Out!

Article Underground is Selling Out???

Yes, as in it will be SOLD OUT very soon!

Man, I can’t thank all you guys enough for trusting in me and the Article Underground Content & traffic System!

We are now up to over 1,041 current members with just a handful of spots available!

Thanks to everyone for helping me promote it and most of all thanks to everyone who has become a member! You have my pledge that I will do everything in my power to make sure you have a great experience and get everything you expect from the membership and more!

Happy article marketing!


Mike Liebner

NOTE: AU Phase 3 has re-opened – visit Article Underground

Phase Three File Names – Article Underground Articles

I get a lot of questions from people asking about the articles and what they are about.

While I can tell you in a nutshell that they are about KEYWORDS that will very likely get you a lot of free search engne traffic, nothing does justice like listing the file names!

Here are the NAMES of the Phase 3 set being offered to new members right now!

400 articles August 1, 2006

12 step program 19.txt                           
1 month pregnant 15.txt  
about seashells 04.txt                       
accent lighting 22.txt                           
accommodation in england 04.txt                  
accordion 04.txt                                 
activated carbon 16.txt                          
address lookup 15.txt                            
adidas track jacket 04.txt                       
a digital camera 15.txt          

(continued – read more of this article…)

Is there such a thing as too much competition???

Is there such a thing as too much competition???

That’s a loaded question! Sometimes YES – sometimes NO!

I just got an email from a nice man that basically asked:

If Google shows 12, 14 or 27 million pages competiting for the keywords isn’t it impossible for me to compete with that many pages???

How SMALL should the number of other competing web pages be in order for me to get top rankings with reasonable time and effort???

Personally, I do not get caught up in how much competition there is for the most part… Granted I do keyword research which helps me find the easier words to rank on and make money with, but I do not ever look at how many PAGES are listed on Google and say THAT’s TOO MANY!

Several people have asked me this. For some reason there are folks out there that are afraid to spend time going after keyword phrases that have LOTS OF PAGES out there.

I’m not! And you shouldn’t be either!

This is what I wrote back to the nice man hoping to get his spirit up and his battle mode kicked into high gear!

Is there such a thing as an “impossibility” for ranking due to too much competition???


“Impossibility”???? Why would you think that???

If I followed that logic I’d never try to do anything that had a big payoff.

Do you want SCRAPS or a big RETURN???

My site is # 82 on Google for boots which has 122,000,000 competing pages.


Should I just give up and roll over because there are too many pages for boots???  

If that were a factor I’d have no chance to get to #82 with 122 million pages as my competition.

OK, someone out there is going “82 – big deal! Who cares!”

82 is actually a big accomplishment for a popular one word phrase… it gets trafffic! Even on the 8th page of Google it gets traffic and makes Adsense clicks!But ok, let’s get more real… 8th page isn’t worth bragging about…

My site is #9 for the term

reality tv

There are 170,000,000 other pages with reality tv on them

Should I have given up and not try to rank for reality tv with 170 million other pages as competition??? And it didn’t take much time or effort! Don’t get me wrong – I did spend some time and I did earn that #9 spot, but in the scheme of things I didn’t spend a LOT of time. It happened because I earned it!My site has the right words on it! My site has the right links pointing at it!Here is another one:

One of the AU blogs ranks # 1 for announced articles

#1 with 195,000,000 other pages – that’s 195 million competing pages

OK, here is a brand new site. No more than a month or two old. 

#1 for

article marketing news

I’m number 1 with 321,000,000 other competing pages.

That’s a relatively new site too and 321 million is obscene.SO WHAT! 321 million pages… is that too much to compete with???

And those are all ranked without quotes which is harder than ranking with quotes (exact search).

If you believe you deserve the results you desire – it’s really pretty attainable!

Not every time… but often enough!

How about this one!#1 for

news events media

That’s another AU blog

I’ve personally got hundreds, maybe even thousands of web pages with top rankings on words that you may say have too much competition.

**by the way – rankings go up and down – sometimes on a daily basis*

So how do I do it??? The same way I tell you guys to do it.

Build Pages! Get links!

You need to get past the DOUBT phase and start DOING.You can second guess me and doubt if the keywords are worth going after… sure – that’s an option… but you have got to belive in someone!

My keyword research may not be perfect, but I do believe it’s the best you can find!

So, the moral to this story is –

Don’t worry about your competition –

worry about what YOU ARE DOING and just do it the best you can!     

When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change!

Thanks to all of you for all the great questions. I understand how you guys feel.

Part of the secret to success, at least for me, is to think POSITIVE!

May I please ask you guys to consider a quote by the great Wayne Dyer.

“When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.”

I’d like to ask you guys to consider all the wonderful possibilities that 400 keyword stuffed articles would provide a member.

On the surface it may seem like 350 people will use the articles exactly the same way, however a big part of the Article Underground membership is showing and encouraging members how to use the articles to build tightly themed sites of all shapes and sizes by hand.  I encourage members to add unique twists and make their web sites BETTER than the others out there!

There are a number of forum posts and videos for members showing how to make the articles “your own” by adding additional keywords, custom templates, resources, links, extra H1 tags and even breaking up the articles and much much more.

I could talk for an hour about this, but a short simple concise answer is that while a few members may submit the articles to directories (which they are encouraged to do ONLY if they modify the articles by the way), the majority of members use the articles as part of the ‘content toolbox”, not so much for submitting to directories.

If they do, they must modify the article significantly.

I like to think of the 400 articles as a “toolkit for SEOE’s (Search engine Optimization Experts)” that enable us to build web sites and pages about words that have been researched to get traffic and make money. (continued – read more of this article…)

Duplicate Content is an Urban Legend

Duplicate Content is an Urban Legend… kinda!

Do you have web pages that are IDENTICAL to other pages on the web??? Identical as in EXACT???

I hope not! IDENTICAL is NOT GOOD!

OK, I have had many conversations with some of the top people in the business of internet marketing and we have come to some conclusions about why “duplicate content” is an overblown concern that just has too many implications to answer with a yes or no or black or white answer.

First off – everybody has a different idea in their head when they ask about it…

When people ask me about duplicate content they usually frame it in questions such as:

“Your system sounds great BUT how can 350 people all rank #1 with the same article?”


“Won’t Google penalize me if I have duplicate content on my site”


“If everybody else is using the same articles as me won’t I get penalized for duplicate content???”

The short answer is NO! NO! NO NO NO!

And I will elaborate on this so we can get some things clear.

DUPLICATE CONTENT should be a concern if you are STEALING an exact web page or article that you do not own.

In that case the copyright owner can ask Google to remove you from their index and they will. Not because it is a duplicate, but because it is STOLEN CONTENT!

Look at the phrase “DUPLICATE CONTENT PENALTY” and tell me what that means to you???

Is there a penalty???

Will they ban you???

Well, if there is a penalty there should be a Google webmaster guideline somewhere that says something like “NEVER use any content that appears on another web page or we’ll hit you with a penalty or ban your ass.”

Whoaaaahhh…. he said “ass” Chuckle…

If that were the case all the big PR 7 – 8 and up newspaper web sites would be purged from Google’s index for using all the exact same syndicated articles! That’s just not going to happen!


The web is founded on the principal that people share good things… they share clip art, pictures, music and WORDS!

How many times have you seen a blog that will reprint a newspaper article or press release??? Are they getting banned???

The nature of the web lends itself to sharing.

So, if that is the case, why would Google penalize a site just because a web site has a page that may have some of the same words… did you notice how I said SOME of the same words???

SOME because almost every web page on the net has OTHER words than the ARTICLE it is publishing.

My point is that pages in real life are almost never EXACT DUPLICATES! They all have different templates, different author boxes and links, different bios, different navigation links, different advertisements… I mean c’mon! The pages should have some identity of their OWN other than just copying and pasting an article. That isn’t smart. Add something!

If you are so concerned about other web pages having the same articles – add your own twist! Tweak the pages! Add your own words to make the page your own!

It’s so easy!

Simply add an INTRODUCTION – a middle COMMENTARY – a SUMMARY or CONCLUSION in your own words!

Maybe even add an extra paragraph!

How about adding some personality to your pages and don’t just settle for copy and paste! It’s really easy! Add your own words and you will rise to the top!

OK, now that I got that out of the way… let me show you an EXAMPLE where DUPLICATE CONTENT can get you in trouble (maybe not a penalty or banned, but maybe points off…)

There is a trend among lazy webmasters out there to build these huge MONDO DIRECTORY sites that use articles from the PUBLICLY ABUSED article directories (such as goarticles.com etc.).

These webmasters have a program or use a script that simply takes the articles as they are and adds them to a web page. Usually their template is sparse at best, and usually has very few extra words other than category links… (NEAR Empty templates are not good – they leave footprints – especially when 100’s of other “button pushing” webmasters are making huge directories with the same sparse templates and publicly abused articles! Can you say FOOTPRINT? It’s like saying hey – look at me – I’m pushing a button too!)

Now this case is a problem… because the sites will have hundreds or even thousands of “me too pages” and they’ll all have many factors in COMMON – not just duplicate content.

Now, it isn’t really the CONTENT/ARTICLE that makes it so easy for Google to find these “machine generated sites” – it is the AUTHOR CREDIT BOX – ie BIO!

The AUTHOR CREDIT is required by the author of the article and may not be tampered with. It’s terms and conditions state that you can use the articles on your sites BUT you must leave the author box INTACT links and all.

So what happens???

Hundreds and even thousands of pages with the SAME WORDS all have the same IDENTICAL AUTHOR BOXES and same exact TEXT LINKS! Many of these text links even point at pages that are on domains banned by GOOGLE! (continued – read more of this article…)

How many web sites should you have?

Q: Article Underground articles are diverse and cover many different keyword phrases, therefor how many web sites should one get to use all of the articles properly???

I get this question a lot! Or some variation of it! Usually people will ask – do I need 400 web sites to use each article? Or I only have 1 site and domains are expensive – how many will I need?First off – domains are NOT expensive! They are dirt cheap! $8.95 a year works out to 75 cents a month! If you can’t afford to spend 75 cents a month for fear you will not make that back – this is not the business for you my friend :’>

Monkeys can make 75 cents a month with a web site. Yes, I know there are other expenses like hosting (which is also dirt cheap) but lets keep things in perspective here – Interent Marketing is one of the easiest businesses to start with hardly any major expenses. Hosting and domain names add up to hardly anything. Try that with any other startup business!!!

Ok, well enough of that… I suggest you stop thinking in terms of buying a domain or hosting as a negative. It’s an investment for you to make back 100 times over what you invest. Maybe even 1,000 times over! The sky really is the limit, so please don’t start nickeling and diming. If that’s what you gotta do – maybe this is not the right business for you at this time. Save up a few bucks and come back when you feel it is less of a risk.

So, how many domains??? Only a few… really! How about 5??? That’d be $44.75 a year or $3.79 per month.

I guess I owe you guys a bit of an explanation so we can put things in the proper perspective!

I understand why you might think you’ll need a lot of web sites to use all of the articles from an Article Underground membership. After all 400 each month is an obscene amount of content! And some members even buy TWO memebrships so they can have access to all 800 articles! (continued – read more of this article…)

Are you SKEPTICAL or OPTIMISTIC? Open or Closed?

Is your mind OPEN? Or is your mind CLOSED to possibilities??? 

Anthony Robbins says that people are motivated by ONLY TWO THINGS

1. Desire for Pleasure 2. Fear of Pain

Which are you motivated by more???

Which is greater??? Your fear of PAIN or your DESIRE for PLEASURE???

Looks like Article Underground is keeping Neil Shearing’s bloggers busy! And ruffling some feathers!


What I don’t get (not just with Neil’s blog) is the huge level of skepticicsm about products with solutions to problems I see in blogs and in forums. There are so many haters out there!

>>>  If they’d only put some of that nasty energy to good use, they’d be sucessful themsleves!

I realize that not everything deserves optimism, but why not focus on the good and the potential in things?

Is it wrong to be successul and make money? Isn’t that what we all want?

People who recognize problems and provide solutions are HELPING our fellow web publishers, not stealing from them… there is a reason so many people pay money for HELP!

They recognize value and appreciate being enlightened! But there are always going to be people who just don’t get it. They see the problems that will surely happen to them instead of the benefits.

These people FEAR PAIN more than they DESIRE PLEASURE!

No course in the world is going to help people who can’t believe in themselves! I mean, some people seem so eager to shoot down anything without really thinking rationally about it.

I guess a lot of people have bought products and feel ripped off because they never used the products or maybe even the products sucked.

9 times out of ten – people simply buy something and never use it.

I’m guilty of that and I bet you are too!

But I try to buy things with a more modest goal. I don’t expect products to change my life – I expect them to open up my eyes and help me think about things differently than I have before and help me with new ideas. If I can just have 1 or 2 really good ideas from buying a course or product – I am satisfied!

I say why not see the possibilities and potential in things instead of thinking negatively?

(continued – read more of this article…)

Q: How does a NOVICE like myself get started?

I was just asked this question:Q: How does a NOVICE like myself get started? 

1st: You have to ask your self a question:

How committed am I to starting a business as a web publisher?

If you ARE committed to this new career you will need to do whatever it takes to do the basic things that web publishers do.

That includes setting up a brand new domain on a server and creating web pages that people will actually see.

Article Underground is NOT intended for beginners BUT it does save beginners LOTS OF TIME!

The good news is that Article Underground does most all of the complicated and time consuming stuff for you so you can focus on building web pages and getting links.

If it’s important to you to learn this stuff, don’t worry – it’s actually very easy.

Get a web editing software program to build you web pages.

An application like Dreamweaver or Xsitepro is a good choice (or any a number of other HTML editors).

Just learn the software from the ground up. Spend a day or two following the excellent tutorials and documentation and you should learn all you need to know to get started. (continued – read more of this article…)

Keep your eye on the prize!

Since I launched Article Underground back in February 2006 I have been getting a ton of emails from people who either downloaded the special report and have watched the videos, or simply people who have read the AU sales page or used the free content. Up until now I have answered each email personally, often with detailed responses.

Many of the emails are very complimentary and some are even “fan mail like”. That’s cool! Also most all of the emails indicate they are in agreement with my advice and suggestions, but every once in a while I will get an email that is more like a CHALLENGE to DUEL (gunfight) that says something like “you make a lot of sense BUT convince me why X and Y is _____.”

The other day I took one of these CHALLENGES and wrote up a little email which made me realize that there are so many products out there that do NOT deliver and so many guru people are just out to make a quick buck that there are a lot of people who despite being in agreement and being “sold” still need a personal invitation or acknowledgement.

In this particlular email the person was explaining how he was buying this program and that but thought he might need x and y and if I could tell him what else he needed before he signed up for Article Underground…

It made me realize how many people out there are information overload and have already bought solutions and still buying more products and info courses but at the risk of only fragmenting their efforts even more.

I took a somewhat stern approach and fortunately this guy got it and responded positively with many thanks…

Here is the response to his email. I thought it is worth sharing with you all.

“I realize that you do not know me and trust me yet. But you need to buy 1 product and stick with it. Too many things will distract you and stop you from focusing.

What I offer is a simple one stop solution that has everything you need to get started and maybe even for a long time.
Every extra thing you buy will steal time away from the simple process of putting words on web pages and getting links to them. Thats what makes $$$ (continued – read more of this article…)

The best place to start is at the beginning!

Getting Started Can Be A Bitch – BUT just do it!

This originated from the forum in the members section of Article Underground. While it was written to inspire members, it may serve to inspire you! Maybe even tip you over the edge and get you to invest in a membership to Article Underground!

I often get emails asking me for specific answers to exact questions and they often come from a beginner, aka someone who hasn’t gotten started yet. They haven’t gotten started yet because they are so caught up and overwhelmed by all the possibilities. 

I like to let people know there isn’t JUST one way to do this internet thing, but many MILLIONS of ways to do it.

Don’t let the MILLIONS overwhelm you – you only need 1 way out of the many millions of ways – just ONE WAY – and I have shown you the simple things you need to do (have you watched all the Article Underground videos, especially the getting started with articles video?).

*** Free Videos available with the 19 Page PDF Special Report *** 

All the other stuff is just academic discussion. Worry about the details once you have done your baby steps.

Now the biggest baby step you need to do is get a web page up and indexed by Google. Not the perfect web page – any web page! JUST DO IT! NOW!

If you are a beginner then you should focus on the basics. As you go you’ll apply the other tricks, but I have news for you – THE BASICS STILL WORK!

It’s like the first time you use a new digital camera. Your baby is taking her first steps… Do you read every page of the manual before you try to take a picture??? Or do you turn the camera on and start taking pictures using the automatic settings??? The first few times you use the camera you don’t expect great pictures. You just want the pictures before that moment in time disappears. YOU would be happy to settle for less than perfect pictures just so you could remember that special moment… But often you will STILL get some good pics and they get better – right???

Same with internet marketing.. start off with basics and try new things as you go. You’ll get better at it. But don’t lose that moment in time trying to read the whole manual and getting it perfect from your first step. You could be making money sooner if you start doing it now!

You don’t have to start off PERFECTLY or JUST RIGHT or EXACTLY the best way. In fact, you’ll make more money if you start off and it is SHITTY and wrong because you can still make money putting out crap.

I am in no way suggesting you put out crap but what I am suggesting is that you can make a lot of money during all the time you would have been planning and formulating EXACTLY how you are going to start.

You don’t make money PLANNING – you make money DOING!

Do you wanna be a PLANNER or a DOER?

Get the momentum going as fast as you can – you’ll have lots of time to plan but you need to get that important stuff done – sooner than later.

If I would have waited till everything was perfect before starting Article Underground – it still would be in development, At some point you just have to start doing! Even if you aren’t certain everything is perfect!

YOU WILL NOT get one single click IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A WEB PAGE UP AND INDEXDED. That should be your number 1 priority. Think about putting stuff on the pages after that.

You gotta get past that first hurdle. Put up a site. Put something on the home page. Get it indexed by Google. (continued – read more of this article…)

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WordPress Theme Tweaks

WordPress Theme Tweaks for Internet Marketing

As I learn more about using wordpress blogs I have been spending more time on tweaks to the themes. As far as SEO and Internet Marketing are concerned, most blog themes need some adjustments to make them search engine friendly. It’s not always fun but I must say I now have some bitchin’ modified themes to use whenever I set up a new WordPress blog for Internet Marketing purposes.

Usually I just upload the blog, try a few of the many availble themes and then I start tweaking away! Usually I figure things out by trial and error but I am sure there has to be a better way… but in the end it works and I have some nice blogs to show for it!

I just modified a free theme Wuhan and put my own little touches on it.

If you are really fond of it and wanna use it on one of your sites, simply drop me a line and ask for the Topica WordPress theme & I’ll send the theme to ya in a zip. Since I didn’t code it from the ground up I am not sure about whether I can freely distribute it, but hey, if my friends ask for it – what am I supposted to do??

I nabbed a great little feature and dropped it on the sidebar and that’s the “latest posts” command which I rarely see included in a theme, yet it is such an obvious choice, especially if you want a little SEO power in your blogs as it will show the latest 10 posts on each page of your site, instead of how the stock themes just show them on the front page. That means each category page (usally higher PageRank) and each individual pots page will now send a little love to the newest posts on your blog! Pretty cool, eeh?

Of course I also dumped the Blogroll thang and replaced it with my own “on the net” links which you can add by tweaking the sidebar.php file. Simply replace one of my links (or keep them there and add you own). (continued – read more of this article…)

Article Undergound is unique! The Secret’s In The Sauce!

The Article Underground content & traffic system is a big success! I’m thrilled that as of today over 440 forward thinking people have had enough faith to part with their hard earned cash and invest in my system! Thank you!

While it may be successful, from time to time I get emails from people asking questions. Sometimes even challenging me to a duel! I’ll share them with you when I have time. I do always welcome a good debate and enjoy when people ask me questions about the product and/or questions about SEO in general. It gives me a chance to crank up the ole brain and wrangle out some good ideas – often even inspiring me! Here is one that asked if I had articles about X and how many would they get each month in that niche.I deliver a system that does almost everything to get you traffic. All you need to do is personalize the articles and add your own touch. Members are already reporting top tens in all search engines with success stories posted in the forum.

Design articles…

I’ll say this – the keyword research I use is the best of it’s kind and unique to Aticle Underground.

I run hundreds of missions where I let the software run loose and IT TELLS ME which words should have articles about.

If design or acne or whatever is on the list – that is what I give to the 18 writers who each write from their own area of interest.

So what happens in general is that there are clusters of themes and niches… They aren’t truly random as they are found and filtered based on a startinbg point, but they aren’t categorized for you in niches.

It all depends on how you look at the list of 400 articles.

Some people like me see the beauty in the profit potential of money words that nobody else is writing articles about.

Others may feel safer having a folder with 20 kayaking artciles, even though 1,000 other people will have the same exact sites with the same articles.

 That’s ok if you prefer the other route. But I’d rather have a large list with100% money making words than hope a few of the TIGHT niche artciles are really profitable and easy to get traffic with.

I must not be alone! 440 others agree! (continued – read more of this article…)

RSS Underground is here!

I just put up a new site called RSS Underground that will also be a membership site, similar to Article Underground.

It will offer many ways to utilize RSS content and show examples of web sites with high quality dynamic content from our blog network.

The details and the plans are a bit rough, but it will be a low cost simple no frills membership site that offers solid value. Stay tuned!

Content includes articles on dynamic content, feed aggregators, Webmaster tools and more!

Article Marketing News

I just set up a new site to help promote my Article Marketing News Newsletter!

The site is called Article Marketing News

If you sign up for my newsletter you’ll receive my 19 page free report “Ban Proof Your Web Sites (and make long term money with article marketing)” which contains over 60 minutes of video.

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on the video and the free report. It’s been said the report is like a full product on it’s own.

If you haven’t checked it out you can get it at my new site Article Marketing News or also at Article Underground Special Reports.

Note: We’ve since added 3 hours plus of brand new multimedia including videos and mp3 files! Some of the greatest minds in internet marketing have contributed videos! sign up now and you’ll get instant access to all the free videos!